Thursday, April 29, 2010

16 Outfits for a weekend camping trip? Insanity!

So I have been planning in my head what I need to pack for the girls for our weeekend camping trip. This is what I have decided

2 long sleeve "cold outfits" for EACH girl........4 total
2 short sleeve "cool outfits" for EACH girl.......4 total
2 "hot outfits" for EACH girl........4 total
2 pairs of PJ's for EACH girl........4 total
2 jackets for EACH girl..............4 total
2 onsies for EACH girl...............4 total
4 pairs of socks

Now before you think I am insane (which I probably am) the weather is supposed to be in the 70's and 80's this weekend but if we are outside in the early morning or late at night it will probably get cooler....hense the need for cold, cool and hot outfits! Lol. AND you never know if a baby is going to spit up on her clothes, have a blow out or somehow ruin her outfit for the day so you need a back up of everything.

Gary may hurt me before the weekend is done. There is going to be clothes EVERYWHERE!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stupid freaking diamond rings!

Errrrr!!!!!!!! I am just about down to my pre-pregnancy weight, my girls are going to 5 months old in a week and my stupid engagement ring and wedding band still doesn't fit me! What the heck man!

I just realized that in the time it took me to type out this post I knocked back 3 cookies......Hm, I wonder why my rings don't fit?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Evil plot to make me blog about him??

Gary was reading my blog last night and wanted to know why I never blog about the bad/dumb stuff I do. Well for starters, I am perfect but secondly he gives me so much material why should I put my faults out there for the world to read?

After I got out of work today I called Gary and told him I wanted to just go home and crash after I put the girls to bed. I felt so exhausted for some reason. Maybe it was because I got up early to clean the house but whatever, I was B-E-A-T!

I picked up the girls and was heading home when my phone rang, I looked at the number and it was Gary's work number. Now anyone that has a husband that does what mine does (and if you don't know too bad!) knows that getting calls from their work is scary business. I never know if something happened to him or what. So I answer quickly and concerned and it was him.......trying to wreck my sleeping night! He locked his keys in his car. Now, he has a remote clicker locker thing so how he managed to do it is beyond me. I guess he is not used to not having to manually lock his doors after driving his old ass Jeep Wrangler for so long?

Whatever his "excuse" was his work is at least 45 minutes from our house! Ugh, so I had to grab the spare keys from home, drive 45 minutes to his work, 30 minutes back to my moms so I could unload the girls and feed them before they really melted down and then after being there for a hour I headed back home. Where my nap was no where to be found......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So sleepy.

So I think this was a evil plot to get me to blog about him. Well it worked.

On a side note, the girls played this morning together for at least 2 hours! They were playing with each other and grabbing each others toes and feet and hands. They were being so adorable I didn't want to go to work!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dummy Proofing (I mean Daddy Proofing) the dressers

It seems like everyday I go to pick up the girls they are dressed like hobo's. I don't know why it is so hard for Gary to pick out a cute outfit? I mean most of the stuff I buy is a set. So after picking the girls up on Wednesday I just couldn't' take it anymore.

Gary had them in ridiculous outfits. And its not so much they didn't match as they were just ugly. It was something I bought just to have them "lounge" around the house in and he had them out in public in it...the worst part is my friend Michelle who watches the girls for a hour a day is just WAY too nice to Gary! She always tells them how cute they look when he drops them off. It kinda like looking at someones crazy new hairdo and not knowing what else to say so you say "Oh, I like your hair".

I try to cut the guy some slack, I mean, he's a guy, taking care of twins all day long. So for that in itself he deserves a medal! How many guys do you know that can take care of one baby all day let alone two (and do it well I might add). I don't criticize him to his face over his outfit choices, I do bust his ass about it though on occasion, but I'm not mean about it! He does comment often that it is the "hardest part of his day to pick out their clothes"......must be so hard to be a man? I love picking out their clothes. I take so much pride in how cute they look when I am done!

So anyway, I decided on Wednesday after having been faced with folding 3 loads of their laundry that I was going to embark on the greatest mission of the year. I decided to fold all the clothes together as outfits. I took each pre-selected outfit and carefully folded it so the pants were folded inside the shirt and all the outfits that had matching were neatly stacked one on top of the other so he would know there were two of them.

This was great and fine and dandy only it took me 3 hours to decide which should go with what and by the time I got done I was a frazzled mess.

I must say though, for the past 2 days I have picked the girls up and they both matched and both were wearing matching outfits. I love it when they are dressed alike. And Gary didn't have to do too much "thinking" to get them dressed.

So I don't know if I am going to do this regularly for him now or not, but if not it was fun having the girls dressed decently for at least 3 weeks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Revenge of the Womb-Mate

So the girls got their shots yesterday, Finn didn't take them to well, she cried alot and was pretty cranky all day yesterday. Not her usual "Happy Finn self" that's for sure.

So, I went in to check on the girls around 11ish and put my hands on their heads and they both felt so hot. So I grabbed the thermometer and sure enough both of them had spiked a fever. Poor babies. So I put them in bed with me and loaded them up on Tylenol and we all fell asleep until Daddy got home from work then the girls got up and got cranky!

We fed them both and were laying with them in between us but Finley just wouldn't settle down. She kept trying to steal Gillian's pacifier out of her mouth and I kept telling her "no, that's sissy's pacifier" but she didn't care she kept trying to steal it from her. Finally I started pushing her hand back when she would reach for it.

Suddenly out of no where she walloped Gillian in the side of the head. It was so hard it made a thud sound. Gary and I gasped out loud and I put my hand over my mouth in shock..... Gillian instantly started crying, and as she cried she dropped the pacifier out of her mouth, which Finley quickly reached over and grabbed and tried to shove in her own mouth. Poor Gillian. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of the torture she is going to endure with Finley!

Finn is out for revenge, I think she's gonna get it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 month appointment!

The girls had their 4 month appointment today! Gillian was 15lbs9oz and 25 1/2 inches long putting her in the 90th percentile for her weight and the 95th for her height and Finley was 12lbs7oz and 25 inches long putting her in the 25th percentile for her weight and 95th for her height! The doctor said it looks like they are both going to be very tall......which scares me since Grandpa is 6'6. Please dont let them be amazons!

The doc also gave us the go ahead to start them on stage 1 foods. So I am going to go ahead and do that this week too.

They both got shots and Finley cried so pathetically and Gillian made a sad face and then smiled at the doctor! Lol. Its probably because she has more fat on her thighs and didn't feel it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Picture Monday's

Just a random post today! First,here are the Red Sox new number one(and two) fan(s)! They sure are cute aren't they?! It looks like Finn is praying for them......"Please win, Please win, Please win"

Also I think I already talked about this but for the past week or so Gillian has been screaming and crying like a maniac when you try to hold her and feed her. For a couple days I was wondering if it was the formula not agreeing with her. Then I went to go feed both of the girls at the same time in their bouncers and she took it right away. WTH. After a couple experiments I have come to the conclusion she is just exerting her Independence and wants to feed herself. Well today she held her bottle almost her whole feeding. I was so proud of her! My baby is 4 months and 2 weeks old and she is already feeding herself. Ugh....growing up so fast. So since I had some free hands I thought I would snap some pics!

Sondra took a pic of the family on Easter, It was the first "family picture" too. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it. I look insane (definitely had one glass of wine too many) Gillian looks like she is screaming at Finley, Finley is looking at Gillian like "stop yelling at me" and Gary has that "Oh my crazy girls" look on his face!

Here are a few more pics of Easter that Sondra took that I thought were adorable. The first one is Me and Finn and then Gillian looking so freaking adorable I could just eat her up!

And here are a few pics of Grammie with Gillian. (She may kill me for posting these pics but I don't have any pics that I can think of with my grandmother and I and I refuse to have that be the same for my girls)

The Camper is OPEN!!!

So yesterday Ben, Jon, Sondra, Gary and I all went to the camper (with the girls of course) and got just about everything done!

We had a serious mouse issue this year, they had got into tons of drawers (I could tell from their mouse droppings and chewed up acorns in most of the drawers! Errr.

So first we cleaned out the back bedroom and got the girls set up in their pack and play and proceeded to empty out every single drawer and cabinet one by one and clean them all. I pulled out all the dishes, pots and pans and silverware and we packed it all in the back of my truck. I started running it all through the dishwasher yesterday and I figure after about 5 loads I should have most of it done! Stupid mice!!

Thank goodness for Ben, Jon and Sondra too! Ben and Jon did all the leaf clean up and holy cow there was a TON of leaves and Sondra helped inside with the cleaning and helping me take care of the babies! She is s freaking godsend!

After Ben and Jon got done outside they helped inside with playing with the girls while I got a few things done. The girls love their Uncle's!

So next week we need to go up there and wipe everything out one last time and then we can load all the cabinets back up and have everything ready to go for the following weekend when the camp officially opens!

Finley did good during our trip, Gillian on the other hand knew we were not home and it threw her off big time. She couldn't fall asleep on her own and cried for about 10 minutes before finally giving in and passing out. Poor thing. I feel so bad for her. I am getting her another white noise machine for the camper and hopefully that will help. She never sleeps without it at home.

Both girls are starting to *try* to hold their bottles on their own cute, and Gillian has started blowing raspberries like they are going out of style this weekend! She is adorable!

We have our 4 month appointment for the girls tomorrow too! Can't wait to see how much they weight!

I am guessing there is more than a 2lb difference between the girls now.......Gillian seems HUGE compared to Finley lately. We will see!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Outsmarting the diaper eating Goldendoodle.

So as I said in my previous post I have a Goldendoodle in heat! Yippee for me! We got diapers for her. The first day she was okay with the diaper situation but after a couple days she had decided she was going to make "crotchless diapers" as Gary called it. Shes been eating the crotch out of her diapers while we sleep! Sneaky dog!

So a few weeks ago I was outside and my elderly neighbors came out to see the girls. Kay asked me if I wanted to come in for a bit to look around her house....not sure what she wanted me to look at I said sure. So she showed me around (despite the fact I have already been in their house but she's old and I think she forgot) and then after the tour was over we were outside talking on her deck and she said she had some baby items in a bag and wanted to know if I wanted them? Not wanting to seem rude I said "oh yeah sure, I can always use stuff for the girls" So she went to go get it and it was a bag of plastic pants (you know the old fashioned kind that go over cloth diapers) and a knitted blanket. So I took it and looked thrilled and thew it in my closet when I got home.

Gary decided today he would outsmart Tessie and grabbed one of the plastic pants and cut out a tail for it and put it over her diaper. Lol. She hates him now! But I think he won this battle......for now!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2 of sick babies and a diaper eating dog

Exhaustion.....that just about sums it up today! Both the girls are not feeling well, Gillian cried for about 2 hours straight in my arms before finally falling asleep. Poor baby. I felt so bad for her. She wont eat, she can barely breath, I keep on suctioning her and she keeps getting stuffy. I feel so horrible for her.

And to make matters worse, Tessie (our dear Goldendoodle who is in heat)is eating her diapers off. This dog is definitely getting spayed before the winter. This is ridiculous! So that is my day, I have 3 in diapers, luckily only one is smart enough to chew it off right now, and 2 sick babies. Oh the life!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoot me....Bang! Bang!

Just a quick my life is hell post! I have two (not one but two) sick babies today. They both got whatever Gary and I had apparently because they both are stuffy and sneezy and just not feeling good. Blah.

Secondly I have a dog in heat. She bleeds everywhere. We got diapers for her and she has been wearing them for the past couple of days so while that is great because I am not going around cleaning drips of random blood up off my tile and my hardwoods(thank goodness we only have tile and hardwoods) I have to put a diaper on a goldendoodle. She's technically not my dog so there has been some debate over getting her fixed but the debate is over. She's being fixed. Sorry Mom and Dad. She's too dumb to have puppies anyway.

Thirdly, I went to go put Finn down in her crib and it was COVERED in cat hair. Damn freaking cat. I dont know how many times I have to kick him out of their room!!!!! Errrrrr!!! I am putting balloons in their crib next time. That'll teach him. So I had to change both of their sheets. I used their last set which leads me to think I need to do some shopping tonight online for sheets! FUN!

Fourthly after I changed their sheets I put Finn back in her crib and she spit up all over her sheets.........WTH! So I wiped it up and am praying it dries before bed because well, that was my last set of clean sheets. I remember saying a few months ago "NO MORE SHEETS", we have enough sheets and now I am thinking to myself "Where are all my sheets"

Fifthly my house is a wreck. I need to do laundry (then I would have more clean sheets) but that would require me to put away the 3 loads in the baskets so I could use them. Who the hell has time for that right now?

Sixthly (yes there is a freaking sixthly) I am starving to death and want a Filet O Fish!!!! But my babies are sick and its nearly their bedtime and McDonalds doesn't deliver (and why not BTW?) I would order daily! So I guess I will find something to make around the house. Ice Cream maybe? Hmmmmm.....

Okay done with my all about me complaining post! Off to deal with my sick babies who just got back up!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sleep Walking Daddy.

I have never in my life laughed so hard. Gary is notorious for doing strange things when he has to get up to get a bottle for them ie forgetting to put formula in and trying to feed them straight water but last night took the cake!

It was 2:00 in the morning and Gillian got up fussing. I nudged Gary to go get her and a bottle for me, he got up and went staggering into her room and got her and brought her to me and left to get a bottle.

After about at least 7 minutes of him being gone I just couldn't figure out what in goodness name was taking him so long? I could hear him in the kitchen but couldn't figure out what he was doing? It didn't sound like he was making a bottle that's for sure....

So I said to Gillian fairly loudly "Geez Bean I could have made you a 16 egg omelet in the time its taking Daddy to get you your bottle" and then I heard Gary say "What"?......."OH MAN".....and then I heard the water turn on and about a minute later he came in with a bottle laughing.

I asked him what took so long and he couldn't stop laughing long enough to tell me. Finally he tells me he had a "another sleep walking episode" and instead of grabbing a bottle to fill with formula he opened the dishwasher, pulled out a dishwasher basket with nipples and the bottom disks to our VentAire bottles and proceeded to fill all 10 nipples with the girls oatmeal cereal? Then after he managed to do that he decided to put down all the disks and sprinkled oatmeal all over those too on the counter.

When he heard me talking I guess it woke him up. He was so confussed it was hysterical. So he was cleaning up nipples and bases and tons of oatmeal at 2:00 in the morning while I was laughing so hard I was crying and literally peeing my pants.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ugh, I need a break......from my life.

Now as you know having twins is no small task. They keep me busy all day long and I will be lucky to have 5 minutes to myself to pee or get a glass of water. Seriously sometimes by midnight I realize I have neither eaten or drank anything or used the bathroom all day.....scary right? So, because Gary and I work full time and don't get to see each other for more than a few minutes a day we cherish our weekends. Not only is the only time we get to spend together as a family but its the only time we have to get things done around the house and do our shopping etc.....

Now that the nice weather is just about here our weekends are filling up with things we need to do. I hate when my nice relaxing weekends turn into running around madness!

I started getting our groceries delivered by they way. If you don't already take advantage of this from your local grocery store your a idiot. Sorry......but Gary bugged me for a bit about doing it but after the truck came and delivered our groceries at 8:00am Friday morning Gary was slapping me in the ass telling me "Good job baby". How nice to have just saved at least 2 hours out of my day!

So anyway, this past weekend Gary and Mom went and took the boating course. It was 8 freaking hours long. So I took advantage of him being gone and took the girls clothes shopping.

Next weekend I have a stupid freaking Bridal shower to go to........for a person I have only met once, who wouldn't talk to me when I talked to her, but apparently she's going to be I am supposed to go. Whatever. WHOLE NOTHER POST about this one. So that will waste a good Saturday afternoon.

Then that Sunday Gary wants to drive a hour + to the campground with the girls to check on the camper and start opening it up. Which is fine, but I am not sure how this is going to go over with twins in the mix. I am guessing I could be stuck with two of them cranky in a camper all day long. I am hoping Mom will come with us and help...and maybe my brothers, and dad.....anyone????

Then the following weekend is the weekend before camp opens so we will definitely be there getting everything ready for the following weekend. We need to wipe the whole camper down inside, vacuum it all, put sheets and blankets on all the beds, steam clean the carpets, clean out the cabinets and arrange them nice. Find spots for all the insane baby things that will be EVERYWHERE, clean up the site. Oh man, its going to be insane!

Then the following weekend CAMP OPENS! I can't wait. It is going to be fun to have the girls there this year. It will sure beat being pregnant with them and being there. Because seriously that sucked! I could barely walk I was so big, I couldn't drink, I was throwing up non stop. It was not fun. I am glad I'm not pregnant this year!

Besides all the camping stuff we have going on we also have a huge bay window left that Gary needs to put in and a play room that needs to be turned into a play room so I can get some baby things out of my living room. That will take a whole day by itself just to clean out and get done.

We need to paint our living room, its been primered and ready to go for over a month now. Might help if I could pick a paint color huh? Who has time for that though?

Not me that's for sure!

Well, its getting late and I have been blabbering enough about our upcoming "fun weekends" so It off to bed for the night!

Found my last belly pic!!

Very random I know. I stopped taking belly pics towards the end (bad I know but I was exhausted and unmotivated and huge) but I found one taken on Thanksgiving day which was about a week before they were born!

What cracks me up about this picture the most is I am at Mema's and Cheryl's in front of their tree they just put up but I am so big you can't see the tree.....Happy Thanksgiving!

So here is me at about 36 weeks

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shopping Spree!!

So Me, Stacey and the girls went to Babies R Us today and I went nuts! I ended up buying them about 20 outfits and only spent $135.00! They had a fill your bag sale but they were out of bags so they said to just get whatever and it would count towards it so I filled our freaking cart! I got tons and tons of cute things. I want to go back tomorrow but that would be pretty ridiculous I think!

Also Stacey bought the girls bathing suits! They are so adorable! So, So adorable! Can't wait for the summer to get the girls in the pool. Hopefully they like it!

Here is a pic Stacey took on her phone of Gillian loving shopping!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One random Easter Pic....

I tried to get one good pic of the girls with their bunny ears on and this is as good as it gets! Lol. Pathetic!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Gillian and Finley

Well time sure is flying by now! You are 4 months old and getting so big!

Finley you are as smiley as ever. You laugh out loud so much and giggle at me all the time. Its so adorable! You are happy from the minute you get up until the minute you go to bed. You rolled over from your belly to your back and your back to your belly one time, but haven't done it again since! You little stinker, Mommy needs to see you roll over.

Gillian you are getting happier. You smile so much for me and daddy now! You have such a beautiful smile too. It makes me so happy to see your big grin. You are starting to babble alot too, well sometimes it sounds like complaining, but its not crying so its okay with me!

We started cereal a week ago. Finley, you love it. You lunge for the spoon and open up wide! I mixed a little bit of peas with it for you and you went crazy for it! Gillian you could care less about the food. Which is strange to me since you are so much bigger than your sissy! You would think you would like it more but you could really care less about it!

Your favorite shows to watch right now are Sponge Bob and Elmo in Grouchland. We watch elmo every night before bed. You both like the parts where they are singing so I fast forward to that part usually.

You both are sleeping so well at night, Finley you usually always sleep through the night. Gillian, you have been getting up around 3 every night to eat. Daddy and I usually let you stay in our room and sleep in between us after we feed you. I don't know if we are just too lazy to get up and put you back or if we just love cuddling with you when your not cranky but either way daddy always said "no babies in the bed" and he is the one sneaking you in now!

We took you to your first big family event this past Sunday. Easter at Kari and Tommy's! There was tons of family there and you were good the whole time. You both smiled non stop and everyone thought you were adorable in your dresses. I have to agree, you both are so cute!

Camping season is starting soon. That should be interesting with you two. Hopefully it all goes well and you love it.

Well, that's all for now, I can't believe this month went by so fast. Keep being good girls.

Love you,



A year ago today I put my two sweet embies back ! I can't believe a whole year has gone by already. I remember it like it was yesterday too, the most emotional moment of that day for me was when they handed me a pic of my embies. I just knew in my heart they were both going to take and I was going to be holding those two babies!

Its so surreal. I have twins.......I love them so much!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


So Easter was great. The girls started off pretty cranky for me. I was nervous, we were invited over to Tommy and Kari's for dinner and I expected a disaster but once we got there everyone flocked to the babies and whisked them away and I was left with peace and a glass of wine! Good times! So I tried to take some pics before we left the house but neither of the girls cared to cooperate but thankfully (and I mean thankfully) Trish snapped lots of cute pics of the girls and saved the day. They looked SO cute too. I just kept looking at them thinking how adorable they were all night long!

So here are some pics of the day. Finley and Gillian LOVED Trish and Chantelle too (which you can easily tell by the way Finley is grinning from ear to ear over Trish)!! It looks like she may have a new favorite cousin Stacey! Look out!

Friday, April 2, 2010


The girls started cereal last week so I thought I would post some pics of the first time they tried it. Gillian was pretty ambivalant about the whole thing and Finley decided after lots of deliberation that it wasn't so bad after all.

Bye Bye Elmo

Finley loves Elmo! Gary went to Kmart the other day and saw a Elmo stuffed animal with a teether attached to his hand and told me about it. He thought Finn would love it so I went to Kmart last night and got the last Elmo for her and a Cookie monster for Gillian.

Well today Gary called Mema to come over and help with the babies and they decided to go for a walk......someone forgot we have insane dogs that think all toys are theirs and left Elmo out. Poor, Poor Elmo.

On their way back from their walk Mema saw Tessy on the deck with Elmo. Bye, Bye Elmo. He never stood a chance poor thing!

So I went on Ebay since I know Kmart was out of them and got Finley another one....hopefully the dog doesn't get this one too.

Here is a farewell picture of Elmo

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