Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teaching and climbing.

Just about everyday it dawns on me that I have to actually "teach" my girls things. This usually happens after I expect them to do something and then realize they have no clue how.

Today I was in the playroom with them looking around at the insane mess they made.

Then I started thinking they are old enough to pick up their own toys, why am I doing it all? So I was going to start a new "pick up your own toys rule" when I realized. They have never picked up their own toys, they don't even know how to put away their did I miss this one?

So we showed them how to clean up and put everything away. They put a few blocks away, we cheered and they clapped!

So our newest "rule" in the house will be clean up time before naps and bed time. Hopefully they catch on quickly and are picking up their own toys soon!

Besides the picking up I'm worried........very worried.

I got a Summer Best view video monitor last week, which by the way if you have twins this things rocks! You can pan between 2 cribs in a room to watch them both or if you have them in separate rooms you can get a extra camera for the other room. It rocks.

Anyway, now that I have this monitor I realize the shenanigans that go on before nap and bedtime! They both are chucking socks at each other and teddy bears. Its hysterical to watch.

Finley though is starting to pull up on her crib rails. That little monkey is going to be climbing out of her crib in a few weeks. I just know it. This is going to put us on a fast track to "big girl beds".....something I was hoping to avoid until they were at least 2!

Now I am trying to figure out how I am going to handle this. Do I take all their dressers out of the room? If not I definitely need to anchor them to the walls. I will have to get a latch for the closet so they can't get into that too. I can imagine this not going well at all. Not at all! I'm just hoping she holds off on climbing out for a few more months.

Finn is a determined thing though so if she gets something into her head she usually doesn't stop until she's accomplishes it.

So I'll be watching her....and waiting for the day my life is turned upside down by the big girl beds!!

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Cottongirl7 said...

Yikes! I'm dreading the change to big girl beds too. My little ones are almost 2 and havent seemed to understand that they could climb out.....yet. Of course, just today Izzy figured out that she could try to climb in, so I'm sure we are not that far away either. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT AT ALL! Good luck.

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