Wednesday, February 2, 2011

House wife from hell.......

Yep that's me. I know Gary wishes I would do more laundry or make sure the kitchen was spotless when he got home from work but that ain't happening!

I work full time, I have twins, I'm too exhausted most days to take a shower for goodness sakes. I end up turning on the water, barely climbing in and sitting down in the tub with the water running over me while I seek "peace"-whatever that is. My "peace" is usually wrecked by some kid screaming.

On my days off though I transform into this awesome housewife. Today I worked from home because of the ice and its only 2:00 and already I managed to make some awesome beef stew with dumplings and 2 batches of cookies. One oatmeal raisin and the other oatmeal raisin chocolate chip!

I asked Gary if I could quit my job and stay home, take care of the kids and make him awesome dinners and cookies all day. He happily agreed. Part of me would love to never work a day in my life again and then part of me know I would be miserable staying home all day. It seems so boring.

No offense to the stay at home mom's out there, but I don't think its my cup of tea. I can't imagine sitting home all day cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids. I would much rather go out and make a living and have the extra money and adult interaction I guess? Even if that means being utterly exhausted by the time I get home and still having to deal with all the "mom things" of the day.

I don't know, maybe one day I'll change my mind. Who knows?

Either way I have some awesome stew and cookies to eat tonight!!!

Which then leads me to my next crock pot. I've been using this thing non stop this month and love it! I've been making all sorts of things in it and freezing the extras to build up our "freezer stash" Already this week I've made split pea soup, beef stew, chili, salsa chicken and chicken stroganoff in it. All were so good!

Going to look for another recipe tonight for tomorrow!

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Jill said...

I know staying at home isn't for everyone, but I just want to say that if you were to stay home, you definitely wouldn't have time every day for baking and cooking a nice meal! Also, in addition to cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids, there's the fun stuff like library storytimes, classes and playdates to zoos/museums/wherever. That's the best part. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your time off. Enjoy those cookies!

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