Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Snow........go away!!

So as many of you know I have the crazy twins that are addicted to Elmo!!! Finley started saying "EBA" now and her and Gillian chant it in unison all over the house......Very adorable!

Well this week one of the local children's museums is having a "Elmo's Birthday Bash"! SAY WHAT? This is right up my girls alley. They are going to have a live Elmo there and singing and dancing and cupcakes (which are right up my alley)!

I have this vision of the the girls seeing Elmo and shrieking in excitement and running to him arms wide open!

In reality I think they will scared to death and probably run in the opposite direction. But I have to find out! I've been talking about driving 4 hours to Sesame Place in Pa this summer so they girls can see all the Sesame Street Characters. I've decided this will be the deciding factor!

So, of course because there is someplace I want to take the girls its supposed to snow. Did I mention we have had a ridiculous amount of snow this year? Crazy. I think we are up to around 5 feet as of the last snow storm.

Its supposed to start tomorrow morning as snow all day, then Wednesday its supposed to be ice and freezing rain etc.....etc.....all crappy stuff and then hopefully it will be Cleared for Elmo's big day on Thursday! Because if they cancel Elmo's birthday I'm gonna be pretty ticked!! I don't think I could break it to the girls if its canceled. I may have to have Gary get a Elmo costume and have our own party.

I honest to god never in a million years thought the excitement of the week would be Elmo's Birthday. Hm. My life sure has changed in the past year huh?

Ooh, and on side note the library is staring up their story time again next week and it conveniently lands on my day off each week! Score!

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Zookeeper Jess said...

The kids will probably LOVE that. My oldest was a Doodlebops fan when she was 2. We took her to Doodlebops live and she was just in wonder. I'm sure your girls will be in Elmo heaven. I hope the snow holds off and doesn't put a damper on the excitement! I'd be excited too!

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