Saturday, April 30, 2011

The road to skinny

FINALLY!! I am making progress! I decided to go shopping today for summer clothes for myself for once! I bought the size I was before I was pregnant with the girls! I dont think I've ever been so happy in my life! I almost started jumping for joy in the dressing room!

I'm still not where I want to be. I'd like to be one more size smaller........just one more size. Where I was when I got married, that would be great. So I'll strive for that next. Its about 10lbs. I think I can do 10 more lbs.

Friday, April 29, 2011


This has been my favorite holiday with the girls so far. I think its because they are actually old enough to participating in the activities now! We didn't let the girls color eggs this year, I was too worried they were going to be dyed blue for Easter so Gary and I decided to color them for them. Gary took it to the next extreme though.....because well, that's Gary for you! I made an Elmo egg and then got tired and fell asleep on the couch.

Somehow I ended up in bed and woke up to Gary telling me he did all the Sesame Street characters and I had to wake up to see the picture of them he took on his phone. I thought he was a lunatic but this is what he did for 3 hours:

Now that's one loving talented Daddy! He did them all with a fine tip marker and crayons. I still haven't been able to destroy "The Count." He's sitting in my fridge. Wonder how long he'll last in there?

Saturday we had brunch with the family and an Easter Egg hunt for the girls. Gary and I did plastic eggs and put marshmallows in them. Once they found one and realized there were marshmallows in them they were all over the place looking for more. They were both in great moods the whole day too. It was great!

Finley and her bucket

She found an Egg!

A mouthful of Marshmallows and going for more!

Gillan and Cousin Stacey

Finley and Mema

More Marshmallow eating!

Silly Finley


Gillian being Silly

Easter Sunday I let them have their chocolate bunnies......and they loved them!

Sunshine and Summer Time!

I'm so excited to say the weather has been beautiful here for the past few days! So nice I unpacked all the summer clothes I got the girls a few days ago! As usual I got way too much stuff for them but what else is new?

We have the camper just about ready for this season and are looking forward to getting away to the lake for a few days next week. I hope the weather cooperates and the girls sleep well there. If its anything like last year I may go banana's! I was having flash backs of sleeping out in the minivan with the girls last year and driving around aimlessly with them for hours on end to get them asleep. Oh dear goodness please let them adjust this year and sleep well!

Besides camping we are going to Maine this year for my cousin's wedding! We are beyond excited! This is the 3rd year in a row one of my cousins is getting married in Maine but the first one we were able to go to! We rented a beach house for the week prior and I am just too psyched!! I can't wait to see the family and get everyone together and most importantly try to RELAX!

I don't know what its going to be like vacationing with 19 month old twins but hopefully its not going to be bad! I'm praying Finley is good. Not Gillian, because Gillian is always good but FINLEY if you read this please be good for Mommy and try not to ruin Kelly's wedding? Kay? Thanks!

I can just picture her having a mental fit at some point during it and me having to high tail it outta there with her in tow! I actually think to be safe I may have Gary stay with her someplace (car maybe) until its over!! Lol. That may seem a little extreme but I refuse to be that person that ruined my cousins wedding day with my screaming toddler!

Maybe she'll learn some self control by then? Doubtful though.

On a random side note a friend of mine is pregnant with her 3rd and I had a brief moment of insanity where I almost called Uconn today to make an appointment! The thought of doing IVF again though scares the heck out of me. Why I'm not sure. I've already been through it once but never with 2 toddlers. I'm not worried about being pregnant or dealing with more kid (s) but I'm worried about the whole process with 2 kids already. Errr. Maybe some miracle will happen and I'll end up pregnant on my own this time around? Then again its been 17 months and no miracles yet.

I have to admit though, I want another one. I thought I didn't care but as I see others getting pregnant around me I get that uncontrollable urge for more! Poor Gary.

Whats a Rody you ask?

This is a Rody! The girls love theirs!! You're supposed to be able to hop around the house on them but my girls have only mastered the up and down bouncing on them, not so much the forward bouncing motion! Think Hippity Hop only so much cuter!

And on a side cute are they holding hands? I don't know whats up with the love lately but I sure am glad they are holding hands rather than biting each other and pushing each other down!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Wrestling!

Here is a video of the girls wrestling and Finley hugging Gillian. I assure you no babies were harmed in the making of this video and Gillian is laughing not crying (this is directed at my mother) when Finley is hugging her!!

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I haven't posted in a while. I have lots to write though so let me start by saying suddenly the girls LOVE each other. Its strange. One day they detested one another and now they are best friends. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Just pretty weird how that happened over night?

I got them Rody's for Easter and at first they didn't really care for them. Now they love the darn things. They bounce and bounce on them like crazy and their newest thing is to bounce on them while they are holding hands. It really is sweet. My two little girls are holding hands. Awwww. Just melts me to watch those two.

Also Finley is giving Gillian tons and tons of hugs. If I tell Gillian to hug Finn she runs up to her and kisses her hand and then touches Finley with her "kiss" and runs away. Oh well! Close enough.

I have a video of the hand holding Rody action I'll put up separate. If you don't know what a Rody is or don't have one, you don't know what you're missing. My girls love theirs and its definitely their best toy yet!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The bite heard around the mall.....

So, did I mention Finley is the devil? Yeah well if not I'm telling you now. Devil Child. I love her to pieces anyway but she's definitely going through her terrible 2's or something early.

Today we went to the mall to look for Easter dresses for the girls. I nixed the whole thing after going to one store and decided they would wear the dresses I got them for my cousins wedding instead. Then I got this bright idea to go get their feet measured and look for some shoes for them for the summer.

I'm not sure why I try to torture myself, next time she'll just go shoelessm  but I did. She did pretty good to start. She let the nice shoe lady measure her feet and played in the kid play area while trying on a couple pairs. Then she got bored and realized there were hundreds of pairs of shoes around her.

Let the chaos commence. She started pulling the shoes off the shelves, and boxes down all while I chased behind her like a idiot "Finley, No, leave them there. Stop Finley. No Finley.Please Finley."

Finally after a few minutes of trying to reason with a 16 month old I grabbed her and picked her up. She was not happy. At all.

She started flailing and screaming. I held on to her tighter hoping it would calm her down and she would stop but instead of calming her down it sent her into a fit of rage and she bit the heck out of my shoulder. Not even my shoulder know that really tender part of your shoulder near your collar bone? Yeah that part. I wanted to scream. But I didn't.......I didn't want to give her the satisfaction.

So that was my afternoon. Great fun.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

13 Totes.....

My girls are 16 months old and I have 13, Yes 13 totes of baby clothes in the basement. That almost a tote a month of clothes. Why am I saving all these clothes? Even I have another baby there is no way they would need even 1/4 of these clothes. And lets face it. Even if I did have another girl I would probably buy a ton of new stuff anyway for her.

So, I have a friend that had a baby in February. Her daughter was big when she was born so I figure will  probably fit into all of my girls clothes no problem. Problem solved right? Wrong. Now that leaves the daunting task of going through all the clothes and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.....I'm trying to tell myself to only keep one tote of each size. Its harder than it seems!

I've already gone through 7 totes. Halfway there!! Wish me luck! From here on out I'm getting rid of clothes as the girls grow out of them. No more clothes hoarding in the basement.

Monday, April 18, 2011

48 Pillowcases and 100 lotions

So, Seriously. My house hasn't had a good cleaning since........well before I became pregnant. Which was 2 years ago. So um yeah. It needs it. Bad!!

Not that I need to make excuses for my cluttered house but I was pregnant with twins! TWINS! You try carrying twins and having morning sickness until you're 18 weeks and want to clean your house! Yeah, thought so.

Of course after the girls were born the first year was all about survival and keeping my house clean wasn't part of that plan. Don't get me wrong, we do the dishes everyday, laundry, vacuum etc, but the real stuff like cleaning out closets, drawers, bathroom vanity's hasn't happened in a looooong time!

Now that spring has sprung Gary and I have tag teamed the house and are trying our hardest to "declutter" and clean the house as much as possible.

This past weekend we did the living room, girls bedroom, playroom, bathroom and kitchen. That included moving furniture, wiping down walls, and even cleaning cabinets, which in my world constitutes "real cleaning."

Today Gary tackled the breezeway which has become our catch room for anything and everything we aren't sure what to do with or don't have room for in the house. Kids toys, strollers, totes of baby clothes. Fun stuff. I came home today to it all cleared out.

Did I mention what a great husband I have?

Tonight I'm working on the hallway closet and its a mess. I've pulled everything out and needed a break. I can't figure out why we have so many pillow cases? Its insane? I don't think Gary and I have ever thrown one away in the decade we've been together so they sure have piled up! And lotions...... How many lotions does a girl need? Geez. I've been on a rampage throwing everything out and organizing.

There are still so many projects left on my list to accomplish. I hate it. I hate that my house has become this disorganized mess. I will not stop until every single closet, drawer and refrigerator top is cleaned!!

What about everyone else? Whats on your list for spring cleaning?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Did I do that?

Today my Mom came over to watch the girls for a few hours while Gary and I went to work on getting our camper open for the season.

I was getting all my clothes together to get dressed, Finley was on my hip and I had a red and black polka dot bra in my hand and my hair in a messy ponytail and my flipping pajama's on. Got a good mental picture yet?

All of a sudden Mom says "Um, some people are coming to your door", I hate when people come to my door. Please don't try to get me to donate money to a charity, preach to me, ask me if I need new windows, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention we NEVER use our front door, only our breezeway door off the garage so that may have annoyed me even more.

Anyway, I said "Oh no their not" and caught them just as they were walking past my huge wall of windows in the livingroom heading to my front door......and  I proceed like this:

Me: Knock knock, knock on the window!!
Them: Look up in complete confusion
Me: Shaking my finger back and forth as if I'm telling them "NO, NO, NO"
Them: Still looking up confused
Me: Doing the "shooing get the hell off my property, you better not even think about ringing my door bell hands"
Them: Ahhh, giving me the "okay crazy lady look"

Then I realized how insane I looked. I had a baby in one hand, my bra in the other and me making finger motions to them through the window, and I'm pretty sure my finger hand was my bra hand in hindsight.

Either way, I didn't have to put up with anyone trying to sell me something today. Score.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Oh where to even begin with this girl? I laugh every single day when I think about how complete opposite Gillian and Finley are. I get they're obviously not going to have the same personalities, but I am amazed daily by them.

I think it gets me most because I seem to be having a real discipline issue with Miss Finn and Gillian is rarely a issue with her attitude.

Finley refuses to walk and hold any one's  hand. The only time she will hold your hand is if she's dragging you to show you something or to get you to do something. Never walking though. Forget about it.

We went to open the camper this weekend and I made the comment to my mother that if Finley was my 1st and only child, I would never have another. If Gillian was my 1st I would have a million more if they were just like her!

Now don't get me wrong, I love Finley, she's a sweetie but she doesn't listen. I'm hoping with a little "coaxing" she will.

Anyway, while at the campground we decided to take the girls for a walk. Gramma took Gillian and went on her merry way. I had Finley. Who instead of walking wanted to go up to the other camp sites and climb their stairs to their campers. So I had to grab her and take her away and she kicked, screamed, slapped me, and pitched the biggest fit on the planet. I brought her back to our site and waited for Gramma to come back with Gillian to accuse her of playing favorites!

Watching them walk together, with Gillian holding her hand and trotting alongside her it was easy to see why.......

I got a leash for the girls. Yep, the kind they wear and I can lead them around like dogs. Gillian will never need it but I thought it would be good to have while in busy places but Finn needs 10 leashes. I'm not sure she's even "leashable".

Gary and I keep saying we just need to break her. Like a wild horse. Thing is, I've never had a wild horse. I'm sure this will be harder than I think.

Despite the fact the kid is hard headed I love her to death. I see so much of my own personality in her it scares the daylights out of me. In a way I like that she's so "spirited" I don't think anyone will ever take advantage of her and she certainly won't be a push over! She'll go places with that attitude that's for sure!

When Finley isn't being "Miss Attitude" she is the polar opposite and is "Miss Helper". She LOVES to help. Give her some clothes to put in the hamper and she's all over it, tell her to hang up her jacket and she's running it to the door. Tell her to do ANYTHING and she does it for you. Its so funny to watch her, even after bath time she puts all the clothes in the hamper and then throws the diapers in the tub. I've tried to tell her they don't go there but she thinks they do so I pull them out after they go to bed every night.

She's even being nicer to Gillian. If she takes something from her I ask her to give it back and she goes and gives it right back to her with a smile on her face. Gillian still doesn't trust her though. When she tries to hug her she freaks and thinks she's trying to attack her and usually runs away. Oh well. Hopefully one day they get along well......


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Picky Eaters

You know how most kids would rather eat chicken nuggets, french fries or mac and cheese? Those are not my kids. kids are crazy. If I put chicken nuggets and green beans in front of them they will eat all the green beans and not touch the chicken nuggets.

I've been noticing this trend with them the past couple of weeks. Its getting worse. They eat every fruit and veggie I put in front of them and pick at everything else. Most people would think this was great. But me? I'm worried my girls aren't going to gain any weight only eating fruits and veggies!

Today I stopped offering fruits or veggies with every meal. I'm insane. Breakfast they had eggs and hashbrowns. They ate some of it, but not tons. Snack was grapes which they ate all of, lunch was hotdogs, macaroni salad and baked beans. Gillian loved the hotdogs, Its only the 2nd time she's had them, Finley was happy to pick her tomato out of her macaroni salad and ate a few hotdog piecesI decided to skip afternoon snack in hopes it would make them more hungry for dinner and I made chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for dinner. They both ate a ton. Thank goodness. I felt guilty not giving them something else with it though so for dessert we had strawberries. They ate a ton of them.

So now I'm lost. I don't want to feed them macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets! I want to feed them grilled chicken and veggies! I'm worried that I'm feeding my kids too healthy. Can you even do that?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The day I thought my babies weren't babies anymore......

April 3rd, 2011.

Exactly 2 years ago I had my egg retrieval. At this very moment my babies were splitting and dividing cells. Its awesome to think back on that day. I was scared out of my mind, crying to the nurse's.

I was so scared they were going to go get Gary who was doing his "business" in a cup to calm me down. Thankfully I made it through my retrieval and 2 years later I sit staring at my sweet girls in awe.

Today I decided we should put the girls in their "big girl beds." Gary thought I was crazy, but no...I insisted I wasn't.

A hour later he had the crib fronts taken off, and the rails put up. Nap time was okay, Gillian fell asleep on her pull out princess couch/bed and Finley fell asleep in front of the door. Gary snuck in, grabbed Finley and put her in bed.

Tonight didn't go so well. They spent a hour banging at the door. After Gillian gave up and decided to go lay down Finley followed her around taking her binky and blanky and pissing her off.

I felt so bad for Gillian I told Gary to get the crib stuff because we were putting them back together! Twenty minutes later we had them back together and both girls sleeping in their cribs.

Sometimes I think they are more grown up than they are.........tonight I realized they are just my little 16 month old babies. And I'm okay with that!
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