Friday, September 30, 2011


We have some serious blanky issues going on in this house! Not only does Gillian take her's everywhere but Finley's has decided her's is her new BFF and won't go anywhere without it either. .

Not only do they fight you to take it on car rides but they insistent on trying to bring it in stores now. I really don't want to have to keep track of their blankets so I'm refusing to let them, which then in turn is causing them to melt down!

They both call them "Key's" and cry "key, key, key, key, key....keeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy" if they don't have it.

I can only imagine what this is going to turn into.


Gillian just started "NO" 4 days ago, and now yesterday she started the "WHY?"

She's not even 2 and she's doing it already! How can that be possible?

Yesterday I got "why'd" at least 10 times.

Me: "Gillian do you want to go visit Mema?"
Gillian: "Why?"

Me: "Gillian do you want to take a bath?"
Gillian "No, why?"


And on and on and on........and so it starts!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please leave Summer.......please

The first day of fall was a week ago and Its not feeling very fall like here in Ct. I packed up 97% of the girls summer clothes weeks ago and pulled out all their fall/winter clothes.

Problem is its been nearly 80 everyday here. What is going on? I got the girls adorable boots and fall dresses that they can't wear yet and its ticking me off!

 I have never cared for the summer, I don't like the heat at all. Not even a little bit. I'm not that kind of girl that would lay out on the beach or even leave my house once it gets in the 90's. I prefer the 70's, no humidity please!

Unfortunately my girls love the beach and the lake so while its nice out we are there playing and I'm stuck sitting in the stupid freaking sun. But I love my kids, so I grin and bear it.

Its almost Oct now though so I can start complaining. Go away summer! You are not welcome here anymore!

I would like to put on my boots and wear comfy fleecy pants to bed. I want to go apple picking, drink apple cider, make pies, soups and decorate for Halloween! I can't do this when its 80% out though.

I'm sorry I just can't. So please summer. Leave. I'm begging.

I'm ready for the leaves to fall and for things to cool down!

Screw you time out.

I don't think this time out crap is working. Or Finley was having an exceptionally bad day and was immune to them?

She bit me 2 times, Gillian 3 times and then herself twice. I don't know what got into her today but it was not a good day for her, me or Gillian.

I'm honestly not sure where to go from here with her either. I don't want to spank her. I did a few times in the beginning but then she was turning around hitting me and Gillian.

How am I supposed to say "no hitting" and then hit her for it in return? Makes no sense to me. Its not exactly setting a good example I guess is my point.

So......I'm lost. I'm just hoping this phase passes quickly. Maybe it was a one day thing? Ugh.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just one of those days........

Or maybe should I say "days"-plural.

Where to start?

**Our washing machine broke. Gary thinks he knows whats wrong though so I ordered the ridiculously expensive $100.00 part online and that better do the trick. For now though I'm part less and waiting for it to come in while the laundry piles up. Good thing the girls have enough clothes to last them 2 years.

**Gary is doing some construction work on our house and somehow managed to let a 2x4 drop on my SUV......leaving a nice dent on the hood. Thanks Gary.

**Gillian was wrapped up in her towel tonight and managed to slip on the tile while she was bundled up-meaning she no hands to catch herself. Hence the HUGE fat lip she ended up with when she hit the floor face first.

She was bleeding everywhere, I almost wondered if it was going to be our first ER trip at one point. All I said over and over to her was "I know baby girl, I'm sorry," Oh baby, I know it hurts......I know." Then I gave her some M&M's and managed to get the bleeding to stop.

After that she was 1/2 crying some and saying "Oooh I know" over and over again. Then she'd throw in a "bad bad floor" now and again for good measure than ask me for another M&M. Man that kid knows how to work me huh?

**I cleaned up pee 2x today.....Gillian seemed to be showing some interest in the potty but that has gone out the window and now she is trying to manipulate me for M&M's.

She will tell me she has to go then makes me whip off her diaper and she jumps on the potty for 3 seconds, looks in it, jumps up and screams "Pee Peed" and then yells "YEEEAAAAAH" and holds out her hand and says "M&M".

The problem is she didn't go pee in the potty. Does she really think I'm that dumb?

Tonight after trying the "fake out pee" on me 3 times, and me telling her 3 times she didn't go pee pee so she couldn't have a M&M she took off playing naked in the playroom.

She came out 10 minutes later yelling "YEAH!!! PEE PEE MOMMA.......M&M" and sure enough there was a trail of pee behind her.........with her yelling "YEAAAAH" and holding her hand out for her M&M.

So needless to say, we're going to put this potty crazyness back on hold for a few more months.

**My sweet mother in law ended up in the hospital this weekend and the girls miss her. Of course I do too but I understand whats going on, they on the other hand really just want their mema back. Hopefully she will be out in a couple days. I sure hope so because Finley doesn't like seeing her BFF hooked up to all sorts of tubes. She wasn't too happy that Mema couldn't come for a walk with us around the floor.

So thats been my past few days. Hopefully the next few go better........

Sunday, September 25, 2011


The girls are finally getting hair! I'm so excited! Only Gillian will let me do hers though. Finley runs away screaming "NO!"

Here are some pics of the girls from yesterday. Gillian looks so grown up with her ponytail and Finley looks like she's 20 in her pictures. I don't know why but I can almost see her as an adult in them!

And for the record I never dress them alike but just went to Old Navy and got these 2 shirts on sale so they wore them together today to visit mema!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dr. Jeykll and Ms. Hyde

Wow is all I can say.

It is no secret Finley is the strong willed hard headed one of the family (wonder where she gets that from) but tonight took the cake.

This must be the terrible two's. Early.

Yesterday Gary was telling me how Finley had a temper tantrum when he got home from visiting his mother, he said as soon as the car stopped she freaked and started yelling "RIDE" and crying hysterically.

I don't know if I thought he was exaggerating the situation (you know how men can be) or maybe I just wasn't listening, but tonight after getting back from the hospital to visit mema the same exact thing happened and I am shocked.

She was screaming, throwing herself on the floor, slapping anything and everyone around and SCREAMING some more. She was screaming so loud and for so long ( I would say at least 12 minutes) that she started gagging and nearly threw up. All I could do was sit there and watch.

I mean, what do you do when this happens. I don't know?  I've never seen a tantrum before? I tried telling her to calm down, I tried holding her, but she was flailing and trying to smack me, Gary tried holding her and she nearly bit his finger off. He wasn't too happy about that. Obviously.

It just amazes me that one second she can be happy as pie and then the next a raving lunatic.

It took well over an hour to calm her down completely. She took a good nap? Is this the sort of thing I should expect often out of my "spirited child?" I'm hoping Gillian never catches onto this crazy behavior.

Its going to be a long couple of years if I have to put up with this everyday.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My prayers have been answered!

Since before the girls were born I've had dreams of dressing them up in little matching outfits with their hair in bows and ponytails.

Then they were born with zero hair. Which kinda dashed my dreams. There were always the headbands but by the time they were old enough to pull them off and resist they did. So those were gone pretty quick too.

Every once in a while I would *try* to put a little pony tail in Gillian's hair since its longer now and she would do her "no, no, no, no, no" thing at me and shake her head wildly. Bummer.

Last week I came home to hair in a ponytail? At first I thought maybe someone came to visit and did her hair while they were hair but as it turns out it was Gary.

Gary asked her if she wanted a pony tail and she said "Yes" and actually let him put one in. What the heck man?

Over the course of the week she's been coming to me taping her head saying "pony tail!"

My prayers have been answered, my patience has paid off! I have a girly looking little girl! Maybe with a pony tail people will stop calling her a "he"...........maybe.

Now if I could just get Finley on board we'd be all set!

Oh the questions

Mema has been in the hospital for a couple days and we took the girls to visit her yesterday.

For some reason everyone we saw took the opportunity to ask us "one of those questions" about the girls.

If you're a mom of twins you know all about those questions.......

17 people asked if they were twins. One of these days I'm going to say "No" just to see how someone reacts. Of course they are twins.

2 people asked if they were identical, when I tell them nope fraternal they feel the need to argue that they look "EXACTLY" alike. No they look "NOTHING" alike. But thank you for your opinion.

6 people attempted to guess their age. "They must be about 14 months, 15 months etc...." no one guessed right by the way. Good tries though. Then they went on to say how "tiny" they were. Yes they are tiny. Thank you.

3 people tried to guess who was born first. Why in goodness name this is relevant is beyond me. People seem to think Finley the firecracker was born first. Are the bad ones generally born first?

2 people asked if twins run in my response is always a "no" and then they stare at me blankly waiting for an explanation of where my twins came from. 

3 people "god blessed me" Thank you, I am blessed.

And I got 4 "you got your hands full" comments.

That was my 2 hour trip to the hospital. Can't wait to go back........... 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pee Pee in the Potty

Hmmmmm.........We may be on to something in this house.

Yesterday Gillian went pee pee in the bathtub. And she freaked when she did it. Personally I thought Finley should be the one freaking but nope, she just laughed that she was sitting in pee water.

So Gillian jumped out of the tub in tears because she was peeing on herself.

Today she did the same thing. I asked her if she wanted to go on her potty and she said "Yeah" so I got her potty out.

Then I decided I was crazy and diapered the girl.

A while later she came running to me yelling "pee pee" and holding her diaper upset. I felt her diaper and sure enough she was peeing.

About 20 minutes later she did the same thing and again I felt her diaper and she was peeing.

Then I decided to take her diaper off since she seems to know when she has the urge to go and showed her where the potty was.

She came flying into the living room about 20 minutes later screaming like a crazy girl in hysterics. "PEE PEE!!!!!" She was peeing on herself and running at me! I threw her on the potty but she was so scared she jumped back off.

I made a big deal about the little bit that got in there though, I screamed and high fived her and she yelled "Yippee I pee peed in potty" and walked around "yeahing" herself. Then we emptied the little bit of pee in the toilet and clapped for her!

Then it was bed time so I had to put another diaper on her. I'm thinking about letting her run around naked for the next few days and see if she can get it.

Is it crazy to think a 22 month old could be potty trained?

Dinner Bribes

Maybe I give my kids too many options. You know, I'm that kind of parent that would rather reason with them and get them to *try* to see my point rather than argue with them and have a tantrum break out.

The part of the day that is usually the hardest for me is getting the girls inside for dinner.

I get home from work around 3:40 and start to make dinner usually around 4:30. So this leaves about 50 minutes of play time outside for the girls.

When its time to go in I usually say "Okay girls, lets go inside and play, mommy has to cook" and that is followed by two "No's." Then I go on to explain to them that If I don't cook no one will and try to reason with them some more. It never works though......

Today I decided to try something new. Bribery. Yes you hear me bribery. Today's dinner banter went something like this:

Me: Come on girls lets go in so mommy can make dinner!

Girls: No!!!

Me: Please....mommy will make you chicken?

Girls: NOOO!

Me: Please.....

Girls: No

Me: Do you want an M&M?

Girls: Yeah!!

Me: Okay lets go inside and get one!

And the next thing you know I have two kids running in behind me. Score.

Hey, it may not be the right answer for everyone but its the right one for me!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bath time fun

The girls and I love bath time. They usually spend 30-45 minutes in their bath and we NEVER skip a night. Bath time is everyday in this house and it can change 2 cranky little girls into 2 cutie pies in 5 seconds.

Here is a picture from tonight. Gillian put a washcloth on her head and said it was a hat so Finley followed suit.

Here are my cheesy girls.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get off my couch

Finley thinks my really expensive couch is hers, and only hers.

Its probably because I let her fall asleep there every night, but this is getting pretty ridiculous.

I heard her crying "puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy" like a crazy girl tonight and went into the living room to find her trying to pull Harley, our 110lb lab off the couch.

I finally kicked him off so she would stop crying and she walked around saying "bad bad puppy" and guarded her couch for the next 20 minutes.

Then I tried to sit on it to watch the news tonight and she climbed up on it and started pushing me from behind pointing to the chair across the room and whining at me. I asked her if she wanted me to get off and she quickly said "Yeah! Mama off!"

So, I guess its hers now? Good thing there's a second one......

Thursday, September 15, 2011


This afternoon a cold front came in and the next few days are supposed to be in the mid 60's , unfortunately the girls have nothing but sandals, dress shoes and rain boots right now.

So today I decided to venture out to Target with my girls and get them some sneakers. I must have been insane.

We had a little talk on the way over about how we were going to be good girls and hold mommy's hand, not run off, and not tear stuff off the shelves.

They acknowledged they understood.......I swear they said "yeah" and when I asked them why we were going they both yelled "shoes!"

The problems started as soon as we got in the store. The stupid freaking $1.00 section is right there and Gillian wanted socks. Pumpkin socks. I finally got her away from the sock bin and on our way to the shoes.

After we got to the shoe section I bee lined to the first pair of sneakers I saw. I found the girls sizes and turned around only to find 20 pairs of shoes pulled off the shelves and the girls carrying around Elmo slippers screaming "ELMO." This happened in a matter of 45 seconds. See what twins can do?

I tried to pick up all the shoes I swear I did. The problem was they were pulling them back off faster than I could get them back up. Eventually I threw them all in a pile, mouthed "sorry" to the security camera and dragged my hellions outta there!

They refused to let go of their Elmo's though and insisted on carrying them through the store saying "walk, walk, walk" as they dragged him along. I found a clearance rack on the way out and was looking for some Elmo shirts for the girls while they pulled packages of socks and pajamas off the racks.

At one point Finley came to me with one of those rod's that holds packages saying "Uh-Oh" over and over again. Yeah....."Uh-oh"

I grabbed 2 shirts and booked outta there.

When we go to the register I realized both Elmo slippers were MIA and the girls were begging for M&M's. Me being the good mom I am told them they could have whatever they wanted if they just behaved for the last 3 minutes of our trip.

Of course as soon as the M&M's hit the counter and not their mouth's Gillian threw a fake tantrum, She does this over exaggerated scream thing and then takes 3 steps back and slowly falls back to the ground. Its all very dramatic. I rolled my eyes at her and went on my way but the cashier fell for it and "awwwwwwd" at her then offered her a puppy sticker. Of course Gillian's a sucker for a sticker so she got up smiling and took her sticker.

On the way home we were listening to the radio and the girls were dancing in their seats and I couldn't help but smile.

No matter how insane they make me, I wouldn't change a thing about my life. I love my girls, I am so grateful to have two crazy little girls that keep me on my toes. Things may be easier to do without them but they are definitely not as fun!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I just don't get it.

I love to sleep. So does Gillian.

Finley on the other hand appears to be the complete opposite and its making me insane.

About a week after we switched the girls to their big girl beds all hell broke lose with Finn. Out of no where she decided she was petrified of going to bed at night. I have no idea why.

There were a few days leading up to the "breakdown" where Gillian was climbing in bed with Finley and trying to sleep with her. For some reason this really upset Finley and that's when the whole hell started.

So, after a few nights of trying to force her to sleep in her bed and her getting so upset she couldn't sleep if she wanted to, I started putting Gillian to bed in her room and Finley to bed in the living room. Once she's out I put her in her room and she's fine for the night.

The problem is a couple nights a week Finley doesn't feel like going to bed and stays up WAY past her bedtime. I keep all the lights off in the house and lay on the couch behind her until she's asleep so I get screwed when she doesn't want to go to bed.

Tonight was one of those nights. Its 9:15 and she just fell asleep. I still have to pick up the house and do the dishes. I'm exhausted. I don't want to do anything except go to sleep.......

I'm hoping this phase passes quickly. I want two kids that fall asleep in their beds. I was thinking about separating their rooms to see if that helped but I don't want to lose our playroom. I'm not sure it would help anyway.

What can I do? I'm out of ideas? Being a parent is way more complicated than I ever imagined by the way! Way more complicated!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The artist's.....

The girls love to draw.

Gillian spends a good part of her day hounding whoever is around to draw on her magnadoodle. She goes to bed and will rest her princess nightlight on her pillow and draw for at least 20 minutes before she passes out.

I have to say though, the kid can draw a mean circle.

They also love chalk! They play in the driveway with it and have even expanded their creativity to my house, cars and their playscape.

Sondra was over this past weekend and mentioned chalkboard paint......why didn't I think of that?

So, Gary went and got some today. I'm excited. I'm always looking for things to keep them occupied inside so hopefully this will be good for at least 10 minutes of quiet.

I can't wait for them to get old enough to actually sit down and do things with! Crafts! Baking! Coloring!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Picture time

I haven't taken a picture of the girls since we were on vacation in July.....I know. Bad. I'm just too busy think about it lately. Luckily Sondra was over the other day and grabbed my camera.

Yeah we are the coolest parents on the block. Thanks.

All summer I was looking on craigslist for a playscape for the girls that was reasonably priced.

I was eyeing one of those 8 in 1 climbers that usually retails for around $600.00. The cheapest on I found all summer was $150.00. Something told me to keep looking though and hold out a little longer and It paid off. Big Time.

A few weeks ago Gary and I decided to go out and hit some tag sales. The local children's museum was having one and we decided to stop there. They had a gigantic playscape there with a sign on it that said "Make an offer" so we offered them $250.00 and they took it.

And with that we scored the biggest score ever. This  is a commercial playscape and retails for around 6,000........and my spoiled rotten little girls got it.

They better think we are awesome. I never had anything like this growing up. Heck all I had was some barbies.

They love it too, they play on it for hours a day. I'm actually getting sad thinking of the weather getting cold and them not being able to play on it as often.

Someone lied........

So, in case you didn't notice I haven't been around much.

Someone one once told me "The first 6 months are the hardest with twins" and I wish I could remember who the hell they were because they were freaking liars.

The first 6 months was cake. No I take that back, the first 14 months were cake. THEN all of a sudden my sweet little babies because independent maniacs with minds of their own.

I knew this day would come but nothing could prepare me for life as I know it today. NOTHING!!!

Both of them can throw a tantrum with the best of them. There is more hair pulling, biting and pushing than a wrestle mania match. I feel like a constant referee.

Don't even get me started on the constant whining. Finley says about 10 words so she is constantly frustrated trying to tell me what she wants, Gillian on the other hand will repeat everything you say these days (so watch your mouth!) and walks around jibber jabbering like a crazy girl.

The most amazing thing about watching these two interact though is the fact that they are only 21 months old and can show so much jealousy. If Finley is on her bike and gets off to do something else and sees Gillian eyeing it she runs (and I seriously mean runs) back to it and hops back on. If one tries to climb up on my lap the other tries to pull them down and beat them to it. Its insane around here.

I'm not going to lie, when Finley  isn't eating her breakfast in the morning sometimes I say "Finley, look Gillian is going to eat your pancakes"  and she runs over to the table. Yeah I never said I had good parenting skills. Just trying to get a kid to eat.

Yeah so this is what we are up against in this house right now.

Oh yeah did I mention that Finley will not fall asleep in her bedroom at night? I have no idea whats up with her but she gets hysterical if I try to put her in there. So, I started putting Gillian to bed in her room and Finley in bed on the couch and its working for now. I'm sure tomorrow will change though.

Well, that's life as I know it. Its crazy and I love it!!! I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

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