Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm having some issues. Finley is her name. Tonight she managed to:

1. Hit Gillian about a dozen times. Like smack her across the head.....hit her. What is up with this kid? Where did this come from?

2. Hit Harley for taking her raisin's while yelling at him and then shaking her fist!

3. Threw a book, block sorter, and sippy cup at my face.

4. Smacked me on the arm for telling her she couldn't watch another episode of Elmo.........

Seriously, I don't hit. My husband doesn't hit. I'm pretty sure she's never seen anyone hit anyone else so how in goodness name does she know about hitting? Baffles me. And she seems so mean about it.

I tried the "no hitting" but that didn't work. I ignored her when she hit me but I can't ignore if she's hitting her sister or the dog? Gillian told her "no, no, no" too but that didn't work either.......go figure?

I'm pretty sure I need a parenting book or something? Do they tell you what to do with little monsters in those books?

Is it possible she going through her terrible two's and she's only one?


Trish said...

Erin, I think they call that being a "spirited child" and yes I think there's a book!! Finn sounds like such a firecracker!

Mandy said...

Ha! Firecracker Finn!! All she is missing in red hair!!

I'm pretty sure this is why they invented duct tape. I am also at a loss of what to do, they don't quite get time out and ignore redirection. Hitting to stop hitting is counter productive. So when you find time to finish that parenting book shoot me the cliff notes!!

mim said...

I think she WILL have red hair, just saying...

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