Sunday, February 28, 2010


So about a month ago after sticking pacifiers back in babies mouths half the night I went on a quest for something that would keep that pacifier in! Duct tape came to mind first but after deciding the girls probably wouldn't like it I started looking on for something to help me out. I never expected to find anything, but I came across Wubbanubs and after a hour of trying to decide who would want what one I ordered 2 of them! I got the monkey and the bear one.

They have been a godsend! They rest on the girls belly while they are lying down and help hold their pacifiers in. The good thing about them is they can still spit them out easily but once they do they stay within reach so they can just open their mouths back up and grab them again. They are starting to grab at them too which I think is adorable and are starting to pull them towards their mouths. I went into the room the other day and Gillian was hugging hers sleeping. So cute. The only downside to these pacifiers is they are obviously not as easy to clean because of the stuffed animal attached and for that reason this is strictly a "crib paci" also with my 2 toy loving dogs around it probably wouldn't last more than 10 minutes out in the open in this house! So all in all I give the Wubbanubs 4 stars!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Selling the Cloth Diapers........yep, never used, brand freaking new cloth diapers

So I had good intentions thats for sure but I decided to just get rid of the cloth diapers I have while the thought is still in my mind and before I end up packing them away and forgetting about them. I decided to originally sell them because I wanted a new diaper bag and Gary was giving me dirty looks about how expensive it was. I still have some left if anyone is interested! I have 8 Bum Genius and at least a dozen Rocky Mountains that I am looking to get rid of. Never used, already washed ready to go for $15.00 each!

Kick and Play I love you!

We have a regular boring bouncer that has some pully things on it and we have a cool Kick and Play bouncer. Everyone loves the Kick and soon as you put a cranky baby in it they instantly start kicking and smiling and laughing as the lights light up and the music plays. I really should get a second one. That way whichever baby isn't in it isn't giving the other one dirty looks while they are playing in it! Finley is in it now, she's having a great time. Gillian is next to her in her boring bouncer whining to switch. Poor Gillian.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi My name is Erin and I'm a addict

Yep you heard me right I'm a addict.....a shopping addict. I have a big diaper bag. I love it too its a Dwell Studio Diaper tote and its a good size for twins. But this week I found a Christine Price Diaper Bag and fell in love. Its huge. Perfect. And leather. Had to have it. I made the mistake of asking Gary if I could buy it and he said no because it was too expensive. Blah, Blah, Blah. So I was talking to my niece about it and she suggested I sell all my Cloth Diapers I got so I could buy the bag. What a great freaking idea! So, I told Gary of my plan and he didn't seem thrilled with me but hey, screw him. I want it! So I am selling them. Here is the bag. Its the perfect size for two babies and the best part is I can use it for a regular bag when I'm not using it as a diaper bag! So I already ordered it. Can't wait for it to come! Soo excited!


Where to start? Where to start? Its been a pretty crappy week! I am pretty sure the girls are teething. Gillian is a fuss bucket, drooling like a maniac and shoving her hands and anything she can find in her mouth and I can feel a hard bump under her gums so I am guessing its a tooth! Finley is acting the same way only not as fussy and I can't feel anything under her gums so not sure but Gillian......yeah I would say so. So besides that I think the girls are getting their first colds because they both have runny noses and again are fussy so maybe their getting a cold? Not really sure here. Since I'm a first time mom you can certainly just ignore me if I sound like I have no clue whats going on. I wonder myself sometimes!

So besides the teething and them possibly getting sick. I got my period~ I haven't had my period in almost a year and it decided after 11 weeks to show its ugly face. B!tch! It actually wasn't that bad though, not really cramping, just annoying.

We have had tons of snow and rain this week. I love the snow, but hate the rain. Make the rain go away!

And last but not least I went into work today and the owner of the store told us all that he sold the store to some freaking outside company or to a group of brothers or something and they are taking over on Monday. I work for a pharmacy and obviously this sucks! He says they are keeping all the employees and nothing is going to change but you all know how that goes. So I may just get my chance to be a stay at home mom after all. I can only imagine what is going to happen. I am trying not to think about it. Ugh, so that's that.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I was looking through some pics tonight and found this one of me a month before I gave birth. Holy freaking cow I was huge!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girls doctor appointment

The girls had their doctors appointment yesterday. Gillian weighted 12lbs13oz and Finn was 10lbs6oz! Both had gained about 2lbs since last month! Gillian is in the 75th percentile and Finn in the 25th. Finley also is being refered to Children's medical for her head! Its crooked on one side from her having torticollis after she was born and is getting horribly flat on that side too. I had a feeling it would come to this and she may need a helmet! Lol. Poor kid. I am sure she is goign to need one, Gary is not dealing with it very well. I think she will be adorable! So thats that!

The curse of the new TV.

Gary and I went to Walmart and as we were walking in noticed a guy with 3 42" Flat screens in 2 carts. So Gary and I were perplexed as to why anyone would buy that many TVs until we bee-lined to the electronics to find they have Floor Models on sale for 30% off and there was ONE left for $349.00. Gary grabbed it. Our TV upstairs has been acting crazy for months now and keeps losing color and flickering. We knew it was only a matter of time before we would need a new one and were talking about getting a flat screen for the living room. So obviously when we saw that price we jumped on it. We have a 42" downstairs in our bar that took about 30 minutes for Gary to mount so he decided Monday night he was going to mount the one in the living room "real quick" as he puts it.

Everything was going great until he started drilling the last bolt in and suddenly out of no where we lost all the power in the living room. We both knew right away what happened......he drilled into a electrical line. Great. So suddenly the "real quick" project turned into him having to rip down the Sheetrock over my fireplace and tearing into the wall and replacing the electrical. What are the odds of that happening though? For starters you are supposed to have a metal box over electrical in studs to prevent something like that from happening in the first place which obviously wasn't done by whoever did it but secondly If he just drilled a half a inch up or over or down he would have missed it. Should have played the it took him until 3:00 in the morning to get everything fixed and the power back on in the room. So much for his "real quick" wall mount!

The good side is we have been talking about repainting the livingroom for a few months now, with the babies here we keep on putting it off. Well now we need to. So I picked out the paint color yesterday. Hopefully Gary can get the wall patched this weekend and we can paint too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pictures of the day

What a night.....

So it was a snow day today. We were supposed to get a foot of snow but the weather men suck and we got about 3 inches. After dinner tonight Gary decided to surprise me by making brownies! I was so excited! He asked me to go and check them for him because he never knows when they are done and when I opened the oven door I was pretty confussed.....Here is what I found

It looked like bubbeling grease on top of a layer of molten chocolate? I called Gary in and we both stared blankly at the brownies. He finally realized he didn't put the eggs in the batter. What a idiot. Luckily we had a second mix and he started to make that one while I decided to make a coffee frosty thing in my magic bullet. So I got out my pitcher attachment and put in my ice and then went to put in the coffee and I forgot to put the bottom on the pitcher and poured coffee all over my kitchen that was my night. FUN.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


What I keep on calling either one of the girls in my delerious state. I decided its just their "combo name" you know in stead of "the girls" its "Ginley". I'm losing it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mommy's do it better

So Gary stays home with the girls during the day and when I call him in the afternoon he acts like they are the worst children on the planet. They are never bad for me. I mean, Gillian cries to be held alot, but even she is becoming more independent and learning to play on her playmat without fussing. I just dont know if he is looking for sympathy from me or what but he's not getting it. I personally think he is exagerating! He drops them off for a hour with my girlfriend everyday (there is a hour gap between when he leaves for work and I get home) and she says they are angels compared to her daughter who is 2 weeks younger than the girls. So I think that either he just isn't good at multi-tasking (well, I dont need to think about that really, he's not) or he is just trying to make it seem worse than it is for my sympathy?? Hm. Wonder which one it really is? Maybe the girls just like me better? Deep down inside I am hoping that is the case.......boy I'm evil.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to work

Well, I have been back to work for 4 days now. Its exhausting. I get to bed late and up early. I feel like sleeping when I get home but unfortunately I cant sleep until the girls sleep so that pretty much means I am screwed until at least 10 or 11.

The girls have been doing good. Last night they both went to bed at 10:00 and didn't get up to eat until 5 this morning. That's 7 straight hours they slept! I wish I went to bed when they did instead of 1:00 this morning and I might feel refreshed this morning rather than wiped out!

Anyway, they are doing good and getting so big! Finley keeps on smiling like a maniac. Gillian is starting to smile too and is really becoming a sweet baby over the past few days. She is learning to play by herself rather than cry to be picked up and spends time on her play mat looking at herself in the mirror (that's my girl) and grabbing at her hanging animals. Finley I am sorry to say is regressing and she is starting to become the more needy one and doesn't seem to enjoy playtime as much as Gillian does now. Maybe she just realizes that Gillian is playing and its her opportunity to get some "mommy time" so she is taking advantage of it. Can't blame her there. She been getting the short end of the stick because she was the good baby!

Gary has been home with them during the day and I call him randomly to check on him. He always makes them sound so bad. I'm not sure if he is doing it so I feel sorry for him or what but I'm not buying it. They are never bad for me....maybe they just miss their mommy? That would make me happy! Lol.

I have been taking lots of pics of the girls so I will post some later tonight!

Oh Urbandictionary your a Hoot.

Well following the newest Facebook Crazy my Mom (yes my mom) decided to look the girls names up on and email me what she found, I couldn't stop laughing!

Lets start with mine: So true by the way!

Erin is a female who has the body of a goddess and the brain of a genius. Men are drawn to her good looks and her awsome sense of humour. Out of all the females in the world its the Erins who rule.
guy: your just like Erin
girl: omg thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

Yeah so I wish it was true. I just had twins, my body is far from "goddess" like anymore. If you dont believe me look back to my 2 week post partum body pic. Not pretty. And as far as being a genius well, I didn't know there were 7 continents until I was 23 years old....okay maybe 24. And even if you ask me to name them now I will probably laugh at you. But seriously. I do rule!

Gillian: OOh my poor poor chunky Gillian.

Gillian is a girl who likes to unicycle and joined the wrestling team and she got POUNDED ..but she survived, and we all love her greatly
Gillian failed religion.

I couldn't help but read this outload to Gillian when mom sent it to me. She made a mean face after I was done too. There was a nicer one on there about "Gillians" but for some reason my mom picked this one to send Wonder why? Anyway Gillian looks like she could be a wrestler but I dont think she would get POUNDED! I think she would do the pounding! If my baby wants to be a wrestler well than good for her! I just hope she's a hot one.

And then there is my sweet sweet Finley:

Finely is a awesomely cool girl who doesn't know shes beautiful. She never seems to notice the boys who are attracted to her romantically but always seems to have drunken hookups with the assholes. A Finley is very loyal to friends and would do nothing to hurt anyone.. except for a small rodent that runs in front of the car. a Finley can get wild at any moment of the day with a switch of a button. you will always have a good time when a Finley is around.

john: daamn, i wish i could hang around some Finleys today...
adam: yeah i know, every time we do its always a new adventure.

Yep thats my girl! Taking after her mommy with the drunken hookups with assholes! And to top it off she's a rat killer! But with a name like Finley I can only hope she comes to love her name and embrasses it and is the life of the party. I am sure she will be!

So go ahead, look up your name! I know you want to!
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