Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Crazy Craigslist Lady......

No she didn't try to abduct me. She brought me a dirty, crayoned up toy. And I bought it off her.

Very often in life I am driving away from a situation asking myself "Erin are you on crack?"

This was one of those days.

I have been looking for a Laugh and Learn Home for months on Craigslist and at the consignment shops. No luck. Today I checked craigslist and there was one listed for $40.00. Score! I emailed them and they said they would meet me at the local Stop and Shop to look at it. Cool.

I got there and she pulls out the dustiest, mucked up thing covered in crayon from top to bottom. I was dumb founded. All I could ask was "do you have the balls and other pieces that go with it." She didn't, so after some thinking on my part I offered her $30.00 and decided in my head that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would surely take crayon off plastic. And if it didn't I was pretty convinced Gary was going to shoot me.

So after some hemming and hawing (on her part not mine) she said "yeah, I guess I'll take $30.00"......listen lady, you just brought me the most jacked up toy I have seen in ages. Any normal person would laugh at you and walk away. I offered you money for junk, DAMN RIGHT YOU'LL TAKE IT!

So I got it home, busted out the magic eraser and Presto Clean-O! Sparkling new. I had to order the replacement parts on Amazon for the balls and stuff but it was cheap enough so I'm over it. And the best part is the girls love the thing! LOVE!!! So glad I finally found one.

But seriously people. If you're going to try to sell something to someone clean the damn thing first. Heck. If she put 10 minutes of cleaning into that thing she would have had 10 more dollars in her pocket!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Give me my donut and stop crapping on my floor!!

Yeah, the title pretty much sums up my night.

The hell started when I left work and went to Dunkin Donuts. I ordered a iced coffee and a Boston creme donut. I was thinking of this order ALL DAY. Dreaming of the delicious donut and coffee.

Anyway, I got to the window handed doofus my debit card and she handed me back my receipt and coffee. I waited for my donut, she closed the window and came back confused. The conversation went something like this:

D&D doofus: Did I give you back your card

Me: Um, yeah, you forgot my donut though

D&D doofus: Oh, I didn't charge you for the donut

Me: Huh? Fine!!! I didn't need your donut anyway!!!

At this point I gave her a death stare and zoomed away as fast and as fierce as I could in my Mom mobile Mazda tribute.


I should have just said " I don't care if you charged me or not, give me my donut!!!!"

But this Mom drove away, donut less....and pissed.

Okay, enough of the donut. I'm mad all over again.

Part 2 of donut less night from hell-

After bath time I had both the girls naked in their bedroom and I was trying to cut Gillian's nails. Yeah, that didn't go over too well. She fought the whole time and I managed to get 4 nails clipped. Brat. Just as I gave up and got a diaper on her I heard a *squirt*. Yeah *squirt*.

I looked over at Finn and she crapped on the floor. Now she has been having some diarrhea so this wasn't fun poop. It was gross poop a big pile of it.

Then Finn pulled a stack of blankets down on it and ran away laughing. Poop covered.

I threw her back in the tub, cleaned up the poop and put the girls to bed.

And seriously, I wish Dunkin Donuts delivered. I would order some donuts. Its that kind of night where I think I could eat a dozen of them.

No more babies jumping off the chair!

I give up.

 I have been doing "chair pictures" as we call them in our house each month with the girls. Yeah well, those days have ended.....for now......

I have been trying to get a pic of them for the past 3 weeks in that dumb chair. No luck. Everyone stands, attempts to jump off the side and screams when I don't let them! I've tried, and tried and tried. Its hard when I am the only one around to try to take the picture and catch jumping babies!

So, I figure I *technically* have 9 more days until they are 11 months. That is 9 more days of attempted picture taking. Wish me luck. I have a feeling there will be a gap in our "chair pictures" until the girls learn to sit nice next to each other!

When does that happen? 2 more years?

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have a million thoughts running through my head. I need to get them out before I explode!!

-First of all Halloween is coming. We are doing a party at the house, for the girls, not us. I think I need to get some decorations or something fun. The girls are going as lady bugs. I really wanted the poodle costumes but they didn't come back in stock in time and I got nervous that we would end up costume less at the end of the day.

-This means we NEED to get our basement cleaned out and in order this weekend. We really haven't used it or been down there in a year. Its a shame too, its so nice down there. We have the bar and the flat screen TV and dart board and poker table...oh wait that was my old life, we really need to kid friendly it now. I am thinking about taking out the poker table (don't tell Gary) and putting a few things of the girls down there with maybe a toy box or something for them. So much for the man room huh?

-I need to hire a housekeeper. Seriously, I need someone to come in just to get the tuna noodle casserole off my walls and tub. Everything we eat ends up being smeared all over the walls of my house. The girls are a wreck after dinner and I just let them lose and head right for the tub. Maybe I need to prewash them first?

-Work is going good with my 4 days weeks. I love it actually. Having a Wednesday off really breaks up the week and makes it more bearable!

-I am looking forward to winter. Snow mainly, BIG snowstorms actually! I love love love blizzards. I hope we have tons this year! I got the girls snowsuits yesterday, I hope they like the snow. We need sleds too......they will love sledding!

-The girls birthday is coming. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I think about it I get choked up and start to cry. I don't know how I am going to make it through that day without looking like a nut job. I just love my girls so much, I love being a mom,  I can't believe that after everything I have been through I have two beautiful little girls. I honestly never thought I would end up with one baby, let alone two! I am really blessed. Really Really blessed.

-I need to go clothes shopping, and shoe shopping. For myself. Dreading it. I used to love shopping but now I just feel blah and frumpy and don't care anymore. I need to lose 15lbs, then maybe I would care?

-My mom had foot surgery a few weeks ago and I feel bad for her. It looks like it hurts...she can't drive her Jeep or go anywhere, must suck! Hopefully she gets the stitches out (and the pin in her toe out) soon so she can get on the road to recovery!

-Christmas. So much money to spend. I need to figure out what I am getting the girls. We did secret Santa's last year with my side of the family. It was great. We each picked a person and spent $100.00 on them. Then we did a grab bag gift for $25.00 and that was awesome too because we did the Chinese grab bag? Is that what they call it? You take numbers, and pick in that order and each person can steal someone else's gift. I got the last number so got to pick whatever I wanted! Watch, this year I will get #1. We also do Taco's every year for Christmas. Its tradition. When we were kids Dad asked us what we wanted for Christmas Dinner and we picked TACO's. It stuck. Christmas is not Christmas without Taco's. And on a side note, I picked dad last year to buy a gift for and if I get him again I will scream. He is so hard to buy for. I want my mom this year. She will be easy. Very very Easy.....

-Speaking of holidays. Its fun now that we are all adults with our own houses. We each take a holiday. I have Christmas (sorry, but am the only one with kids, so I win) Ben, Sondra and Jon (yes my brothers have a house together, they also own their own landscaping company together. They really are "buttbuddies") have Thanksgiving, and Mom and Dad have Christmas Eve dinner with the WHOLE family  (yum, can we say Filet Mignon!!)

-My cousin Kelly is getting married next year in Maine. Gary and I are thinking about renting a cottage there on the Ocean for the week before hand and staying until after her wedding. I love Maine, I was born there. I want to make that our yearly summer vacation with the girls. I have such fond memories of going there when we were all kids with Mom.

Okay, I think I feel better now. Phew. It was all eating me alive. Thinking too much about it all!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

It was a GOOD weeekend!

The girls slept 2 nights in a row through the night! Gillian tried to get up at 11 but I hit the remote to her crib soother and she layed back down, mesmerized by it and passed back out!

And we got alot accomplished around the house! When I say "we" I really mean Gary. He got the last 3 windows for our livingroom put in this weekend and they look great!

Now we just need to pick out a paint color for the livingroom, finish the trim around the window's, paint the dumb room, and we will be done. Then its on to the next project. I wonder what the next project is?

I guess its going to be putting in another bathroom downstairs and actually making the laundry room a "room"! Time to get rid of the cement walls in there and make it beautiful. If its not one thing its another around our house!

Thinking back, Gary and I have done sooo much to our house since we got it 5 years ago. We put on a deck, painted the whole outside of the house (by ourself), painted the whole inside, some rooms (like the kitchen) 4 times, redid our kitchen, finished the basement, gutted and redid our bathroom, and put in new windows. We are crazy. We are great DIY'ers thats for sure. I have yet to find something that Gary can't do. The problem now is finding time with 2 kids to do these things!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dare Devils

Yes my girls are dare devils. We went to the park today and after some protesting on my part I let Gary put them up on the slide. To my surprise rather than freak they scootched their little heiny's forward until they were taking off down the slide.

They are crazy.

They loved it.

I think they are far too little to be going down slides.

Some days I think they should just be sitting with me cuddling and letting me feed them. Oh how I miss those days. Now they are walking all over the place and getting into everything and have such little personalities of their own. Its scary.

Here are some pictures from today.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To my awesome little brother Jon! He turned 28 today! I can't believe my "little brother" is 28. Crazy.

Cindy had a party for him at their house and made real AUTHENTIC mexican taco's. And they were good! The girls were great the whole time too!

Long day, off too bed!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Go to bed........

I put the girls down 24 minutes ago and someone is still up. I think its Finn. I'm not trying to get close enough to find out though.

We have had some major sleep issues in the house lately. Its driving me crazy. Gary got the girls crib soothers yesterday and it has worked wonders for Gillian. She is mesmerized and falls right to sleep. Last night she even got up on and started playing with it on her own and then went back to sleep when she was done. Mission accomplished!

Finley is more complicated though. If she doesn't want to sleep.......she's not going to sleep. She is one hard headed kid thats for sure. I'm wearing her down tonight though. I refuse to go in there. She can whine all she wants but I'm not budging! Unless of course she starts crying crying and then well, I'm not that cruel but for now I am going to win!!!

The real issue has been around 11 when Gillian usually gets up and thinks its time to play. I run in there every time they make a peep and now I realize as soon as they see me they think I'm going to take them out and let them play in their playroom (this is probably because thats what I was doing when they were screaming bloody murder at midnight)

Well this Mama is not being controlled by 2 ten month olds anymore. I'm not running in there unless they are really crying. I'm hoping if they don't see me they will just play and go back to sleep. I have Gillians crib stocked with 4 pacifiers, her Pooh Bear, blankie and sippie cup. Everything she needs to get a good nights sleep! Lol. Now sleep kid. SLEEP!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the fun continues......

Ahhh. Its never ending with me. My life is so drama filled. Is everyone's this interesting for goodness sakes?

So today I left work at 3. I didn't want the girls going to Michelle's when they were still kinda sick and getting her kids sick so I left early.....

I was sitting at a light and heard what sounded like my car being smashed. You know that I just got rear ended sound? Only I braced myself and was never rear ended. I was confused?? Did someone just hit my car? What the hell was that noise? I looked up and saw a car that had just passed me with its passenger side mirror hanging and the whole side of the car scratched. Now I'm more confused. Did that car just hit me? What the hell is going on here?

I finally decided, yes, I did get hit. I had to of. What else was that noise? But the car didn't stop.....nope, they just kept on going, took a left hand turn and just left?!

WTH. I just want to go home to my kids. Now I had to chase the car down and I was pissed. She finally pulled into a parking lot. I was about 5 cars behind her so I am pretty sure she had no idea I was behind her. She was out looking at the damage when I pulled in and I jumped of my car like a bat outta hell and ran to the back to check if in fact I was hit and I was!

My tail light was smashed out. How the hell that was all that happened is beyond me? Her whole side was scraped. I started screaming at her for not stopping. I couldn't even tell you all I said. All I know is it started with "Were you going to F@$king stop"???

Right then I knew she didn't have insurance. I called the cops, and normally I would have just taken her info and left but I had a the cops came and sure as shit, she didn't have insurance. Now in Ct you need insurance, so she ended up having her car towed. That made me feel better for her smashing my light.

This is my second run in with the W.H. Police dept this month. I gotta say, this cop was hot and despite the fact I need a new tail light, he made it a very pleasant experience. Ahhhh. Officer McHoty Mahoney. I'll be dreaming of you tonight!

**And for your viewing pleasure (and it makes me feel good to look at) a picture of her car being towed away......bye bye car. Notice her driver side mirror is ripped off too? That wasn't the side she hit me on, obviously this isn't her first bad driving experience. Dumb chic.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cutting Back.......

I went to my boss today and asked him if I could cut back my hours and work 4 days a week. Amazingly he said yes! So I decided I am going to take Wednesday's off and hopefully that will help me have a day that I can bring the girls to the doctors, myself to the doctors, go grocery shopping, and more importantly see Gary and my babies more!

I'm excited. So very very excited.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thelma and Louise strike again........

I was making dinner and things suddenly got quiet. That's never a good sign and the second you realize they got quiet your heart typically skips a beat! I beelined for the playroom where I left them but they weren't there. Then I noticed I forgot to close the bathroom door and when I looked in this is what I found.........I can't turn my back on these two for one second!

Notice Finley refused to look up from her toilet paper. I swear she thinks if she doesn't acknowledge she is caught then she's not....she just kept on eating bits of toilet paper.

I am pretty sure Gillian is convinced her smile will save her from anything......(well, don't tell her but she's right)How can you yell at that smile?


10 Months.

I don't even know where to start this post. So much has changed this month. Both girls are really developing their personalities and its killing me!!


My little Sassy Pants. I have a shirt for her that says "Sassy" and damn does it fit her! She doesn't take any crap from Gillian or anyone for that matter. She doesn't listen worth a darn either! If you tell her "NO" she looks up, smirks and keeps on doing what she's doing. If you pick her up from whatever she isn't supposed to be doing she kicks her legs and screams like a maniac. She is going to be my hissy fit girl. The terrible 2's will be interesting that's for sure!

She is still biting on occasion, although I noticed it happens more when she is tired so I try to keep a eye on her better during those times. Gillian has bit her back a few times and let me tell you, she can dish it out but she sure can't take it!

She started walking last week, but only take about 4 or 5 steps at a time and most of the time gets so excited at the thought of walking she usually flings herself at you and laughs.

Size Clothes: 6-9 months
Shoe Size: 2
Weight Approx: 17lbs
Height Approx: 29 1/2 inches
Favorite Food: Mandarin Oranges
Favorite Show: Elmo
Favorite Toy: Her Mickey car this week
Words: Mama, Dada and I swear she said Duck (Gary heard it too!)
Sleeping: Typically through the night. Wakes at 6:30


My Bean Bean is becoming a little cuddle bug. She is getting to the point where she is starting to come up to you and hug you or lay next to you. I love it. She's a real sweetie.

She also listens really well when you tell her "NO". She immediately stops what she is doing and sits down and looks at you. Even when I am telling Finn "NO" she usually stops what she is doing!

She is walking like a pro now too, I mean all throughout the house from one room to the next. Its so funny to be in the kitchen and see her toddle in from the living room. She is so proud of herself too. Its adorable.
Size Clothes: 12 months
Shoe Size: 3
Weight Approx: 20lbs
Height Approx: 30 inches
Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese
Favorite Show: Elmo
Words: Mama, Dada
Sleeping: Gets up usually once a night

Monday, October 4, 2010

Snot nosed kids......

Unfortunately, I am talking about my own.

We got hit with our first real cold in our house this Friday. What a nightmare. Finley ended up getting sick Friday night, Me Saturday morning (thanks to Miss Finn) and Gillian got it Saturday afternoon. Somehow Gary managed to get by unscathed.........again.

Everyone has runny icky stuffy noses (how that is even possible is beyond me) and no one will let me suction them out. Everyone is running around with snot all over there face, and dog hair stuck to the dried up snots. Oh its a sight. A real sight.

The nights have been hell. Friday night I didn't fall asleep until 4ish, then got back up at 5:30 ish. Saturday Gary and I decided we would take 2 hour blocks and while one was up taking care of the sickies, the other could sleep. Everything was going well at first. Gary took the girls from 10:30-12:30ish, I took them from 12:30ish-3:30ish. ( I was nice and let him sleep a little longer)

I had both the girls on the floor of their bedrooms sleeping with me, one on each side. It was just easier and they both slept well with mommy near. When it was Gary's turn he jumped in the middle of them.

Sometime after I fell asleep I heard Gillian crying. It seemed to go on for a while. But eventually it stopped and I fell back to sleep. Then suddenly I heard music coming from their playroom. Sometimes in the middle of the night their chair starts to sing or their table starts playing music so I am convinced there is a ghost in my house, anyway, I thought it was "the ghost" again. So I jumped up to go see what I could find. Instead of a ghost I found 2 little snot nosed girls playing in their pitch black playroom! What the hell? I went into their bedroom and found daddy sound asleep on the floor...............Oh daddy. Bad, Bad Daddy. I woke him up and told him where the girls were and went back to bed.

After all it was his turn to watch them.......
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