Monday, November 7, 2011

Autumn Nor 'Easter from hell

If your from the North East you are accustomed to getting Nor' Easters, but not in October. Usually when you talk about them its in December or January but never in October.

Well, I guess there is a first time for everything huh? Last Saturday, October 29th we got 13" of snow here in Ct. Yep, you read that right 13".

It was the most insane storm I have ever witnessed and I am sure I will never see anything like it again.

It started around 1 in the afternoon and by 5:00 pm trees were snapping all around us. I still have no idea why. Gary said its because alot of the trees still had leaves on them and combined with the weight of the snow they just couldn't take it. We lost alot of HUGE limbs and the tree in the front yard lost just about all of them. All that was left was a trunk. It was insane.

Two trees fell on the girls new playscape. Don't worry, somehow it managed to survive and one fell on Gary's car. Luckily the main branch fell just to the right and barely missed it, leaving only a few scratches.

The most insane part was the fact that we lost power, for a week. Yep a week. Nearly the whole state was without power and it was crazy. The first few days there were people lined up at the few open gas stations waiting to get gas for hours. Lines to the open fast food places were miles long, what did you expect when no one could cook I guess? Every where you went there were trees and power lines down, it was like a war zone all over the state.

We ended up at Mom and Dad's house for the week since somehow they managed to keep their power. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. The girls didn't want to take naps or go to bed for that matter while we were there but we all learned to live with cranky babies. Then they both got sick and even crankier.

Halloween came and went without a trick or treater in sight. Most towns cancelled Halloween all together, some postponed it until the following Saturday but most people were still without power so we didn't see anyone. It was a sad year for the adults and kids that's for sure!

A week after we lost power Gary and I decided to head to the house to clean out the fridge and start cleanup on the yard. While we were there the power came back on. Thank goodness. We spent the whole weekend piling all the branches to the curb and cutting down all the broken trees. We lost both our trees in the front yard and I'm most upset about that. Oh and the fact I went grocery shopping Friday and spent $200.00 on food. Then lost power on Saturday and all our food went bad. I had to go yesterday and spend another $200.00. That's $400.00 in 8 days for food. Not my idea of a good time that's for sure! Not to mention I have been cooking extra of everything and freezing the extras. I lost my whole stash of freezer foods downstairs.

So, I'm done wishing for snow this year. Please, no more snow.
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