Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Finley

You are my Wild Child!

When you were in my belly and we would go for our NST's you never did cooperate. You were always moving like crazy or not moving enough or kicking the monitors off. All the nurses and Daddy and I started calling you "bad, bad baby B".

We always said before you were born that we thought you would be Finley. It just seems like a name for a wild girl!

When the doctor pulled you out of my belly you SCREAMED! I mean, Screamed. You were screaming and crying so loud the whole OR was laughing. When they put you in your isolette you tried to kick your way out. You were a feisty one!

I thought then we would have our hands full with you!

But then you turned into the sweetest baby around. You rarely cried, just hung out for the most part. Were always a good girl and a good sleeper. We thought you were the quiet one. Not living up to your name!

Well.....boy O boy were we wrong about you!

You have been a maniac lately. If you don't get your way.....LOOK OUT! You throw yourself on the floor and look just as pathetic as you can. You certainly are a drama queen that's for sure! If Gillian takes something from you or does anything to make you mad you bite her! Poor Gillian! You really should be nicer to your sister!

And man do you get fixated on things! Yesterday when you were taking a bath you wanted to take the frog spout cover off the faucet. I kept pulling you away and trying to distract you but you would have no part of it! You just kept pulling away and going back until you ripped it off.......wonder where you get this side of your personality from? Hm.......

You are crawling like crazy now, you just learned to pull up on things too. But sometimes you are scared to get down so you whine until we come and get you and show you how to fall on your butt!

You also have the cutest smile in the whole wide world and when I make kissing noises at you, you make them back. Your a cutie pie.

And your sleeping through the night! Yippee! Finally! And are always the first to get up. Boo!

You are getting your helmet too on Tuesday and I am so excited to have your head fixed! Hopefully you don't hate wearing it!

I can't believe you are 9 months old already. It seems like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. You were so tiny. Only 5lbs the day you came home. You were swimming in your clothes and the snow suit we put on you. I can't believe you have gotten so big.

I got you tons of clothes for the fall and winter too, I bought you 9 month stuff but I think its going to be a little big on you. You will grow into it though!

Well, that's it. I can't wait for the holidays coming up! Halloween! Thanksgiving, our birthdays and Christmas! So exciting! I can't wait to go get pumpkins with you and sissy and for you to have your first Thanksgiving dinner and too see your reaction when you see the Christmas tree all decorated for the first time.

Daddy and I are so grateful for you and Gillian. We love you so much and as crazy and wild as you are I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world! But seriously, please stop biting your sister (and me)!

Love you to pieces


Monday, August 30, 2010

Helmet Drama

I am ticked. Now, really it takes alot to get me pissed off. I do consider myself a relatively level headed person, I swear, but when you mess with my kids another person comes out.

We decided for convenience factors to get Finn's helmet from Hanger. Now originally I was going to go with the Doc cranial band. But they are further away and with the frequent visits needed for adjustments I decided to go the easy route. I am so irritated I did at this point.

We went on the 17th to have Finley fitted for the helmet. They told me as soon as the insurance company authorized it they would put it in for fabrication.

Now this didn't worry me because we have GREAT insurance. I can't say enough about our insurance company. They covered my infertility treatments 100%. The only thing I had to pay for was $26.00 for my meds and have always covered everything Gary and I needed done. So, why should this be a issue?

Well, I got a call from the fitter on Friday saying the insurance hadn't authorized the helmet yet. What? Not only would she not get her helmet on Tuesday but she would have to be re-freaking-fitted because they MUST be put in their helmet no later than 2 weeks after the fitting..........

Now the insurance company usually authorize stuff the same day. So I called them this morning to find out what was going on and they told me that Hanger didn't submit the authorization (via fax) until the 25th!!!!! HUH? That was 8 freaking days after she was seen and fitted. Not only that but they requested more info from them on Wednesday (right after they got it) and they haven't got the info back yet either!!!

Hell they told me it takes 5 business days from the date of authorization to fabricate the thing. Which means that at that point even if they authorized it the same day they wouldn't have had enough time to get the thing made anyway. I am pissed.

I called the billing dept and spoke to the girl doing the auth. She's a moron, and apparently thinks I am too. She told me she called right away but they told her it didn't need a auth. Okay, so if that was the case why didn't she give them the go ahead to make the damn thing? Then she tells me "but she knew they were wrong and it did need a auth" Okay idiot. If you knew they were wrong then why didn't you do it? WTH!!! I kindly explained to her that I did this for a living, I know the process and that she dropped the ball.

I am beyond livid right now. Not only do I have to take another day off but my poor Finn needs to go through hell again to get re-fitted. Which means she will be exposed 2x to these x-rays and that irks me.

I feel sorry for them tomorrow when they need to deal with me again. I am not going to take it out on the fitters. They were great, but they will know how displeased I am. AND I will be getting the supervisors name in the billing department, and she will be getting a letter from me about this chick.

Because you dont want to mess with a Mom and her kids!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall is coming.....MUST BUY CLOTHES!

Well its getting to be that time again! FALL! I love the fall. The leaves changing, pumpkin picking, apple picking, hot apple cider, Halloween, fairs and Thanksgiving! Eeeeek. Its enough to make me want to squeal!

I am very fortunate to live in the North East where we have the most beautiful changes of the seasons. I am so darn excited! Can you tell??

And with the new season comes new clothes! I LOVE shopping for the girls. I can't stop. I decided to calm down from probably 100 outfits each to maybe 20 tops for the fall and winter. This is going to be hard.

It has taken a ton of strategic planning in my head to make sure to buy items that can be worn in the fall and layered in the winter. I think I am doing pretty good . I got them about 7 outfits each so far.

Can't wait to buy more!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

25 Random Facts about ME!

#1. I am 5'7' ish and 160 pounds ( I wish I was 140lbs)

#2. I manage the Billing Department for a Pharmacy. I kick ass at collecting money too.

#3. I pick and rub the sides of my thumbs all day long. My mom does the same thing. I seriously think its hereditary. Sorry girls.

#4. I love Ice Cream. I ate it for "dinner" last night. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite!

#5. I used to be obsessed with clothes and shoes for myself. Now I buy everything for my girls.

#6. I hate procrastinators. HATE. If I think of something I generally do it right away. It will eat me alive and I wont stop thinking about it until its done.

#7. I always wanted to go to Nursing school but am deathly afraid of public speaking. I know I have to take speech communications to graduate therefore.......will never graduate.

#8. I have two younger brothers. I love them more than they know and always envied their close relationship.

#9. Sometimes I wished I had a sister, other times I was grateful I didn't. (No one to steal my clothes, makeup, shoes, or spotlight from me being daddy's little girl)

#10. My Mom is my BFF. We have tons of fun together.

#11. I love coffee mugs. Ones with pretty designs or inspirational sayings on them. Every morning when I get my coffee I grab one and smile and think of the person that gave it to me.

#12. I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe after having the girls. I used to be a 8 1/2. I worry about getting pregnant again because I don't want to go to a 10 1/2!

#13. I have a niece that is 2 years older than me, a sister in law that is my mom's age and a mother in law who is old enough to be my grandmother. Screwy family.

#14. I'm very opinionated and I'm not afraid to tell you like I think it should be! Did I mention I'm always right?

#15. I despise Sondra-(my brothers girlfriend) in a good way of course, because she is a good cook and so cute and crafty and artsy. UGH. I always wanted to be "that girl". She painted the girls the prettiest painting for their room too. I'll take a pic soon and post it. She's that girl that everyone loves. Why can't I be that girl damn it?

#16. I have had more cavities and fillings than I can count. AND I go to the dentist every 6 months. What gives teeth?

#17. My first car (that I paid for) was a 1988 Toyota Camry. My dad picked it out for me and I cried when he told me what it was. To this day it is still my favorite car I have owned.

#18. I have beautiful thick brown uncolored hair. I hope the girls have my hair.

#19. I hate when people tell me "you have your hands full" when they see my girls. I always say "better to be full than empty"!

#20. I am married to the GREATEST guy in the whole entire world. Seriously. I don't care what you say. My husband is better.

#21. I surprised myself when I became a mother. I never in a million years thought you could ever love another person as much as I love my girls. Its indescribable.

#22 My least favorite room in the house to clean is the bathroom ( I won't do it) . My favorite room in the house to have clean is ironically the bathroom.

#23. I hate "things". Knickknacky things. Things that clutter shelves and tables bug the heck out of me. Going to my parents house gives me anxiety because they are "things" people.

#24. I haven't had a pedicure in over a year.

#25. I love Jersey Shore. Seriously, I can't explain why, but I die hysterically every week its on!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sick Days

Errrr. We went camping this weekend. It was fun, the girls are becoming more manageable now that they are able to crawl and entertain themselves more. However, it is also becoming more of a challenge because they can crawl.

They are into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. But it still beats trying to figure out how to entertain 2 babies who can do nothing but lay there so I like this better!

Gillian started saying Da-Da (traitor) on Friday too and what sounds like "yeah". Its rather cute if I do say so myself.

Gary and I woke up Saturday night and Finn was on fire. I forgot the thermometer this trip (go freaking figure) and have no idea how high her temp was but she felt pretty darn hot. So we busted out the Tylenol. She was pretty sicky and cranky acting the whole day. I hate when she isn't feeling well. She's my peanut. It upsets me!

Now I'm not feeling so hot. My throat is starting to hurt some. UGH. I have a feeling its going to be one sick house this week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Has anyone else heard of this? I have been doing it for a little bit now and its pretty cool. You get points for basically using their search engine and can trade them in for giftcards and other things. I am intrigued. I got a few amazon gift cards so far from it. I love free stuff so I guess this is right up my alley!

If anyone else wants to try it I have a linky thingy on my page to it.

Just sharing the free love!!

A little *too* trusting.....

Finley is starting to freak me out. She doesn't pull herself up yet on her own. She is trying like hell though. BUT when I put her up to things like their play table or something else she can hold onto she stays up for about a minute and then quickly glances back to see if I am there and then proceeds to fall straight backwards.....and I am not talking about bending her body and looking like she is going to fall on her butt, I mean straight back.

Its very strange. Then she giggles like she liked it and tries to get back up and then does it all over again, and again, and again.

I sure hope this kid gets her helmet before she figures out how to pull herself up on her own or I am in trouble. I can see her now falling straight back without me behind her. What would ever compel her to do something like that anyway?

No wonder I am going grey at a alarming rate!


We have a biter folks! Finley has obviously become sick and tired of Gillian constantly trying to steal every single thing she is playing with and has taken action.

Yesterday when I went to pick the girls up from Shell's we were talking while the girls were playing with the toy kitchen. Finley was playing with a fake ice cream cone when Gillian came charging up to her and yanked it out of her hand.

Before we even realized what happened Gillian was screaming on the top of her lungs and Finley had the cone back in her hands.

I grabbed Gillian and she had a pretty good bite mark on her arm. Bad Finley........oh dear.

Then Maria went to take it from her and she tried to bite her in the leg. This is gonna be fun I can tell already. The kid has 6 teeth for goodness sakes! She can do some real damage with those 6 teeth!

Heres a pic of the after math.......Gillian was in a horrible mood for the whole night too. Ugh.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Helmet Fitting!

Finn went for her helmet fitting today. I am so excited for her to get it. I really just want her head fixed at this point. To me it seems like its nothing but to outsiders it is noticeable. More than one person has managed to make this clear to me in the past month. They verified what I already knew......she has moderate to severe Plagiocephaly and also Brachycephaly. Which basically means she has a wide flat head! Poor baby!

So, she has her next appt in 2 weeks to get it. Then we will start a weaning schedule so she can get used to it and eventually she will be wearing it 23 hours a day for about 4 months. Which means she should have it off around the new year.

I don't care anymore. It sucks but I want her to have a perfect head! And I am sure she will when they are done with her!

I have some pics on my phone of the fitting I will download later! She was a trooper!


So this past weekend we decided to take the girls to the zoo. I'm not sure it was intended for them actually. We were bored. The weather was PERFECT and we were looking for something to do! So we went to the Zoo with Cousin Stacey, Michael and Christine. We had such a good time. Although I must say the Beardsley Zoo is pretty pathetic compared to the one other I have been too but it was still a good time!

The girls even seemed to enjoy themselves. Michael took my camera and took tons of pictures. Thank goodness because I was too preocuppied with the girls to take any myself!

So here are some pics from the day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 1 to MILF-dom........FAIL!

Okay. I got up feeling motivated in my new quest to be a MILF. I brushed my hair (rare these days) and actually put in my contacts and did my make-up.

Yesterday while I was at work me and a bunch of the girls were talking about my quest and I told them I would wear make up tomorrow and make myself beautiful! "Yippeee" everyone cheers!

So, I come in this morning feeling pretty darn good about myself! That was shattered quickly when one of the girls that I was talking to yesterday saw me and said "Erin, where's your makeup"?

What the mother f$%*$ing heck man??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I paused and nearly cried. Do I need more? I don't want to look like a flipping hooker for goodness sakes?!!

So I got closer to her and she said "Oh yeah I can see it now, its subtle".....

Ugh this just sucks. I don't want subtle. I want HOT MAMMA!!!

So, instead of working I am sitting here plotting my next make up move.

I used to love makeup. Seriously, I started wearing it when I was in the 5th grade. I remember my teacher ( I hated her by the way) Mrs. Seragar saying to me every single day when I came in to class with my blue eye shadow, blue eye liner, blue mascara (see a trend yet) bright pink lipstick and bright pink cheeks Mssssssss (yes very drawn out) Erin, pleeeeese go to the bathroom and wash that nonsense of your face. And every day I would go to the bathroom and wash it off.

Now why for starters my mom ever let me go to school looking like a hooker is beyond me but why in goodness name did I waste a hour getting ready for school just to have to wash it off everyday anyway?

I remember going to camp (sleep over) as a teenager with my caboodle (oh geez, am I dating myself) and it being filled to the top with tons and tons and tons of make up. Every girl would come to me and I would do makeovers. It was great. I LOVED makeup.

So why can't I love it now? Why can't I figure it out? Its killing me!

Okay enough dwelling on my epic failure. I am going to buy more make up today. Maybe I need a different eye color or something? Or lip gloss color? Errr.

Tomorrow I will triumph!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8 Months

Well the girls are 8 months old now and its becoming increasingly difficult to take a pic of them in their chair! I took about 20 tonight and this was the only decent one. I love Gillians HUGE open mouthed smile. She walks around smiling like this so much we wonder how her jaw doesn't start to hurt her! Its the cutest thing. Finley looks so cute and innocent in this picture too. They are just too cute!

I'm a person too ya know?!

For the past 8 months my life can be summed up in one word: MOM.

I love being a Mom. I love my kids, I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world. However I have come to realize that I have lost who I used to be and have become "Gillian and Finley's mom".

When I was in High School I was popular. I was pretty, tall, and thin. I made friends easily, I was outgoing. Did I mention I was pretty?

When I look in the mirror now (which trust me isn't too often) I am so depressed by what I see. I have my hair up in a pony tail EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Makeup. Pft, what's that? Screw putting in my contacts. Who has time for that? Not me, slap on my glasses. Clothes. Whatever fits.

It is pathetic. I don't want to be that MOM anymore. I want to be a MILF for goodness sakes. I want to feel good about myself.

I put all my energy into my kids, what they are wearing, how cute they look, what they need and I have forgot about myself.

Well, that is going to change! I bought all new make up today. EVERYTHING. Eye shadow, eye liner's, lip gloss, mascara.....you name it I got it!

I am on a mission to wear my hair down everyday, wear make up, contacts and look at least half way presentable while I am out!

No more rut.

My kids are gonna have a MILF!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Clearing out the baby junk!

Well, we are turning a corner in our house!

Things are finally starting to get easier, the girls are sleeping more through the night. They are less cranky during the day and just overall "easier" babies.

Now when I say "easier" I mean, happier, nicer, can feed themselves babies. But on the flip side of that they are both crawling now, and getting into everything and that's harder!

But the girls now reject all toys that stay in one place. If they can't walk in it, or move in it they don't want any part of it. So Gary and I decided to take everything the girls weren't using it and we are just going to have a tag sale this weekend.

(can I tell you, on random note that Gillian stands in her crib now instead of sleeps. Because of this new fun-ness I have her in a pack and play next to me in the living room hoping she will pass out. She is leaning her face against the mesh and scraping her fingers and nails down it. Its driving me nuts)

Anyway. I have been looking for some new "big girl toys" for the girls and think I have decided on the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House and the kitchen too. They both look like a ton of fun.

We are officially clearing out the playroom and making way for new things. I still need 2 more packages of those ABC foamy tile things though. I want to do the whole floor in them.

(go to bed kid, go to bed, please)

Gary and I really need to step up on the baby proofing too. We got those cabinet locks with the magnetic key that need to be installed and we need to go room by room to make sure there is nothing they can get into or hurt on. Should be fun.

(hey if Gillian ever goes to bed maybe I can started)

Seriously though. How do you deal with kids standing in their cribs and refusing to go to bed? I tried ignoring her. She screamed like a banshee. Don't need her waking up Finley......

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby races!

Finley is crawling!

I went to go pick up the girls from Michelle's today and Maria started crawling today. I said to Finley "See your the only one left" and I put her down on her belly and she just got up and started crawling!

It was hysterical. Like she refused to be the odd man out.

She doesn't really like it yet and you really have to work to make her do it but she can! I predict in a week she will be zooming around like a crazy girl with Gillian!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Happy Birthday to Gary (the greatest, bestest husband and daddy in the world) !!! Gary is 40 today (insert eeeek here) and we are bringing the girls out tonight to Ichiro (hibachi) to have a goodbye dinner for Gram and we can celebrate Gary's birthday too while we are out. Should be fun!

I can't wait to see how the girls react to being up that late though. They are usually in bed by 7:30 the latest and we are doing dinner at 6 so goodness only knows how this will go!

I have been trying to plan their naps around the dinner all day. I am sure something will get screwed up. They need to go down at 4 and sleep until dinner time......that's all I know! We'll see how that works out and if we have crazy cranky babies on our hands!

Monday, August 2, 2010

8 Months

Is it even possible the girls are going to be 8 months old in 2 days? Where has the time gone? It amazes me how fast it is all going by. I hate it. I wish I could slow down time.

Gillian is officially a crawling maniac, she flies, she screams usually while crawling too. And not a Happy scream either. More like a "I hate this, why can't I just walk" scream. Its funny, and yet annoying all at the same time!

She is also starting to pull herself up on anything and everything she comes across. Its nerve wracking! I defintatley think she will be walking in the next month. Scary.

Finley on the other hand isn't doing much of anything. Okay, well she is starting to get up on her knees and rock some but only on occasion and she seems to get frustrated with it quickly. She would rather be standing and tries to pull up on whatever she can find too......usually my shirt. Maybe she will skip crawling all together?

Her favorite (and my personal favorite too) thing to do right now is clap. I can't believe she learned to do it so quickly? I was only doing patty cake with her for maybe a month, she's a fast learner. If you tell her "Finley do yeahhhhhhhh" or "do patty cakes" she smiles and claps. She's a ham. Its freaking adorable.

Neither one of the girls is sleeping through the night consistantly yet. They do have their good nights, and to be honest with you usually only get up once a night but still......when will we get to sleep a full night?

And Finn thinks its hysterical to get up at 5:15 each morning. Yeah, real funny. I hope she learns to entertain herself in her crib soon. I can't take too many more early mornings.

Baby slapping bad times.........

Ohhh boy. We went to Cousin Kelly's Sunday afternoon to spend some time with the family before Gram went back to GA this weekend. Everything was going great, Trevor and Kelly were making homemade pizza's on the grill and we were all having a good time!

Until that is, a white headed hornet decided to land on my poor Finley's forehead and Ben (apparently the only person to notice it) freaked when it started stinging her and smacked her in the head to kill it!

Gasp. I know, it wasn't fun. Poor Finn freaked. I am not sure if the sting made her cry or her huge uncle smacking her in the head did it but she cried.....alot. Thank goodness I had some topical benadryl lotion with me and that took the pain right away. She was back to her good old smiley self after about 10 minutes but it sucked. It sucked bad.

Why O' why did that hornet have to pick her? What did she ever do to it? Piece of junk bug......hurting my baby girl.

Needless to say Gary and I were worried about her all night so she slept in the bed with us, and I woke every 30 minutes to check on her.

She woke up this morning and was fine.....of course. But still scary non the less!

Here is a pic of poor Finn's head.

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