Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What a day.......what a day......what a day.

We've been putting off getting the girls blood work done, for obvious reasons. Today I woke up and said "hm, lets go and get the girls blood work done."

How I wish I never thought that thought!

Thankfully my mom called me bright and early this morning and I managed to talk her into coming with us. Luckily she brought my dad along too!

I refused to go in while they were doing it, I knew it was going to be bad. Gary and Dad went in when it was Gillian's turn first. Poor Gillian. I took Finn down the hall while Mom waited outside the door and shook her head at me not to come back. That is never a good sign. They couldn't find a vein on they called the IV nurse.

Then I may have got pissy with the blood drawing lady and told her they weren't doing Finn then and I wanted the IV nurse to draw hers too while she was here.

The IV nurse got there and tried Finley with no luck, at that point the kid was screaming on top of her lungs and Gary said we were done. Thank goodness! So neither one of the girls got their blood drawn.

I was ticked. I just don't understand how anyone in their right mind can expect this of a 15 month old. Its to check their lead levels. My pedi had me under the impression it was mandatory they had them done and I might go to jail if I didn't take them .......after talking to a ton of friends with kids everyone told me their doc just does a finger prick at the office? What the heck?

So I called the Pedi today, the nurse told me the lead isn't mandatory unless the kids are in daycare (which they're not) and then told me they could do their hemoglobin's in their office. Double WTF. I get the importance of checking a kids lead levels I really do but I'm a little mad that they made it sound like it was required and I had no other choice.

So, we are going to hold off until the girls are 2 and try again. The next time they go to the Pedi they can get their stupid finger pricked and hopefully next time it goes a little easier!


Mandy said...

Wow! Horrible.

I think your clinic sucks! Ours was able to draw the girls at 12 months, no problem. Our girls are tiny too! C screamed but E was cool as a cucumber just watching the show. I was big on having the lead test done because this old house is filled with lead paint, I just know it! Not that I let them chew on the window sills but still!

Erin said...

The crazy thing was it wasn't a clinic! It was a hospital! Even the IV nurse couldn't do it. Thats all she does all day and she still couldn't do it! I just don't get it!!!

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