Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet moments

Tonight while we were watching our nightly Elmo the girls had a snack cup with cheerio's.

Gillian decided she was going to be a sweet sister and feed Finley her cheerio's. She was putting them in Finn's mouth faster than Finley could eat them. She looked so proud of herself too. It was adorable.

Now if Finley would jump on the sweet train we'd be all set. That doesn't look like its going to happen for a while though! That girl is one HUGE crank pot. I honestly don't understand it. She is so hardheaded and flipping cranky. I was considering calling the doctor the other day......

Hello, Dr. Holland? Can you prescribe Prozac for 1 year old?

No but really. She's a feisty one. Very opposite from Gillian. If she doesn't get her way all hell will break lose.

Yesterday she learned to climb up on the couch and quickly took a header off it. What did she do the rest of the night? Avoid the couch in fear you say? Wrong. She insisted on climbing up on it over and over again despite how many times I took her off it and would scream and throw a fit every time I took her off it.

I just dont' get her. Where did she get her stubborness from I wonder?

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