Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Hardcore Now!

Well, It has been forever since I posted. I went back and reread my previous entry's and it freaked me out that it seems like yesterday I had my HSG done. Yikes. So much has happened in such a short time! Hm where to start?

Well, in June Gary and I hit our 3 year wedding anniversary and our 2 year mark on TTC. That sent me into a pretty good spriraling depression and I finally decided to call the Re and make a appt. My first appt was on August 28th and it was a consult and they did crap loads of blood work and a ultrasound too. The Re said he is placing us in the unexplained infertility category and he suggested if the blood work comes back fine we start on IUI's the next cycle. Well, sounds like the man has a plan, I like him.

October: Hm. Well, I did my clomid and IUI this month. It was quiet the experience! The clomid didn't bother me nearly as much as it did last year when I was on it. The IUI hurt some but it was bearable too! Gary had a good sperm count too, it was 47 million pre wash and 17 post wash. The Re said they like to see at least 10 million post wash so Gary was thrilled with his freaking sperm! Unfortunatly, I didnt end up pregnant.................

November cycle: I called the Re's office to tell them I got my period and would be starting my next round of clomid unless they called to tell me otherwise................and they called! Damn them, I guess the doc saw what she thought was a polyp and wanted me to do a SHG this cycle before we move on. So, I made my appt and went in to have it done. It hurt like a freaking bitch and they did not find a freaking polyp.............all that for nothing.............well, except for peace of mind I guess? So, I could not do my clomid this month because of the so called polyp so I am doing a unmedicated IUI this cycle. I am just waiting on my smiley face to pop up and then I will be calling the Re and telling them I am coming in the next day. Here's to praying IUI #2 works!
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