Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The potty intruder

Okay well if you read my last post I got the girls potty's! Once again, I am not trying to potty train 14 month olds but I figured I would get them used to sitting on now and having it around. No pressure though!

Last night Gillian sat on it for a bit and got up only to run in the other room and pee on my floor! Thanks Gillian.

Tonight after their bath I got them on it again Finn wanted no part of it. She only wanted to run around naked. Fine by me, I gave Gillian a book and she sat on her potty reading it until Finn came up and stole it. I went to go get her another one and came back to Gillian up running around peeing on my floor. Foiled. Oh well.

Stupid potty's.

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