Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Kisses

I usually have to beg for kisses from the girls...."can mommy have a kiss, please? Kisses? Please? Please? Kiss Mommy."

Tonight I was giving the girls a bath and Gillian was looking at me so loving. I told her "Mommy loves you" and she got up and gave me the sweetest kiss then the sweetest smile......and then I cried. Yeah I couldn't help it. I tried, but couldn't. She was just so sweet.

I love these girls so darn much. I know I say that alot, but its strange to want something so bad and not be able to have it for so long. Everyday I have a point in the day where I realize 2 years ago I never thought they would exist.......and now they are here. Its so surreal.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teaching and climbing.

Just about everyday it dawns on me that I have to actually "teach" my girls things. This usually happens after I expect them to do something and then realize they have no clue how.

Today I was in the playroom with them looking around at the insane mess they made.

Then I started thinking they are old enough to pick up their own toys, why am I doing it all? So I was going to start a new "pick up your own toys rule" when I realized. They have never picked up their own toys, they don't even know how to put away their did I miss this one?

So we showed them how to clean up and put everything away. They put a few blocks away, we cheered and they clapped!

So our newest "rule" in the house will be clean up time before naps and bed time. Hopefully they catch on quickly and are picking up their own toys soon!

Besides the picking up I'm worried........very worried.

I got a Summer Best view video monitor last week, which by the way if you have twins this things rocks! You can pan between 2 cribs in a room to watch them both or if you have them in separate rooms you can get a extra camera for the other room. It rocks.

Anyway, now that I have this monitor I realize the shenanigans that go on before nap and bedtime! They both are chucking socks at each other and teddy bears. Its hysterical to watch.

Finley though is starting to pull up on her crib rails. That little monkey is going to be climbing out of her crib in a few weeks. I just know it. This is going to put us on a fast track to "big girl beds".....something I was hoping to avoid until they were at least 2!

Now I am trying to figure out how I am going to handle this. Do I take all their dressers out of the room? If not I definitely need to anchor them to the walls. I will have to get a latch for the closet so they can't get into that too. I can imagine this not going well at all. Not at all! I'm just hoping she holds off on climbing out for a few more months.

Finn is a determined thing though so if she gets something into her head she usually doesn't stop until she's accomplishes it.

So I'll be watching her....and waiting for the day my life is turned upside down by the big girl beds!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tax Time

Dear H & R Block. Screw you.

I called a few days ago to inquire about their pricing. They asked me a few basic questions and then told me it would be between $119-$299. That's a pretty broad range but why would ours be so expensive anyway? So I make an appt for today.

We got there, did all our stuff found out we're getting crap back compared to years before and then she says "It's going to be $298.00. All I could do was laugh. $1.00 cheaper than the most expensive range they gave me. Really?

This will teach me to never use them again........EVER! We have used the same person for the past 6 years and she went MIA this year so we said "screw you" and decided to let H&R Block screw us I guess. Lesson learned.

At least we're getting enough back to enjoy our vacation this year!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Spring. Where are you?

I'm a big fan of the winter and snow. I'm not gonna me nuts but I really love opening up my front window's and watching the snow fall. Unfortunately it doesn't snow 24 hours a day during winter (although this year came pretty close) so I gotta admit. Its starting to wear on me some!

I am excited for the nice weather to get here! I am excited to get the girls outside! I'm excited to get our camper opened up!!

Last camping season was hell. Yep, Hell. I mean who camps with 5 month olds anyway? Who in their right mind does such a thing? Gary and I that's who! I guess it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't my idea of fun either! It was hard trying to entertain the girls while we were there. I'm hoping now that they are walking (running really) and able to do more it will be better this year!

I guess only time will tell. We will start opening up the camper in about 5 or 6 weeks. Can't wait!

We also have our vacation this year.  We're going to Maine for cousin Kelly's wedding and I can't wait. We rented a beach house for the week and its all I think about all day long. Seriously! I love seeing my family and they will all be there! We always have such a great time when we're all together.

So, spring. Please come soon. The weather is starting to suck. I just want to go outside and walk, bust out the swings and slides, sandbox's, sprinkler, pool and water tables! And lets not forget about early morning coffee and breakfast on the deck  Ahhhh! I can't wait! Please spring.......get here soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The comeback.

Finley is trying to make a comeback. It seems like she's always one step behind Gillian.

Finley did roll over first.......Once, then didn't do it again until months later after Gillian did. Gillian does everything first. I have to say thought, once Finley does something she does it well! Its like she sits back watching Gillian mess it up and then once she knows what needs to be done she does it!

But I think she found something she's good at. Eating with a fork! She tries so hard, she practices most of the meal, today she speared at least 4 bites and actually got it to her mouth and ate it! Gillian just chews on the fork. She doesn't have much interest in actually eating off it.

So I'm pretty sure Finley will be a master fork eater by the time Gillian even thinks about trying to eat with it!

On a side note, I love my girls. They are adorable for the following reasons:

Tonight Finley spent 10 minutes taking my slippers off and putting them back on while cracking up hysterically the whole time.

They both know how to do "high fives" and look so excited when I tell them they did a good job and high five them!

Gillian is saying at least 1 new word a day at this point. Tonight she attempted came out like "turt".

Every time a phone rings they put their hands (their fake phones) up to their ears and say "Hi" or as Finn was saying this morning "ello"

Both girls are signing up a storm. Their newest one is "diaper"!

Speaking of diapers, Finn tells me when she's wet by grabbing her crotch and then signing diaper. Gillian signs diaper and says "per"

Gillian started calling her blanket "ket", see a trend? She's a lazy talker. She's resorted to the easy end of the words.

Well, that's about all I have for tonight!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What a day.......what a day......what a day.

We've been putting off getting the girls blood work done, for obvious reasons. Today I woke up and said "hm, lets go and get the girls blood work done."

How I wish I never thought that thought!

Thankfully my mom called me bright and early this morning and I managed to talk her into coming with us. Luckily she brought my dad along too!

I refused to go in while they were doing it, I knew it was going to be bad. Gary and Dad went in when it was Gillian's turn first. Poor Gillian. I took Finn down the hall while Mom waited outside the door and shook her head at me not to come back. That is never a good sign. They couldn't find a vein on they called the IV nurse.

Then I may have got pissy with the blood drawing lady and told her they weren't doing Finn then and I wanted the IV nurse to draw hers too while she was here.

The IV nurse got there and tried Finley with no luck, at that point the kid was screaming on top of her lungs and Gary said we were done. Thank goodness! So neither one of the girls got their blood drawn.

I was ticked. I just don't understand how anyone in their right mind can expect this of a 15 month old. Its to check their lead levels. My pedi had me under the impression it was mandatory they had them done and I might go to jail if I didn't take them .......after talking to a ton of friends with kids everyone told me their doc just does a finger prick at the office? What the heck?

So I called the Pedi today, the nurse told me the lead isn't mandatory unless the kids are in daycare (which they're not) and then told me they could do their hemoglobin's in their office. Double WTF. I get the importance of checking a kids lead levels I really do but I'm a little mad that they made it sound like it was required and I had no other choice.

So, we are going to hold off until the girls are 2 and try again. The next time they go to the Pedi they can get their stupid finger pricked and hopefully next time it goes a little easier!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bite Me!

No seriously, can the biting stop? We've been going through phases here. The past few days Gillian has decided she is sick and tired of Finn biting her so she's taking action and biting back. Fun. Fun. Fun. I'm at a loss......every time someone goes in for the kill I stick my hand in front of their mouths and intercept the bite. Yeah, if your wondering how many times I've been bit this way the answer is too many!

Since me telling them "No bite" over and over again isn't working I decided they can just yell at each other. So I tell them to say "No bite sissy" and through their crying they point their little upset finger at the offending sister and yell/cry "ma, ma, ma, ma" which in their language means "no, no, no, no"! Then the offender looks at them like "screw you"

Again, I'm still not sure why they won't say "no" and say "ma" instead but they do........

So did I mention I got a parenting book for twins? I sure it has some good advice! I need some advice! I have my 1 year olds disciplining my 1 year olds! That's good parenting for you!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talking up a storm!

I love this age! Both girls are getting to the point where they try to say things I tell them too. Most of them come out nothing like the real word but I know what they're saying so thats all that matters!

Gillian said "sissy" tonight too. And it was pretty good! The amazing thing is she said it while pointing at Finley.

Both girls know "hot" and will say it if they see me with a coffee cup or a cup of tea. Then they try to touch the cup to feel the "hot" and say it again.

Gillian says "puppa" for puppy, "Eba" for Elmo, "Bir Bir" for Big Bird, "G" for grover, "cack" for quack, "bubble", "hippa" for hippo, "nana" for a banana and ironically every time she see's a monkey-Don't ask me why? I'm still trying to figure it out myself! It is ironic they eat banana's though! "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" for no. Not sure why on that one either? I told her "no, no, no" one day and she responded "ma-ma-ma" and its been that way since? "bye bye", "up" "opa" for open, "mow mow" for mickey mouse, and "chee" for cheese. I know there is more, I just can't think of them all!

Finley says "hot", "hippa", "opa", "Eba", "ma ma ma ma" for no, "nana" and "puppa"

She doesn't try to talk as much as Gillian yet but she's usually a few weeks behind her with most things.

Can't wait to see what they say next! Gillians "chee" is my favorite one yet!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank you smart phone......

I had a blackberry for years. I loved that thing! We decided about a year ago to switch service carriers and Gary talked me into a "smartphone". I agreed, but told him I was sure I would bringing it back for a blackberry.

Pft. 10 minutes later in the parking lot I was eating my words. These phones are awesome!

Last night/Early this morning Gillian was inconsolable and crying non stop. We were to the point where we had idea what to do next.......then in my tired stooper I realized I downloaded a sesame street app on my phone a while ago that has all of the girls favorite songs and sesame street video's on it.

I grabbed it and as soon as I put on  "Elmo has 4 ducks" there was silence. She was laughing and smiling. I was so exhausted I handed the phone over to her and every time the video ended she would push the screen to start it over. I have no idea how many times she watched it? All I know is that Sesame Street has saved my butt again!

Makes me wonder when else this could come in handy? And what other awesome apps there are out there?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm having some issues. Finley is her name. Tonight she managed to:

1. Hit Gillian about a dozen times. Like smack her across the head.....hit her. What is up with this kid? Where did this come from?

2. Hit Harley for taking her raisin's while yelling at him and then shaking her fist!

3. Threw a book, block sorter, and sippy cup at my face.

4. Smacked me on the arm for telling her she couldn't watch another episode of Elmo.........

Seriously, I don't hit. My husband doesn't hit. I'm pretty sure she's never seen anyone hit anyone else so how in goodness name does she know about hitting? Baffles me. And she seems so mean about it.

I tried the "no hitting" but that didn't work. I ignored her when she hit me but I can't ignore if she's hitting her sister or the dog? Gillian told her "no, no, no" too but that didn't work either.......go figure?

I'm pretty sure I need a parenting book or something? Do they tell you what to do with little monsters in those books?

Is it possible she going through her terrible two's and she's only one?

The potty intruder

Okay well if you read my last post I got the girls potty's! Once again, I am not trying to potty train 14 month olds but I figured I would get them used to sitting on now and having it around. No pressure though!

Last night Gillian sat on it for a bit and got up only to run in the other room and pee on my floor! Thanks Gillian.

Tonight after their bath I got them on it again Finn wanted no part of it. She only wanted to run around naked. Fine by me, I gave Gillian a book and she sat on her potty reading it until Finn came up and stole it. I went to go get her another one and came back to Gillian up running around peeing on my floor. Foiled. Oh well.

Stupid potty's.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Potty time!

I got the girls 2 potty's today. No No No I'm not trying to push potty training on a couple of 14 month olds. I just wanted them in the house so they could get used to seeing them and try to sit on them here and there.

During diaper time I put the girls on them. Its hysterical because Finley has such a skinny little booty (she gets that from her daddy) and I swear is going to fall in this thing! Gillian has no problem sitting on it though.

Neither one cared about them. As I expected,  but some part of me was hoping they would sit on them, pee in them and then be magically potty trained! They are not magic potty's you say? Boo.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet moments

Tonight while we were watching our nightly Elmo the girls had a snack cup with cheerio's.

Gillian decided she was going to be a sweet sister and feed Finley her cheerio's. She was putting them in Finn's mouth faster than Finley could eat them. She looked so proud of herself too. It was adorable.

Now if Finley would jump on the sweet train we'd be all set. That doesn't look like its going to happen for a while though! That girl is one HUGE crank pot. I honestly don't understand it. She is so hardheaded and flipping cranky. I was considering calling the doctor the other day......

Hello, Dr. Holland? Can you prescribe Prozac for 1 year old?

No but really. She's a feisty one. Very opposite from Gillian. If she doesn't get her way all hell will break lose.

Yesterday she learned to climb up on the couch and quickly took a header off it. What did she do the rest of the night? Avoid the couch in fear you say? Wrong. She insisted on climbing up on it over and over again despite how many times I took her off it and would scream and throw a fit every time I took her off it.

I just dont' get her. Where did she get her stubborness from I wonder?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The day Gary lost his "Manliness"

Today at approximately 1:00pm Gary lost his "manliness"

He was holding Gillian in the kitchen and she leaned in and gave him a big fat kiss out of no where. He teared up and nearly cried. And the best part was I CAUGHT HIM!

The girls never kiss Gary for some reason. Its probably because I hound them all day long "can I have a kiss, give mommy a kiss, please kisses, kisses for mommy"! So they eventually give in and kiss me. Gary isn't as persistent about it so he doesn't get them.

But to see his face after this one was priceless! He melted.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Fever

Okay I said it. I have it. I need to get it out of my mind.

I am actually considering going IVF again. I must be crazy. I'm crazy right? I mean what person in their right mind has 1 year old twins and actually thinks about getting pregnant again?

I'm pretty sure its because my friend just had a baby and I keep looking at pics of her bitty bitty baby, and couple that with the fact that my kids are growing up too fast and you have Baby Fever.

Stop Erin. Stop. Stop. You're not thinking clearly! Okay.......I feel better now that I got that out in the open!

Happy Birthday Elmo!

Today was "Elmo's birthday bash!"

We got the girls dressed in their red and headed out! Along with every other Elmo loving child in the city!

There were way too many kids there that's for sure.

When Elmo showed up the girls were very excited! Finn got a front row seat and Elmo walked right by her and waved at her. She smiled the biggest smile you've seen from her and gave a little squeal. She loved it! Gillian was a little more leery and looked at me and said "Eba" in the softest most confused voice possible.

Finley got free when Elmo stopped and was stooping down to see the kids and she bee lined for him. She was literally trying to get him to pick her up. I thought for sure there was going to be a pushing or biting incident if any other kid tried to move in on her "EBA"!

Here she is......EBA! Pick me up!

No seriously.....pick me up!!!

At this point Gillian was walking around pointing to all the kids shirts who had Elmo on them and saying "EBA" and screeching at them. They must have thought she was wacky! Lol.

After meeting Elmo the girls ran around and played some but it was past their nap time and I was worried there was going to be a serious melt down if we didnt' take off soon. So we decided to get in line for a picture with Elmo and then hightail it outta there!

Both girls got mega cranky in line......and this is the picture we ended up with.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The blanket, the binkie, everything!!!!

Gillian loves her blanket, lately Finley does too. This is a problem when Gillian puts it down and Finley grabs it!!

Gillian bee lines for her and tries to rip it out of her hands. Finn screams and clutches it tighter. Technically it IS Gillian's blanket so whats a girl to do? These are the times I wish there were manuals for twins.

Usually I try to redirect Gillian and tell her she needs to share with her sissy but does she have to? I mean, its her flipping blanket? I don't know. One part of me says give it back to Gillian the other says let Finn use it and the other part says throw this damn blanket out the window!

The same thing with her wubbanub. Goodness forbid Gillian gets it out of her crib and Finn ends up with it. Gillian pulled it so hard out of her mouth today she almost ripped her to the floor. I took it away because we have a "no binkies out of the crib rule" but seriously....its getting outta control.

What do other parents of twins do? Do your kids have things that are specifically theirs that they don't have to share?

I feel like a walking contradiction saying "Share with your sissy......except your blanket.....or your wubbanub"

Seriously, does anyone just have a manual? How about a decent book on raising twins? Does it ever get easier? And WHEN??!!

House wife from hell.......

Yep that's me. I know Gary wishes I would do more laundry or make sure the kitchen was spotless when he got home from work but that ain't happening!

I work full time, I have twins, I'm too exhausted most days to take a shower for goodness sakes. I end up turning on the water, barely climbing in and sitting down in the tub with the water running over me while I seek "peace"-whatever that is. My "peace" is usually wrecked by some kid screaming.

On my days off though I transform into this awesome housewife. Today I worked from home because of the ice and its only 2:00 and already I managed to make some awesome beef stew with dumplings and 2 batches of cookies. One oatmeal raisin and the other oatmeal raisin chocolate chip!

I asked Gary if I could quit my job and stay home, take care of the kids and make him awesome dinners and cookies all day. He happily agreed. Part of me would love to never work a day in my life again and then part of me know I would be miserable staying home all day. It seems so boring.

No offense to the stay at home mom's out there, but I don't think its my cup of tea. I can't imagine sitting home all day cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids. I would much rather go out and make a living and have the extra money and adult interaction I guess? Even if that means being utterly exhausted by the time I get home and still having to deal with all the "mom things" of the day.

I don't know, maybe one day I'll change my mind. Who knows?

Either way I have some awesome stew and cookies to eat tonight!!!

Which then leads me to my next crock pot. I've been using this thing non stop this month and love it! I've been making all sorts of things in it and freezing the extras to build up our "freezer stash" Already this week I've made split pea soup, beef stew, chili, salsa chicken and chicken stroganoff in it. All were so good!

Going to look for another recipe tonight for tomorrow!
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