Thursday, June 30, 2011

Twin Tip

Assign a color and seating order!

From the time the girls were born we always put Finley on the left and Gillian on the right. Why would this ever matter you ask?

Well, its simple really. Finley is a peanut, Gillian is not. They have always had a big weight difference in them so by assigning a "spot" for them early on you make sure you never have to adjust and readjust straps on things.

If I put Gillian in a car seat Finley used last we would have to loosen the straps to get her in. What a pain to do every time you're going someplace!

Same goes for strollers (if your using a side by side) and high chairs. Always putting them in the same spot ensures you aren't going crazy loosening and tightening straps back up to accommodate the other baby!

Second thing is colors! I'm pretty sure this extends beyond the "twindom" since I remember always having a color when I was growing up! That's what happens when you have 2 brothers.

Anyway, assigning a color early on helps out when you're trying to figure out who's toothbrush is who's or who's sippy cup is who's etc etc. Pick a color for each child and stick to it if you can.

Picture Time!

Its been a while since I posted pics. I was out of memory cards for the longest time and unfortunately when you have twins its hard to get out of the house to even pick something as simple as a memory card up!

Here are some pics from the past month, they sure do grow up fast don't they?

Finley posing for the camera

Gillian in her floppy Diva hat

Ice Cream Time!

Finley being a clown!

They are all grown up now, eating at a big girl table!


Finley being very serious

And then a goof

Finley giving Gillian a ride


Gillian playing "peek a boo"

Gillian watering Daddy's plants

Gillian shoved a whole strawberry in her mouth!

The crazyness that is my life

Here are some recent video's of the girls. They are starting to play together more lately, which unfortunatly has led to more fights over things! Its okay though, they are learning to deal with each other and how to play nice. Eventually (hopefully) they will get it!

This one they are playing ring around the rosie with each other....for a while at least! 

This one was just one of those nights where they were being goofy.

18 Month Stats

Okay, I made their apt a little late this month so technically they are almost 19 months but either way. They grew! Yippee!

Finley came in at 21lbs1oz and 33 1/4 inches long and Gillian came in at 24 1/2 lbs and 33 1/2 inches. That puts Finley in the 25th % for weight and 95th for height and Gillian is 50th for weight and 95th for height. Sounds good to me. Just glad they gained more than a pound this time around!

So besides that things have been busy busy around here. The girls are getting into everything, they only want to play outside in their pool and are basically running me into the ground!

I'm going to go banana's when the winter comes and they won't be playing outside every second of the day.

 If Finley isn't out now she grabs you by the hand whining and drags you to the door saying "pool" over and over again until you take them out. She's a kid who knows what she wants and how to get it I tell you!


We are taking our first real family vacation next week and I can't wait! We are going to Maine and I'm psyched! I am pretty sure this is one of those things I am building up in my head (kinda like pumpkin picking) and will end up being a nightmare but for now I can't wait!

The unexciting part is trying to pack for 10 days away with 2 kids. Goodness knows I'm not a light packer to start with and now combine this with being gone for 10 days and its not a good combination at all. Thank goodness we have a minivan and roof rack!

I have no idea what we are going to do when we get there but I do know we are renting an awesome beach house and I plan on taking advantage of that and being a beach bum for most of the mornings! All I know is as long as I'm not working I'll be happy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Say goodbye to the blondie

Finley's hair is getting darker by the minute. Its strange. Very strange. Not that I thought she would ever stay blonde, since both Gary and I have brown hair but its strange to see it change.

I'm excited though. I don't want the girls to be offense to any out there, but my dream was to have 2 girls with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes! Because then of course the dark hair makes the eyes look even more beautiful!

Now to wait and see what Gillian's does. Her's is pretty light, not sure. Time will tell I guess!

And that folks was my random ramblings of the day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The crappy night from hell.

Last night was one of those nights where I stayed up extra late (2ish) to finish a book I was reading.

No sooner did I flip my kindle closed and turn over and Finley woke up crying. She doesn't generally wake up at night anymore unless she has a dirty diaper so I knew we couldn't ignore her. Gary went and got her, changed her diaper and tried to put her back to bed but she screamed blood murder and wouldn't go anywhere near her crib.

Her blood curdling shriek apparently scared the heck out of Gillian because she instantly woke up and started crying.

Now we have 2 babies up and upset. Off to the living room we went where we watched some Elmo and then I talked everyone into going back to bed (so I thought).

Finley went right to bed but Gillian just wouldn't. I finally went in and got her after about an hour of her whining in her room hoping that she would fall asleep in bed with us. But that was wishful thinking.....

Hours later (around 5:00am) Gary decided to load Gillian up in the minivan and drive until she fell asleep. Problem is we know as soon as we try to get her out she's going to wake up so Gary packed a pillow and blanket with him and off he went.

She fell asleep 30 seconds into the drive and Gary parked in the driveway and fell asleep on the bench in the back of the minivan.

While all this was happening Finley got up in hysteric's and had a HUGE dirty diaper. It was diarrhea. And she was not a happy camper.

I think I changed her about 20 times in 30 minutes. She had a awful diaper rash going on too from all the poopy's and was crying hysterically.

I called Gary, he ran inside, took Finn while I went and tried to get some sleep in the minivan. Because for some reason despite the fact is was 5:30 am still hadn't slept a wink I convinced myself I was going to work.

I finally fell asleep around 6ish and Gary called me at 6:30 freaking out that Finley needed to go to the ER because she was crying. Really Gary? Really? I mean, I know he's a dad (and a good one at that) but you don't take a kid to the ER because they are crying. He is such an over reactor when it comes down to them.....which FYI bothers me to no end. Can you tell?

So while he was freaking out about Finley he told me I had to wake up Gillian and bring her in because there was something seriously wrong with i woke her up like an ass and then had 2 pissed babies in the house.

I called into work, made everyone some breakfast, changed 100 more diapers, and then we all went down for a nice nap, about 3 hours long.

Once we all got up everyone seemed more rested and happier. Finn's rash is looking better and now I'm just waiting for Gillian to get the hell. Probably tonight.

I should go to bed now huh? Since its 7 I figure I can get in a few good hours before someone wakes and ruins my night.

So that was my night. These are the nights that I feel like telling anyone who ever said to me "I always wanted twins" that they are freaking idiots. But I wouldn't change me changing 100 poopy diapers a night for the world!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Finley growled at me at least 6 times today. Like a dog....and loud. I have no idea where this new sound came from but its cracking me the heck up.

Also I have *almost* figured out how to tame Finley!

She is constantly resisting getting dressed, heading to the car, or going inside the house. Basically she fights you about everything.

The other day I started explaining to her why were getting dressed or doing whatever we were doing and all of a sudden she comes and sits in my lap to put her diaper on and clothes.

I tell her "Finley, you need to put a diaper and clothes on if you want to go outside and play" or "Finley you have to get dressed if you want to go visit Mema"

Then magic happens and she complies.

 This morning Gary was wrestling with her and I told him about it and sure enough. Good Finley emerges.

Crazy. She understands. Its so strange. She seems too little to rationalize with. Guess not though. It just amazes me that she actually understands what I'm telling her. Finally.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twin Tip time!

I am far from an expert but I've decided I should share my wealth of knowledge about Twins! I've decided to post weekly my "Twin Tips" and maybe it will help some poor schmuck dear expecting mom of multiples!

Feeding Tip:

When the girls first came home and we were both here Gary and I would each take a baby and feed them. Very easy and convenient if you have a 2nd set of hands that's for sure.

You will quickly realize at some point (unless your wealthy and can afford a nanny-unfortunately I don't fall into that category) that one, or both of you, will have to go back to work.

At this moment panic will set in. How will you feed 2 babies at once? One will surely be left to cry while you are feeding the other! OM FREAKING G!

My advice, get 2 boppy's and set them both up on your couch facing you. Get your bottles and your babies put  in their boppy's with you in between them.  Now ladies stick those bottles in those babies mouths! Yes at the same time!

I was shocked to learn there was a twin mama out there that was feeding her babies one after the other. What a waste of your already precious time.

I also used to put the girls in their bouncers and feed them at the same time in those, so if that floats your boat then try that.

But please please unless your breastfeeding (and good for you if you are, I pumped for a few months and that was hard enough) there is no reason why you shouldn't be feeding them both together! Even if you are breastfeeding get a My Breast Friend and try to tandem nurse them!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you all done? Are you all done? Are you all done?

Sheesh. The girls have been using their "big girl table" for a few weeks now. The problem is they can wander at times. If they get up I ask them "Are you all done" Finley usually does this little whine and then goes back to her chair because she knows I will only ask this 2 times before her food gets taken away.

Gillian on the other hand has lost her dinner few times because she is constantly getting up. I figure eventually she'll get it. Right? I sure hope........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear McDonalds. You're idiots.

A few days ago I went to McDonalds to grab Gary and I some McFlurry's-because Yes we are addicted to ice cream!

I placed my order (1 McFlurry and 1 Chocolate Shake please) and drove to the window. The girl tells me "I'm sorry we have to get more stuff to make your milkshake, please pull into that handicap spot right there in front and we'll bring it out to you."

But excuse me Miss McDonald's , I'm not handicapped.

She tells me that's okay, that's where the waiting orders park.....

Um, no that's where handicapped people park.

Despite the fact I am not handicapped, its Illegal to park there and you can be fined over $100.00!!

So we bicker back and forth over their handicapped spot. I tell her I'm not handicap and refuse to park there. After about 3 minutes of this ridiculous banter I tell her I'm parking in the parking lot and to come and find me.

She does. Dumb ass......

Ring around the what?

Oh boy.....we went camping last 10 days ago. When we got home I noticed a mosquito bite on Gillian's leg. Gary and I didn't think much of it at the time but here we are 10 days later and its still here with a funky freaking ring around it.

The first thing that crossed my mind was lyme disease. So I called the Pedi last night and got her in today. The doc isn't sure but thinks it may be lyme, or maybe ring worm? The only way to know for sure is to get a lyme tither done. Great. Bloodwork.....

Now our last attempt at bloodwork sucked. Big time. Horrible.

We decided to head to CCMC this time so the pro's could help. While we were at it we decided to grab Finn's paperwork for her missed bloodwork at her year appt too.

Off we wasn't as much of a nightmare as I imagined.........For me. I'm not going to lie. I couldn't be in the room. Just couldn't do it. So Gary did the holding while I took the other baby and walked around. They managed to get them both though!

Finley did end up with a collapsed vein and I think it was bugging her some because she was whiny and every time she looked at her band aid she would shake her finger at it and start to cry again. We even tried Ice Cream to calm them down but that didn't even work. Poor babies.

We finally got them in the car and put on Elmo. Then they stopped crying. Thank goodness for Elmo.

So, that was our day, five hours of doctors and hospitals.

Pray Gillian doesn't have Lyme. I've never wanted her to have ringworm so bad in my life! Strange right??!!

Its been a while....

Okay almost a month. Time sure flies when you're taking care of 2 crazy twins having fun.

Okay a recap to get us up to date. The nice weather has hit, but frankly its too hot for me. I'm a 80's kinda girl. Not so much a 90's kinda girl.

So with the nice weather comes camping, beaches and pools! Camping has been going well. The girls are sleeping halfway decent there, napping like good girls and aren't terrorizing everyone around like we thought they would.

We took them to the lake for the first time two weeks ago and as soon as Finley noticed the water she beelined in.......all the way up to her chest. No fear. None. Which FYI is freaking me out. So, there is no taking your eyes off her for one second while there.

Gillian didn't go in at first. She was very content playing in the sand near the water. I liked it that way too. Cindy and Sondra managed to get her in though and then there was no getting her out. So the girls LOVE the water. Alot! This makes me more excited for our trip to Maine next month though, it wouldn't be much fun having a beach house with two kids afraid of the sand or water now would it?!

When we're not at the camp or beach we are home, chilling out in our kiddie pool and playing with our water table! The girls love it, they play there for hours.

That's it for what we've been doing!

Gillian is still taking up a storm and saying all sorts of new words daily. She loves to read and Elmo is still her #1. Friend.

Finley has started trying to repeat things you say to her and does a TON of blabbering. I knew once she started she wouldn't stop and I have a feeling over the next month that kid isn't going to stop talking and will leave Gillian in the dust.

Oh and I'm sure everyone knows by now what an ice cream freak I am. I have the girls hooked now. Their new word is "Ice Cream"!

We ditched our high chairs in favor of a kid table. It was kinda crazy at first. They would have a hard time sitting down for a whole meal but they are getting better. Finley sits for the most part and Gillian gets up now and again. Either way it sure as heck beats those HUGE high chairs taking up my small kitchen! Also the girls are eating just about their whole meal with a fork! They are growing up too fast......way too fast!

So that's been the last 3 weeks, with the exception of today. Which is a whole different post in itself that I will get too.........
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