Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flying eggplant!!! DUCK!

So I have an issue.

We are not big eating out people. Personally I don't want my kids eating garbage, but more importantly, I don't want to deal with Finley in public!

Today we went to Lowe's with my Mom and Dad to pick out a shower for them, (Gary is redoing their downstairs bathroom) and after dad said "Lets go for Pizza."

After some thinking I thought "sure, what could go wrong with 4 adults and 2 kids?"

We are going to Maine in 2 months and since we don't ever go out to eat, seriously we've taken the girls out a total of 4 times since they were born, it would be a good idea to get them used to going out to eat before our vacation.

Off for Pizza we went. Everything was fine happy ha-ha until our food came and Finley started literally chucking/over hand throwing food. I couldn't believe the height and distance this girl could get!

Eggplant fries were practically going over my head. I was trying to block them as they were coming at me and Dad, I must have looked insane with my daughter across from me pelting me with fries. I was so worried she was going to hit someone sitting behind me! I couldn't believe it, I don't think anyone could. We all just sat there watching in a stooper not sure what to do.

Finally someone took her food away, or she threw it all, I'm honestly not sure anymore what happened?

All I know is my daughter is a food chucker and I don't know what to do about it.........any ideas? Someone please give me some pointers before a sweet little old lady loses an eye.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello, Poison control?

Well, we made it 17 months before we had to call poison control. It was a pretty good run! But today, my friends, that streak was ended.

Cousin Kelly's wedding shower was today. I went and got my hair done and then Mom and I went to get pedicures. It was a good morning and since Gary had the girls all morning we decided to bring them to the shower.

**I'm going to preface this part by saying my dear inattentive sweet mother asked me not to post this. But I'm sorry Mom, I can not tell a lie**

We got everyone dressed and headed out the door. I had Gillian, Gary was putting stuff in the minivan and Mom had Finley.

I was putting Gillian in her car seat and looked over my shoulder only to realize my mother was at her car and she didn't have Finley. I asked Gary if he had her and he didn't and I freaked. I started calling her name, like the mime would answer me, and started getting panicked.

The next thing I know Finley is walking about from behind our garbage cans with her hands raised in the air and covered in something brown. It was on her hands and her lips. It kinda looked like chocolate syrup at first glance. But why the hell would there be chocolate syrup behind my garbage can I'm standing there like an idiot wondering?

I'm pretty sure I said "What the hell........" and Gary came around the car and realized it was motor oil. That idiot had a can of motor oil from when he changed our oil last behind the garbage cans.

And now my daughter is covered in oil. Awesome.

I immediately start to freak. Because well what mom wouldn't?

Mom said she "told" Finley to go to the minivan and that she was headed in that direction but seriously mom........who thinks a 17 month old is going to actually listen?

I know she wasn't thinking the way I do. I know what my daughter is capable off but let this be a lesson to her for the future! NEVER assume Finley is going to listen, NEVER take your eyes off that little trouble maker for one second!

So we got the little runt in the house and cleaned her up and then Gary called the on call doc and poison control.

I'm not sure if she licked any of it, but I wasn't about to take my chances since she had a spot on her lips goodness only knows!

Poison control said that she would have had to drink it to really have any issues, and she would be showing signs of respiratory stress if there was a problem and to just watch her for 6 hours. 8 hours later and she's fine. But still. Seriously? Why me? Why,why,why?

So that was my day.

The wedding shower was lovely by the way. We all had a great time despite my oil licking child!

I hope we never have to call poison control again but just in case, we have the number written on our dry erase board on the fridge just in case!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life in a nutshell.......crazy

Well, where to start? I managed to erase a whole memory card of mine. Did I mention it had the girls pictures on it from when they were first born? Luckily I had it backed up on an external hard drive but my memory card was my "backup-backup" and now its gone and leaving me paranoid.

After I managed to do that (by dropping my laptop while my card reader and card were in it) Finley spilled my coffee over my laptop and the last time I backed up any pictures was October. Yep. I'm an ass. October.

I was going to bring it to geek squad this weekend when Gary tried to turn it on again today for one last ditch effort and it worked. Thank goodness.

I backed up everything as soon as I put the girls down today. And from now on I vow to always back up my pictures!

Besides that all is well in our "Twindom"

Finley is getting better with her attitude, it seems she is starting to realize she isn't getting very far acting the way she is and has decided to shape up.

She's even trying to say more words lately. Which gives me hope, because honestly I'm ready to call early intervention on her wordless butt! She's a freaking grunting mime!

I find it more puzzeling because she understands 100% of what I say to her. I tell her to go get my boots and she goes and gets them, put your clothes in the hamper.....done. Go get your pink shoes, she goes right to her shoe rack and gets them. Seriously. Gary and I can't get over how smart she is. But talk. Nope. Not for my little stubburn Finley. She would rather pull me around by the hand all over the house playing the pointing/grunting game!

Last night it was to the kitchen and it went like this:

Me: Finley do you want water?
Finley: **whine and point to the cabinet**
Me: Okay you don't want water, do you want crackers?
Finley **whine and point**
Me: Okay, do you want cheerios?
Finley **whine/grunt and point**
Me: Do you want raisins?
Finley **signs more** which in her talk means yes please!

This is the stuff she does all day long. Whatever she wants she pulls you to it and does her whine/grunt thing. It cracks me up. Gillian doesn't do that, she doesn't want anything I guess? Not sure why they are so different in that aspect?

So thats my baby bitty girl. I love her to death. She's such a hard headed spirited little thing. Just like her Mama thats for sure!

Then there's Gillian. Her vocabulary grows daily. She says "I did it" (that was her first sentence) and today she said "bye bye dada", she can say "Ernie" clear as day and her newest word is Elephant. What l7 month old says Elephant? If you tell her to say something she will always try to repeat it back to you.

She's a sweetie for the most part. She gets upset if Finley tries to take her blankie (which she calls her "kee") or wubanub but usually is pretty mild manored.

She has been dropping to her knees though at the campground this past week while we walked if she didn't want to leave where we were. Geesh, hope she doesn't get all crazy and rebel on me like Finn! I'm pretty sure I can only hand one spunky kid.

They are starting to really love each other too! They have been doing tons of hand holding, dancing together and hugs and kisses this past month. I just melt watching them interact with each other. It make all the crazy days worth it.

So that about sums up the past month! Can't wait to see what next month brings! Should be interesting! Now that I have my laptop back I can post pics again! I'll see what I have tomorrow to put up!!
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