Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Gate

We need you......Finley has become obsessed with the garland on the tree. We can't decorate our pretty tree until we can put a stop to the tree wrecker!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We went on Sunday and got our tree! Finally it was everything I was hoping it would be! We brought the girls wagon with us to haul them around and the weather was perfect. The girls were in great moods and I got some decent pics! Good day!

Daddy pulling the girls


Finley in her goofy hat

Gillian the little bear

Uncle Ben pulling the girls around

Uncle Ben and Daddy hanging with the girls

Aww...Finn loves her Uncle

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday. I spent it alone with my babies. Pretty depressing if you ask me! Gary was a good hubby and got me some Cannoli's and Eclairs that I managed to wolf down. That was the highlight of my night!

Gary was going to take the day off and celebrate with me, but to be honest with you, I would rather he took off Friday to help me clean for the girls 1st Birthday!

Yippee for their birthday!

And Happy Birthday to me!

Oh and here is a picture Gary sent me today while I was at work....it actually made me tear up! And if your wondering why half the letters are missing he did it on a dry erase board! Lol.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is why we need naps

Gary and I always joke about how we don't have those kids that just fall asleep anywhere. They have never just laid down and passed out in the livingroom or anywhere besides their cribs and the car for that matter. It was only a matter of time I guess?

Today we went to our My Gym class with the girls, they had a great time by the way, and on the ride home I was trying to keep the girls awake so they would sleep in their cribs when we got home and not take a 20 minute cat nap on the way home.

We got home and Gillian fell fast asleep and Finn refused to nap. So after about 40 minutes of her blabbering in her crib we broke down and took her out. Amazingly she was in a good mood despite the fact she was napless.

We sat down to do a late lunch/early dinner at about 3:00  because we were going to Thomaston for their town lighting and I turned around to cut up some sweet potatoes for 2 seconds and came back to this.....

She was so pooped. Poor Baby.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Yippee! Gary and I got everything on our black Friday shopping list! So excited!

We went out last night to ToysRus hoping to get 2 pull out couches for the girls. We were in line with about 1000 other people (I wish I was exaggerating) and it was insane! I wish the line was the worst part but the store inside was insane. Every single isle was jam packed with people, the line to check out was weaving in and out of the isles making it impossible to even see what they had .

We finally made it to the back where they kept the couches and there was one Tinkerbell left and one Elmo. SCORE! I originally wanted 2 Disney princess ones but am glad we ended up with the Elmo. The girls love Elmo and when Gillian saw it she was pointing and screaming at Elmo over and over again. She loves it.

Then we decided to go out this morning to Target and Kohl's. Target had sheets for $13.99 and a pop up tent and tunnel thing that I got the girls. 

Kohl's had the Disney princess lamps on sale for $9.99 so I grabbed 2 of them!  I also got some frames and Little People things for the girls.

Anyway, it was a good shopping day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


My mother is over.........watching the girls so we can go out and do some shopping for black Friday and her and Gary are nit picking me to death.

Apparently my grammar sucks. Has anyone else noticed this? I don't use "a" and "an" appropriately.

I'll be honest. School was not my strong point. Well, I'm sure it would have been if I went every once in a while but I didn't so I suck.

I never use "an". NEVER. I asked when I am supposed to use "an" and Gary informs me its when its followed by vowel I am supposed to use "an". Huh. Really. Never knew that. So now as I am rereading my past blogs I certainly sound like a asshole!

Then he asks me if I use "their, they're, there" properly and I am pretty sure the answer is "NO"........Hell, I didn't know how to spell definitely until last week.

So, now that I have been attacked for my grammar, I will try harder. I promise.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gillians first word!

Are you ready.......


Yep, you read it right. The same as Finley. Finn was saying it going to her crib at nap time and then suddenly Gillian SCREAMED it! Gary and I were in shock how loud she yelled it! I asked her why she's a copy cat? Why couldn't she have come up with her own first word?

Copy Cat, Copy cat!!

Picture Day!

Well, we did it. We finally got the girls pictures taken! It only took us a year.

We got them done at Portrait Innovations and am so glad we did. I was worried they were going to have issues getting pics of both the girls but they did a great job. I don't however like their sales pitch afterwards and their attempts to sell me a $400.00 photo package. They seemed a little too pushy but in the end I came out spending $150.00.............which was $140.00 more than I planned on spending. But I wanted the CD and we ended up doing 2 different sitting's, one for Christmas and one for their 1st Birthday pics. So there were too many to chose from so I of course got too many. Hope everyone likes pictures of the girls for Christmas!

Here are a few from today!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy Week.....

I was so excited about having Wednesday-Sunday off this week. Then I realized our schedule for this week and I am going to have a stroke just thinking about it.

Wednesday I booked a appt at Portrait Innovations for the girls holiday/birthday pictures to finally get done! I decided on that brilliant idea today while sitting at work. That required me to go out shopping tonight with 2 cranky babies and my dear mother in law to find something cute for them to wear. Okay 2 cute things for them to wear (wait or is that technically 4 cute things for them to wear?)

Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving! We are going to my brother's for a big family dinner. Should be fun having the girls there at 1. Wonder at one point they are going to break down because they refuse to nap anywhere but home? I am guessing melt down just in time for dinner!

Thursday night Toysrus is starting their sales! We want to get the girls 2 of those pull out Disney princess couches for them to sleep/nap on. We have a step2 one now but that's being moved someplace else in the house and I am getting them 2 matching ones for upstairs!

Friday morning is Black Friday! Mom is spending the night so Gary and I can get up early without dragging the girls out! I want to go to Kohl's to get a nightlight for the girls room ( I know, I know but they are the Disney princess desk nightlights that are usually $25.00 on sale for $9.99.....how could I pass that up?) and Target has sheets on sale for $13.99 that I want and Best Buy has a Canon Camera I am hoping to score. Oh and I found a kick ass grab bag gift for Christmas too!

Saturday morning the girls have their gym class and then we go to Gary's Aunts for the "Light the Town" thingy they do every year at night.

Sunday we are going to get our Christmas Tree and will decorate it and bust out all the fun Christmas stuff!

Ugh, I feel exhausted just thinking about it all!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finn the Daredevil

Ugh, this girl has aged me 10 years in the past 2 weeks. Her new obsession is climbing up on things. She becomes so obsessed with it too, everything, anything, if it is a centimeter off the ground she is walking on it and climbing up it! Even books. She puts them on the ground and stands on them!

Here are some examples over the past week!

She's starting to scare me. I definitely see her with the first broken bone in this house thats for sure!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finn's first word!

I always wondered what the girls first "real" word was going to be. Mine was "shoe". Very fitting if you really know me! I love shoes. Love.

Anyway, yesterday around 7:30pm  (about 30 minutes past the girls normal bedtime) Finn came up to me, grabbed my hand and tugged me and said "nigh-nigh" (thats night-night for all you folks out there that don't talk baby talk). Then she proceeded to walk down the hall to her bedroom saying "nigh-nigh" over and over again.

Don't ask me how this word ended up her first? I only say it once a day to her as I am putting her in her crib at night? Guess the poor thing just really wanted to go to bed?

Wonder what Gillian's will be?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Did she really just say that?

Hmmmm. So Gary had to bring Mom to Uconn on Tuesday so she could have her foot Xray's done. While she was there he called and asked if I wanted him to bring the girls to my work for a little bit. Since some of my coworkers haven't met them I said sure!

We were all hanging around upstairs admiring my cute babies when this crotchety old women comes walking by. One of my coworkers says to her "Aren't they just the most adorable babies you have ever seen?" Her response "Noooooooo...........I don't like babies."

My response in the nastiest tone I could come up with "Did you just say my babies weren't adorable?"

At this point she tried to back pedal and tell me she only likes them when they are grown up and can feed themselves, something else, blah blah blah. Yeah okay. She's lucky I didn't punch her. Really lucky old lady.......

Its Inevitable

Its Inevitable...................

As soon as I decide its time for bed and my head hits the pillow a baby wakes up.

Each and every time I say "my girls don't get sick often".....they get sick.

Every time I get them both dressed to go out, shoes and jackets on, one of them poops.

After I change the first one, the second one usually decides it's her turn to poop.

As soon as one girl shows interest in a toy the other one will automatically act like that was her favorite toy in the house. Despite the fact neither one of them have played with said toy for months.

If you let a baby run around naked you're bound to get pee'd on.

If I need the girls up early they sleep in late, If I want them to sleep in they get up early......

As soon as we get a good sleep schedule going something happens and it goes capooty.

Right when we think the biting phase is done and over with BAM! It starts all over again!

Friday, November 12, 2010


I have been trying to teach the girls to do kisses. Its freaking adorable. Gillian comes up to me and I make kissy noises at her and she leans in and with her limp little lips "kisses" me. After she is done with her kisses and goes to move away she makes the kissy noise.

I was giving her so many kisses this morning and trying to make her kiss me over and over again that she eventually started pushing my face away from hers. Brat.

And I am convinced Gillian is a genius.....I have flowers that come on and off my shoes and she loves to pull them off. Yesterday I told her to put them back on and she spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out how to put them back on. She kept just dropping them on top of the shoe and picking it back up and trying again. She's a smarty pants. I can't believe how much she understands. It really blows me away.

I am sure Finley understands too but just doesn't want to listen! I am trying to teach the girls to share and asking them to "give me" their toys they are playing with. Gillian hands it over willingly, I yell "Thank you" and clap and give it back to her and say "Your Welcome" she will give it to me over and over.

I ask Finn to "give me" and she comes centimeters from putting it in my hand and then chucks it on the ground in front of me and laughs! What a bratty brat that little girls is!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Go to bed.

Please Please go to bed. The girls are cutting their molars. Its reeking havoc on our whole sleep schedule.

Our beautiful beautiful schedule that was working so well and going so smoothly. The girls were taking 2 naps a day like clockwork. At least 2 hours each.

Now if we can get both of them to take even one nap for a hour we are lucky.

Gillian took ONE nap today. ONE from 8am-9am (yeah she was up at 6) and didn't go to bed until after 8:00 tonight. Amazingly, she was in a halfway decent mood too.

Anyway, I wish these dumb molars would just come in and stop torturing me and them!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mommy Confessionals

1. I fed the girls chicken nuggets for dinner last night and frozen pizza tonight. If it makes it any better I did throw in some peas and carrots for good measure!

2. When the girls wake in the middle of the night I nudge Gary to go get them bottles.

3. While we are on the subject of Gary, I make him change any poopy diapers the girls have if he's around!

4. If I am really exhausted I lay down and  barricade myself in front of the girls playroom door so they can't escape and close my eyes until they come over and jump on me and start pulling my hair.

5. Even after they jump on me I try playing dead.........it never works.

6. I feel bad that Finn has to wear her helmet and some days I take it off more than I should........(shhhhhhhh)

7. I never watched a cartoon as a adult until I had kids, now I find myself watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny even when they aren't in the room. Not to mention I am now walking around humming ridiculous kid songs like "this is the song that doesn't end" and "the itsy bitsy spider" people at work think I've lost my mind.

8.The girls are only 11 months old and have already "lost" 3 toys. All rolling toys, a dolphin, a shopping cart and a Disney car. They kept fighting over them, I couldn't take it anymore so I ripped it from their screaming hands and chucked it in my bedroom. I trip over them every night......

9. I got the girls The Little Mermaid last week and popped it in. They didn't care about watching so Gary and I ended up watching (of course) . At the end when the evil witch lady was killed (by being stabbed in the chest with the bow of the boat) I realized my kids probably shouldn't watch this movie until they are a little older.

10. I try to sneak into the girls room to put away laundry while they are sleeping. This has ended up with them waking up, me falling to the ground in a feeble attempt to hide from them and them standing up in their cribs staring at me like I'm nuts. (Maybe I am)

11. When Gary is home I jump in the shower, sit down and let the water run over me for at least a hour. Its my "peace and quiet" time.

12. When Gary isn't home and I need to shower I bring the girls in the bathroom with me, leave the shower curtain half open and sing silly songs to them while I try to take the quickest shower in the history of showers.  They could care less about my songs and only want to pry every drawer and door open over and over and over again. Despite the fact they have child locks on them.....they don't give up, they are relentless!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 Months

The terrors  princesses are 11 months old now! How exciting!

One thing I can say about this month is their personalities are REALLY coming out and its scaring the daylights out of me!

Now, I am going to preface this by saying I love both of my girls to death. Equally. But one is a terror most of the time and the other a terror some of the time, just because I put this out in the open doesn't mean I don't love them both to pieces!

Okay lets start with my Holy Terror (insert scary music here) FINLEY!


I say that about 100 times a day looking at you. You are such a strong headed, stubborn, tough little girl. TOUGH! The word Drama Queen also comes to mind when thinking of you! Oh yeah and mean biting girl.

You have to get your way or everyone better look out. Goodness forbid I try to close the bathroom door before you can get into it. SCREAM, THROW YOURSELF ON THE FLOOR, FREAK OUT!!! Yep, that's my girl! Wonder where you get this attitude from? Hm........

But I have to say you are hysterical. You have the cutest, most devious smile on the planet, you laugh like a crazy girl when you get going too. Sometimes just laughing and screeching all over the house! It is so funny to watch you!

Then there is Gillian.......my half a terror.

Gillian is my cuddle bunny. She comes up just to cuddle and jumps in my lap and hugs me. Very sweet. Unless Finley and her are fighting over something (usually a toy or their princess chair) and then the drama queen comes out and hell breaks lose!

Some other things I have noticed about my Bean this month is how smart she is! She loves to take the ball from the Jungle toy they have and put them in the holes and make them go down the chute. She loves to figure out how things fit into things and how they work. Finn has no interest in any of this yet. She would rather pick up the ball and chuck it across the room.

So besides the girls being Drama Queens everything else is going amazing! They both love dancing to any music, we took them to the MY GYM this past Saturday and they had a blast, Finn's helmet is going good although I am sure she will have to wear it until at least New Years and they are both growing like weeds!

They both wave bye bye now too which is adorable but they do it so differnetly! Finn does this huge crazy hand/arm shake/wave thing and Gillian does this little bitty hand only wave. Gillian waves anytime anyone goes near the door too which I think is so funny. She just loves to do bye bye!

Gillian learned "up" and when she wants to be picked up she puts her arms up. Cute for now....maybe not later when that's all she does!

They both love to do peak a boo too and neither one of them are saying anything besides mama, dada and baba......

AND Their birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I am freaking out about that too. Just too much to think about. My babies are turning 1~ Its crazy.

Okay that's all for now, I'm going to try to take their 11 month pics tomorrow. Should be interesting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

50 Days, 10 hours and 16 minutes


This means in less than a month we will have our Christmas Tree, the decorations will be put up around our house, and it will be FREEZING outside!

I am so excited to bring the girls this year to pick out our tree. I don't know why. I'm pretty sure its going to be one of those things that I build up in my head to be great and then when the day comes I'll be saying "Erin, what were you thinking?" I am envisioning us with our hot chocolates, the girls all bundled up in their wagon being pulled by Gary along the Christmas Tree Trail........and us coming home with the perfect tree! I am pretty sure its going to be more like 2 kids bundled up crying in their wagon while I scream at Gary to "cut down the first tree you see" and we high tail it outta there!

I sure hope its a magical moment like I am envisioning.......

So besides that I have decided I am only buying the girls one Christmas present each. I think its going to be Wheely Bugs. I'll do stockings too for them of course and maybe a comfy pair of Christmas Pj's for the whole family to wake up in! But I am pretty sure everyone will buy them tons of presents so why bother wasting all my money on things they will probably play with once! Not to mention their birthday is 20 days before Christmas so I'm not sure if that's going to be a advantage or disadvantage for them yet.....guess we'll see!

I really wish everyone would just contribute to the girls "Gym" fund. Its going to cost us a ton  for the girls to go. We are still deciding which one we are going too. We are doing trial classes at each of them and will decide from there. I am really hoping the girls like the My Gym the best because they are the cheapest.....like the My Gym girls, like the My Gym!

Anyway, enough rambling............I guess I better start my Christmas Shopping!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Well the girls loved their first Halloween! We did a family party and Mom and Dad got pizza and stuffed breads for everyone (Thanks Mom and Dad) and we had everyone over. The girls were ladybugs and I have to say were so darned cute!

Here is Gillian very upset about being a lady bug..........

She gets over it pretty quick though! 

Finley being cuter than ever

Daddy and Gillian

Daddy playing-he sure does love his girls!

Mema playing with Finn

I gotta say I am really looking forward to next year when they will be old enough to go out Trick or Treating!

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