Thursday, February 24, 2011

The comeback.

Finley is trying to make a comeback. It seems like she's always one step behind Gillian.

Finley did roll over first.......Once, then didn't do it again until months later after Gillian did. Gillian does everything first. I have to say thought, once Finley does something she does it well! Its like she sits back watching Gillian mess it up and then once she knows what needs to be done she does it!

But I think she found something she's good at. Eating with a fork! She tries so hard, she practices most of the meal, today she speared at least 4 bites and actually got it to her mouth and ate it! Gillian just chews on the fork. She doesn't have much interest in actually eating off it.

So I'm pretty sure Finley will be a master fork eater by the time Gillian even thinks about trying to eat with it!

On a side note, I love my girls. They are adorable for the following reasons:

Tonight Finley spent 10 minutes taking my slippers off and putting them back on while cracking up hysterically the whole time.

They both know how to do "high fives" and look so excited when I tell them they did a good job and high five them!

Gillian is saying at least 1 new word a day at this point. Tonight she attempted came out like "turt".

Every time a phone rings they put their hands (their fake phones) up to their ears and say "Hi" or as Finn was saying this morning "ello"

Both girls are signing up a storm. Their newest one is "diaper"!

Speaking of diapers, Finn tells me when she's wet by grabbing her crotch and then signing diaper. Gillian signs diaper and says "per"

Gillian started calling her blanket "ket", see a trend? She's a lazy talker. She's resorted to the easy end of the words.

Well, that's about all I have for tonight!

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