Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Haircut!!

Gillian's hair has been in her eyes for weeks. I was going to give her bangs before we went to Maine but was worried I was going to ruin her hair before Kelly's I waited.....and waited, and waited.

Last night I snuck in her room in a feeble attempt to do it while she was sleeping. Problem was she sleeps on her side and I couldn't get a good angle to do it.

This morning Gary and I decided to give it a shot. He held her with a handful of M&M's and I got up the nerve to cut. Despite the fact she was shoving her face full of M&M's that kid still put up a fight. Eventually Gary had to hold down her arms and I grabbed her hair pulled it together and aimlessly cut.

Yep, that's how her first haircut went. I'm shocked she didn't end up looking completely ridiculous. Maybe I should have been a hairdresser after all?

Here are some before and afters.......Sorry Bean Bean. Maybe next time if you sit still I'll do a little better?



Monday, July 25, 2011

Now they're Big Girls.....

I know my posts have been far and few between but I'm trying, I really am!

We just got from 10 days in Maine. We rented an awesome house right on the Ocean and had a GREAT time! The girls did amazingly well and we had a good time, and even got to relax!

There was one kink babies turned into big girls.

The 2nd day we were there they learned how to climb out of their pack and plays. This made for an interesting day or two. They would run around like maniacs for a while then climb back in their pack and plays and go to bed.

When we got home we were worried they were going to try to climb out of their cribs so we converted their cribs to toddler beds and prayed.

The first 2 days they fell asleep on the floor after running around playing for 20 minutes. After that they decided that wasn't too comfy so they fell asleep in their beds and have been there for the past 5 days. I'm so proud of my little girls. Kinda sad too. When did they get so grown up? It kills me to walk in their room to check on them and see them sleeping there with a pillow, blanket and stuffed animals in their bed.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


So remember how my last post I told you there was that missing Chihuahua that I was so worried about?

This afternoon Gary went to go get propane and a mile or so away there was a sign on someones yard that said "FOUND DOG". Gary decided to stop to find out if it was indeed the missing Chihuahua and it was! They said they found him this morning roaming the streets. Poor puppy spent the whole entire night out roaming around.

He gave them the owners address and they went and dropped the peanut off to them.

Strange......very strange. Glad to know all the neighborhood dogs are home safe and sound now!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Um, Erin.....Where's Harley?

So, tonight my mom calls Gary and tells him she got a call from Harley's Microchip place saying someone found him.

Huh? What do you mean found him? We didn't realize he was missing!

Now, let me say we are responsible dog owners I swear! Harley spends his days playing where the girls are and his nights passed out on a couch or in our room.

When Harley was a puppy he was a maniac and if he ever saw an open door he'd bolt out of it in a flash and we'd be chasing him like idiots around the neighborhood. Because of his antics we decided when he was a year old to get him microchiped. Thank goodness. The best $30.00 I've ever spent in my life.

Now that's he's 6 and a fat lazy lab he has given up on running out the open doors and has come to realize this is where the food is and he's not leaving. Until tonight.

Gary was cleaning out the garage and left our gate to our deck open so he could bring things down to the basement. I'm assuming Harley decided to take a late night stroll at that point.

He wandered 5 houses up and stopped his fat self at the first person he found. Probably hoping for a treat, and thinking how much easier it would have been to go down the hill instead of up. So my dear neighbor called the Home Again number on his tag and told them where he was.

On the bright side her and her neighbor loved Harley, they said he just played with their kids for the hour he was there and went on about what a good dog he was. They even offered to watch him for us if we go on vacation! As usual Harley the lovable lab has made a good impression on another person.

The ironic part was about a hour ago someone was walking around looking for their Chihuahua. I was upset that they lost their little dog. I told Gary I would have to go check in the morning to make sure they found it. Little did I know my dog was escaping at that point!

Harley the wonder Lab has struck again......
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