Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tax Time

Dear H & R Block. Screw you.

I called a few days ago to inquire about their pricing. They asked me a few basic questions and then told me it would be between $119-$299. That's a pretty broad range but why would ours be so expensive anyway? So I make an appt for today.

We got there, did all our stuff found out we're getting crap back compared to years before and then she says "It's going to be $298.00. All I could do was laugh. $1.00 cheaper than the most expensive range they gave me. Really?

This will teach me to never use them again........EVER! We have used the same person for the past 6 years and she went MIA this year so we said "screw you" and decided to let H&R Block screw us I guess. Lesson learned.

At least we're getting enough back to enjoy our vacation this year!


Mandy said...


Really? Have you ever or are you willing to try them yourself? They really aren't hard and many site will file them for free or little cost. I e-filed my federal for free and state for $8.00! I use taxact dot come and they offer a deluxe version that walks you through EVERYTHING step by step and looks for other ways to get you more money back. Even if you have already filed, you should check it out with this years' tax info to see if you get the same and are comfortable doing it and not file it. It would soo be worth the money you save!

Cottongirl7 said...

I agree with Mandy! Unless your taxes are super, super complex they aren't that bad. I've done mine since I turned 18. It was a little more complex when the husband, house, and kiddos came along, but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm sure you could do it. If you still want someone else to do them though almost $300 sounds a bit on the high side, I would look elsewhere. :)

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