Monday, June 15, 2009


Here is Baby A!!!

Here is Baby B!!

I didn't realize how blurry these pics came out until after I uploaded them from my phone. I will take better ones with my good camera later and post them! After I have recovered from the long day!!!

So, the NT scan went great. The babies were just bouncing around like little maniacs and they were so cute! I can't believe how much they have grown! I can't wait to see them again!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I guess I could walk around naked???

Well, I ordered $250.00 worth of maternity clothes from Old Navy and the Gap and was so exicted to get them that I paid $10.00 extra dollars for 2 day shipping. Well, when they got here and I started trying them on I nearly had a nervous breakdown! Now, before I got pregnant I wore a size the chart for the sizing said If I wore a size 8-10 then I would be a medium, so I ordererd all mediums. Yeah, well, not one pair of pants I ordered fit me.....I mean, dont get me wrong, I could get them on, but they were a little on the snug side, I am worried that after I wash and dry them once they wont be able to fit up past my knee's. So now after spending $10.00 to have the stuff sent in two days I need to send all the pants back and exchange them all for larges. I have never been a large in my life! I was barely a medium before I got pregnant! And now I have to order flipping LARGES????? If I am this tiny now and a large what is going to happen in 5 months when I am GIGANTIC and having to order XXXXLLLL from Old Navy?????

So I am having a hard time getting ready for work in the morning now. I have lots of casual clothes and maternity jeans that fit me that I can wear during the weekend and stuff but work is a different story....I can't even zip half of my pants even a little bit so I am wearing all my pants unzipped and unbuttoned with a bella band (that by the way is pissing me off because it keeps rolling up) and long shirts. Nothing is comfortable anymore and I seriously would rather just walk around naked than in these pants that dont fit me anymore!

I guess this is just part of the fun of being pregnant? But man, I am sending back my pants to Old Navy today and hopefully they will get my Larges back to me quickly so I can be comfortable!!

On a side note. My NT scan is Monday. I am getting SO.......DARN.......PARANOID......I keep worrying that both of the babies are not going to be there and I can't stop thinking about it! I need to get the worry out of my head. I have my doppler and I have been hearing HB's in different spots but I am not sure its just not the same baby and it is eating me alive worrying about it. No more doppler until the NT scan! Hopefully everything is fine and I am worrying for nothing! (which 99% of the time is the case)

Monday, June 8, 2009

And here is the side by side pic today! Thanks Suzy, I am obviously computer illeterate! I definatly see a is freaking me out! Lol. I can't help but sit here and wonder how big I am going to get!

Friday, June 5, 2009

11 weeks!

Well, I am feeling pretty good! And getting kinda big! I'm on my way camping so I dont have time to post too much but I thought I would at least leave you with my belly pic for the week! Thank Goodness I ordered some maternity clothes online yesterday!
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