Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Checking pillow cases and missing babies????

Gary and I are losing our minds. I am guessing its natural when you bring 2 precious things into this world to be constantly worried about them but this is just insane!! The other day Gary was taking a nap on the couch and jumped up clenching his pillow with a confussed dazed look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he started patting down the pillow case with the same stunned look, after patting it down he stuck his hands in it and started feeling all around?? I was intrigued at what the hell he was doing and he finally seemed to come around and looked at me like I was insane for looking at him like he was insane and then looked at the pillow and finally told me he thought the baby was in the pillow case and that he swore it had a heartbeat? Obviously I was laughing hysterically at him and we chalked it up to sleep deprevation. But for 2 days I busted his ass about it and told everyone I could about it.

Well a few nights later I woke up to what looked like Gary tearing the blankets off the bed and patting it down like he was looking for something......I jumped up and screamed "Gary!!!!!" He looked at me like I was a lunatic for screaming on the top of my lungs with the babies sleeping just feet away. Then I yelled "where are the babies??" and he said "in their bassinettes, stop yelling, your going to wake them up". I then realized at that point I thought he was pulling the blankets off because he fell asleep with one of the girls and lost them in the blankets?? In reality he got up at 4 in the morning to let the dogs out and Tess came back after playing in the snow and jumped on his side of the bed, Gary came in and she wouldn't get out of the bed so he picked her up and put her in her bed and started trying to wipe the wet off his side of the sheets! Lol. He couldn't stop laughing after I told him what I thought was happening. Just goes to show you what lack of sleep and worrying about babies non stop will do to you! It makes you looney!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My body 2 weeks post partum

So when I found out I was pregnant with twins the first thing I thought about driving out of that office was Oh my goodness my poor poor body! LOL! Pathetic right? When I found out I was pregnant with the girls I weighed in at 153lbs. When I gave birth to the girls I weighed in at 202lbs. Not a horrible weight gain when I think about what it could have been but too much for my liking! It has been strange to watch my body transform after the babies got here. I am only 2 weeks PP and have managed to lose 41 pounds already. I am starting to feel normal again! I only have 8 more pounds to go before I am back at my starting weight, which is still on the high side for me, I prefer the 140's but I gained about 10lbs from IVF.

So, I always scoured the internet for pics of twin bellies after birth so I figured I would post mine in case anyone was wondering.........

I am hoping to lose the rest of the "pooch" after my doc gives me the clear to start working out ( I have some work out DVD's calling my name as I type) and hopefully the stretch marks will start to fade over time. But you know, even if they dont I honestly dont care. I grew two beautiful little girls in that belly and am darn proud of it!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Harley the umbilical stump eating dog........

So today Michelle came over to visit and help with the babies for a bit. Just before the end of her visit she was holding Gillian and Gillian started farting and pooping up a storm. It was one of those ones that you knew was a big one! Now Michelle has 2 kids and is pregnant now with her 3rd so she is used to these kind of things but me.....well, I've only been a "MOM" for 8 days. She got her pants off and nothing could have prepared me for the blowout of a poopy diaper that was awaiting us! It was EVERYWHERE!!! I of course immediatly started gagging, why, when I have changed plenty of poopy diapers in my 8 days as a mom did this one get to me is beyond me but it was everywhere! So off to the sink I go gagging leaving Michelle to deal with the mess of a diaper! I came back and just as I came back Michelle had the mess cleaned up and was about to put a fresh diaper on her when Gillian decided to pee on Michelles leg. Poor girl. Comes over for a nice chat and some baby time and goes home covered in my babies poop and pee! To top off the afternoon sometime in the "poop fiasco" as I have dubbed it Gillian lost her umbilical stump! Her first huge blow out and losing her stump, what a freaking milestone of day! We had the stump on our coffee table and were saying our goodbyes when my lab walked by and scooped the stump up off the table and tried to eat it! Michelle and I screamed! Gary came running in and had to pry Harley's jaw open and fish it out of his mouth before he swallowed it! I didn't even want to keep it but I certainly didn't want my dog eating it either! But now that there is a story behind it, well It may end up in her baby book after all.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Girls first bath!

So since Finley lost her umbilical stump yesterday we decided we would give her a bath today before bed. Sometimes I wish Gary and I had taken a newborn care class so we had a clue sometimes! So after much debate on whether or not the water was too hot or cold (I wish we had one of those duckies that you stick in the water that tells you if its the right temp or not)we got up the nerve to put her in. And it was that moment that I had pictured being all giggles and smiles turned into nothing but cries. Oh well, guess everything can't be as imagined right? So we gave her the bath really quick and that was that. Here is a picture of her afterwards in her cute pooh bear towel thing that her Auntie Cheryl got her (maybe in 3 months when she puts on some weight she wont be swimming in it)

Finley's First Bath:

The we decided to just give Gillian and sponge bath:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

First doctors appointment and little sleep

So last night everything was going well until about 2:30 am and then the fun began. Gillian decided she wanted to fuss all night long for no apparent reasson except to be held. I finally ended up just taking her into the bed with me and she fell right to sleep and didn't make another noise until morning. Finley on the other hand slept the whole night.

So after the fun night we had a doctors appointment at 8:15am. All went well. The dcotor was nice and the girls have gained since they were in the hospital so the doctor was happy about that!

Tomorrow I have to go for a blood pressure check at my OB's office so we will be taking the girls out to go visit the doc and the girls at the office!

Here are some more pics of the cutie pies!

Sleeping together


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birth Story

Friday morning Gary and I headed to the hospital to get ourselves checked in and everything started for the section. I was anxious as all hell about the catheter (they insisted on doing it before my spinal) and as soon as I got there they did my IV and the cath. And I have to say....honestly, the cath was nothing! Barely felt a thing and the following day I was so in love with not having to get up to use the bathroom since I was in so much pain that I was contemplating keeping it in for a extra day! Lol. So honestly, dont worry about it!

Once that was all set we headed off to the OR and I was shaking like a leaf at the thought of my spinal. The anestesialogist was great and so sweet and very reassuring. All I felt was a slight pinch and then it was done. Honestly I have had novacaine at the dentist that was worse that that! Then they laid me down and put up the big sheet so I could't see jack diddly (thank goodness) and called Gary in. They started to do the "pinch" test to see if I was numb or not and I was still feeling some pinches here and there. We waited a few more minutes and the doctor tried againa nd I was good to go!

I have to say, I always read when people say you feel tugging and stuff during the ssection but never imagined it would be like this! It wasn't painful it was just really, really , really weird feeling! It felt like a eternity before the doctor pulled out baby A. Finally she was out and they held her over the curtain for Gary and I to see. She was so beautiful...and Big! Baby Gillian Adair came out first at 12:08pm weighting 7lbs 5oz and never cried! They took her away to get her checked out and started on getting my transverse Baby B out! Finally Finley Hope made her entrance into the world at 12:11 pm screaming her little head off weighing in at a measly 5lbs9oz! Poor little thing! Her sister must have been stealing all of her food from her! She was so tiny compared to her!

And I have to say that this is where everything went crazy and is a blur. After the pulled Finley out I started getting really dizzy and light headed. My blood pressure was dropping fast and I felt like hell. They kept giving me meds to counteract it and just kept telling me to "breath" at this point they wouldn't let Gary back in to see me because I was so borderline. Finally after they were done and they got my BP somewhat stabilized I was brought back to my room. The nurses and docs kept coming in to check on me and I guess because my uterus was so big it wasn't contracting back into place like it was supposed to and I was hemmoraging. I am not really sure what the hell happened after this, all I remember is everyone coming in and out giving me this drug and that drug and this shot and that shot trying to make it stop. I ended up being knocked back out in my room at one point because the doc was so worried and she went back in to look for blood clots that may have been making it worse. I woke up at some point after that and they were giving me a blood transfussion because I had lost so much blood. I ended up being given 4 bags of blood and thankfully at around 10:00pm I started to stabilize. I had nurses in the room non stop massaging my uterus to help it firm up and felt like hell.

Not to mention the fact that I had given birth to my two girls at 11:00 am and here is almost 12 hours later and I couldn't even tell youw what they looked like? I was so upset that I didn't feel like I had a bond with them at first, with all the drama going on how could I? Around 2 in the morning I started to feel a little better and made Gary go get them from the nursery for me. Once I saw them I was in heaven. They are so cute. Words just can't describe how you feel once you see them and it kicks in that they are yours!

I grew them! I took care of them for 9 months! And I have to say I did one hell of a job!

Neither girl needed any NICU time, both got great Apgar scores and both came home with me yesterday! They are so adorable!

So.....without any further babbling! I know you want to see some pics! So here goes!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Babies tomorrow! I'm gonna be a MOM!!

This is definatly the most surreal feeling ever! I am going to be a mom two girls! My life as I know it is going to change forever. Its crazy!

I am however freaking out about my section! I am trying not to but its so darned hard! I hate the fear of the unknown! I know after the fact I am going to say I was insane for being so freaked out but for now.......freak out!!!

So tomorrow at 7:30am I am going to get to the hospital and get preped for my section! They said the section is scheduled for 11 but could be sooner depending on how the morning goes. So, if everyone would start praying for me that would be great! Lol. I am going to be a wreck!

I'll be posting pics as soon as I am lucid enough! Can't wait to meet my baby girls!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The babies are coming!!

Well I had my OB appt this morning and guess what???? The babies are coming! I have a c-section scheduled for this Friday at 37 weeks exactly! I can't believe they are coming! So the doctor said I have a little protein in my urine and she is sending me in to be tested tomorrow again and if it is worse she will do the section tomorrow. I hope we can make it to Friday though!

Okay too much to do before they get here to sit around blogging today!!!
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