Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July

I am very excited about the 4th. I am generally excited about any holiday where I can dress the girls up but couple that with the fact that it is in the summer just makes my day!

I have adorable dresses for the girls to take pictures in on the 4th and Grammie brought me over some headband thingys with red and blue deely boppers on them for the girls to wear while I take some pictures (that of course should be interesting).

We are going over Aunty Cheryls for the day too with the whole family and are going to cook out and play in the pool! I am so excited! We never do the 4th over there so it should be fun! And I hear the weather is going to be gorgeous! Yippee for family! My goal is to take tons of pics that day!

So besides the 4th coming up I have also been on Weight Watchers for a few days. I seriously just need to get my old body back. I am not sure where it went (vacation in Tahiti for all I know) but I am so over my fatness right now. I know I will never have my old body back, but I want as close as humanly possible please!

It sucks having Gary and I working different shifts, we both grab stuff on the go to eat which obviously isn't "healthy choices" and that is leading to both of us packing on the weight. Well not no more! I refuse to be fat. Sorry world. Your not getting me!!!

Skinny Erin.......here........I......come!

Orange Noses

Very strange post today. I took some pics of the girls yesterday and noticed their noses are both showing up orangy in their pictures. So off to google I go and find out eating a ton of sweet potatoes, squash and carrots will do that! How funny is that?! I had no idea. The girls eat tons and tons and tons of sweet potatoes. Its their favorite!

Guess I gotta lay off a bit huh and put them on a "green diet" for a couple weeks and then maybe offer them more or a variety of foods from here on out rather than sweet potatos or carrots at least once a day! Ooops.

For now they are my little oompa loompa's!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pics of the week!

So here are this weeks pics! Gary and Aunty Cheryl took the girls in the pool. I wasn't ready to have the world see me in a bathing suit yet so I passed on getting in!

There are also some of the girls at the camper in their awesome seats, some 6 month pics, and some of them just being them!

Whoops. Its been a week!

Wow, I am really slacking huh? Sorry! I can't believe the girls are going to be 7 months in a few days! Time sure is flying by!

So updates time!~


Is starting to push up on her knees and is trying to crawl! She has been my sweet little Angel for the past week or so (very uncharacteristic of her). She has 2 whole teeth and I am I am pretty sure has a top tooth coming in any time now!

She gained about 2lbs since her last doctors appt. I can't find their books with their weights and heights written down in it (which by the way is irking me as I type) so I am guessing off the top of my head Gillian was 17lbs6oz and 27 1/4 inches long.

Her nicknames around here are Bean Bean, Gilly Bean, Miss Big'ins and Mean Bean.

She has also been eating table food for a few days now and she loves anything and EVERYTHING we give her. So far she has had puffs, mum-mums, yogurt, BBQ and Teriyaki chicken, baked beans, angel food cake, cheese, banana, pancake, home fries, cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon, mango and the bad mommy I am even gave her a small bite of my ice cream!

She is hysterical when she sits next to you and wants what ever you are eating. She spreads her arms open wide and opens her mouth and leans in at you until you give it to her. Who could resist that? Not me that's for sure!

She LOVES her freaking walking rolly thing. LOVES. She chases the dogs down in it and is pretty good at maneuvering it in and out of rooms. She is sitting up good if you watch her. She doesn't like to yet though. She would rather arch her back until you decide to help her stand up. All she wants to do is walk. Poor kid. I am pretty sure she will be walking before Finley is crawling!

She is sleeping better, most days she only gets up once or twice (sure beats 3 or 4 times) but goes down like a champ and as long as she is fed and ready for bed she takes her pacifier, her blanky (yes she has a blanky) and rolls over and goes to sleep. Oh yeah that's something new. She has been sleeping on her side now instead of her back. Sometimes I find her on her belly but Gary and I get nervous and put her back on her side when we find her like that!

That is all I can think of right now for her! I am sure there is tons more that I can't think of .

And then there is Finley!

Finley has been a terror the past week or so. She is not my normal happy, well adjusted, easy going baby anymore! I have no idea what happened but I want my Finley back! She has been cranky and has been going through some separation anxiety and cries every single time anyone she knows leaves the room. Poor thing. I feel so bad for her I just don't know what to do. I feel so bad every time I go to a different room and she freaks! I try talking to let her know I am still here but its not working. Hopefully this phase passes soon!

She wont try any foods I put in front of her except I think one puff! I just don't think she is ready yet, which is fine. She will come around at her own pace I know. She does love yogurt though!

She has finally started rolling both ways and on a constant basis! She looks so proud of herself! I am waiting for her to start pushing up on her knees and get moving in the crawling department too!

Her favorite thing to play in is her doorway jumper. She loves it when she is in it and Gillian is in her pushy car thing and they can play together in the hallway. Most of the time she bounces holding onto one strap and on one foot. Its so funny!

At her last doctors appt she also gained 2lbs and was up to 14lbs9oz and was 26 3/4 inches (if I remember correctly) She is such a little thing compared to her sister!

Finley's nicknames are Finn, Finny, Finny Finn, and peanut!

She is a pain lately to put down to sleep but has been sleeping through the night for the most part! Once she is down she is usually down for the night, she is also sleeping on her side now. Maybe that is the secret to them sleeping better?

Both the girls went in Aunty Cheryl's pool yesterday too. I am going to steal some pictures off facebook and post them of the swimming adventures in my next post. Both girls cried at first but then had a great time. Gillian looked like she was really trying to swim. She was kicking her legs in her floaty and bouncing in it. Finley was trying to kick when Gary was holding her too. Maybe I have future swimmers on my hands?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We have a sitter!

Gillian has started sitting up today really well! Finally! She can stay up for at least 20 seconds on her own. I'm so proud of her.

So today is Fathers Day and we went to Uncle Dougs and Aunt Patti's for a cook out. It was fun. Uncle Darry and Jody were there and Gram is there and the boys were there. The only person missing was Dad. It was sad not to see him on Fathers Day.....I thought he was going to be there too but I guess he had to work?

Gary got up early and went golfing with Tom and little Tommy. Now he is talking about going every other weekend.......he's killing me. I do feel bad because he used to golf non stop but since we got married its been less and less. I dont think its fair he gets to run off though for hours on end and play while I am home with kids and can't run off for hours.

Unless of course I find a fun hobby to leave him stuck with the kids but what could I do? Shop? Scrapbook? Shop? Manicures? Pedicures? Shop? Hm....maybe shop.

No seriously, I need a hobby. I have been saying this for years but I do. I told Gary today he should just take the babies for 5 hours every other weekend so I can sleep. I could be a professional sleeper. Who wouldn't want a weekend to sleep in a extra 5 hours. Whats pathetic is a extra 5 hours is only to 10:00 am! I remember before I had kids I would sleep until 10 every sunday. My my how times have changed!

Okay enough about sleeping, I am getting tired thinking about it. The girls have a doctors appt on Tuesday! Can't wait to find out how big they are.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random pic time!

I decided after the girls were done with their prunes to dump the leftovers on their trays and let them smear it around for fun. Gillian dug right in, I mean as soon as it hit the tray she was all over it.

Finley on the other hand stuck one finger in it and moved it around a little bitty bit and then looked at me like I lost my mind and sat there watching Gillian in shock. I guess she is too good to get her hands dirty?

Gillian had no problems making a HUGE mess. Which was good because I was really looking for some motivation to take apart the highchairs and really clean them good. I think I got it.

Oh and I would love to say they smeared the prunes on their faces but they are just that messy of eaters! Or maybe I am a messy feeder? Either way. Its always time for a bath in this house!


To Gary and I! Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary. It seems like we have been together forever!

So since it is our Anniversary today I thought I would tell the story of how him and I became "We"!

So......oh 12 years ago I decided to apply for a second job in the bakery of a little IGA in the next town over. I was 19 at the time and amazingly (still not sure why) they hired me.

My first day on the job the other woman that worked there was showing me around and introducing me to everyone in the store. We were headed down the dog food isle (yes I remember) and there he was........the hottest freaking hottest hotty I had ever seen. Seriously, my first thought was "Wow he is freaking cute" and my second was "I'm gonna freaking marry him".

It was love (or should I say complete obsession) from there on out. He was the grocery manager at the store.....and 29. Yikes, I knew I didn't have a shot with me only being 19. I mean come'on now where we gonna go on our first date? McDonalds? I couldn't go to the bars or drink so how awkward would that be?

I decided to wait it out. This was a very calculated move on my part too by the way. I had it all planned out.

The next 2 years were spent doing EVERYTHING in my power to make him notice and (hopefully) want me! I even went so far as to pierce my tongue (yeah ouch) to get his attention......yah don't ask me what I was thinking, I honestly don't think I was. But I am pretty sure it worked.

I found out where he lived and drove by every single day. Sometimes twice a day. Sometimes three times a day. Can you say stalker? Hm.......

Finally after the 2 longest years of my life I was a couple months from turning 21 and went into work one morning only to have him tell me he gave his notice. Huh? I don't think I comprehended for the first few hours. He did WHAT? But he couldn't give his notice. I hadn't made my move yet! Well I mean I made my move, I made my intentions know, I know he knew I had a crush on him but man....this was not in my "master plan".

I had to act fast. Those last 2 weeks were a blur, somehow I got up the nerve to give him my number. He gave me his. And then he was gone.

The next couple of months sucked. That crappy grocery store just wasn't the same without him, I detested the owners and to be honest with you I only stayed to see him everyday. About a month after he quit I went into work one night and decided I was done. I walked out and never came back. Hey I was 21, I didn't care if I left them without a bakeshop girl. I was done with them!

A couple weeks later I was at my mom's work visiting her and she told me she had to go over to another one of the state buildings to buy tickets for a Christmas party her work was doing. So I decided to go along for the walk. When we got there we got buzzed in and to my surprise when I got inside Gary was standing there. He was working security at the building. I was speechless. I don't think I said anything except "wow you look hot in that uniform".....yeah. Good one Erin.

So that was that......finally a few days before Valentines Day Jackie and I decided to go out to Hops for a burger and some beers (because I was finally 21) I ended up drinking way more than I should have and got up some liquid courage to call him.

I honestly was praying he wouldn't answer. But he did. He was at Hops within 20 minutes. I was pretty buzzed at that point and knew this was my shot! I made my move. What was my move you ask? Well, I am pretty sure I told him he had nice lips and went in for the kiss! What man could resist some young 21 year old kissing him so the next thing I knew we were making out in the parking lot. Sick.

Looking back on it what the hell was a 31 year old man doing making out with a 21 year old girl anyway?? I mean obviously I wasn't complaining but he was a cradle robber that's for sure!

So we dated for a few years, moved in together, got engaged a year later and married the following year. 4 years of dealing with infertility later we have our little baby girls and couldn't be happier!

Do you know I woke up this morning and after being up for 20 minutes realized it was our Anniversary? I said "Hey! Happy Anniversary" and he said "No sir.....really...... already? We always joke because neither of us ever remember it. It slipped my mind even more this year having the girls!

So I came home from work this afternoon to a very sweet card and he brought me to the back deck to tell me " This year is a wood year, I looked it up, so I got you a dogwood tree"! What could I say, he sure is thoughtful and creative now isn't he?! Gotta love him!

So that is how it all started!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yep that's me. Well before I had babies I was just a crazy chic that chased down drunk drivers.

Now that I am a Mom I am a pissed off crazy chic that thinks all drunk drivers should be taken off the roads so you don't hurt my kids.....and yes I still chase them down.

So, let me back up. This all really started about 2 years ago when I left my house at around midnight and went to meet some of my friends at Dunkin Donuts. On the way I ended up with some tailgating swerving maniac behind me, I pulled over and let him pass me and realized he was drunk as all hell.

So I decided to follow him......halfway across town with the police on the phone and him pissed as hell because he realized I was following him. The cops finally caught up to us and needless to say I was thrilled. That freaking idiot almost hit at least 10 cars swerving into the wrong lane and almost ran over some poor person walking on the side of the road.

Did I mention this jackass turned out to be my next door neighbor? How insane is that? I still don't think he realizes it was me chasing his dumb self down that day and I could care less if he knows to be honest with you.

Anyway, a few weeks later Gary and I were driving and came across another drunk idiot. So of course I followed him while Gary was on the phone with the cops and they got him going into the baseball field. I seriously can't help but wonder if he was going to pick his kid up from ball practice drunk off his ass? So scary.

So tonight coming home from Mom's I got behind another one. WTH people. Why do you make me follow you? Luckily this one was a older women who was oblivious to the fact I was following her. I mean how could she realize when she was concentrating so hard on keeping her convertible on the road?

The police showed up within 5 minutes and pulled her over.

The girls were very excited to have nabbed their first drunk driver and of course I am excited to have one more idiot off the roads while me and my babies are on it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"OooooohH Twins"

If Gary and I bring the double stroller into stores we are usually accosted quite a few times along the way by people wanting to see the girls.

If we are going into a store that has carriages that the car seats can sit in then we each take a carriage and a baby. This works out better because people don't usually realize they are twins unless we are in the same isle and next to each other.

Today Gary and I went to BJ's for the usual stuff; Diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and coffee. We split up and headed to different parts of the store to get our stuff we needed. There was one lady that ended up in all the same isles as me. She never acknowledged me or Finley until about 4 isles later Gary came walking up with Gillian, put our carriages next to each other and started talking to me.

Now the lady looks over at us and yells "Ooooh Twins"!

Yes lady they are twins.....why is it that twins are so fascinating? She went on and on about how beautiful they were and adorable and blah blah blah but seriously what was wrong with acknowledging my ONE baby for the past 4 isles (and trust me Finley its not because your not freaking adorable, you are adorable!)

So that was my irritation of the day. I know it shouldn't bother me but I feel like if the girls were just singletons they wouldn't get 1/4 of the attention they get now.

Thank goodness they are twins though, they should have a pretty good self esteem by the time they are 2.

So besides that we got our Minivan today. Its nice. I like it. I am keeping my Tribute though and Gary is taking the Minivan. I'm just not the "Minivan Mom" type yet, I will post pics later.

Also Gillian is babbling like a crazy baby. She is shrieking and talking to herself non stop and its hysterical.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Pictures

Here are some pics of the girls from this week. They are getting so big! Notice their earrings!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finley has a tooth!

Finley has been pretty cranky this morning which is nothing like her and has been going to town on her mesh feeder with frozen melon in it.

If you try to look in her mouth she gets tight lipped and purses her lips so you can't open them. Today I gave her a teething ring and as she was opening her mouth I shoved my finger in there and there is a tooth just about to come up! Its about time!

My little baby is growing up! Isn't it funny that I consider Finley the "little baby"?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleepless nights and pierced ears.

Ahh, where to start? Gillian decided to get up at 1:40 last night and refused to go back to bed. She wasn't cranky at all, just didn't feel like sleeping apparently. So after trying to wait her out for 2 hours I decided to throw her (not literally although man i would have loved too at that point) in her umbrella stroller and wheel her up and down the hallway and living room for about a hour.

I though she was finally asleep when I leaned forward to check and was greeted by her looking up at me with her big toothy smile. She's lucky she is so cute. I decided after that she was getting a kick out of me pushing her all over the place. I took her out and held her and rocked her to sleep around 3:30.

I carefully put her in her crib and went and laid down in bed with Gary. I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow and then at around 5:30 I woke up with Gillian in the Umbrella stroller next to my bed staring at me. Talk about freaking confusing. I wasn't sure if I left her there last night or what was going on!

I guess she got up about 45 minutes earlier and Gary strolled her to sleep and left her next to me in bed. Finley was up by 5:30 for some strange reason too so I grabbed Gillian and headed to the living room to find everyone watching TV and one tired looking Gary!

We decided after a few failed attempts to get anyone back to sleep to just put on Elmo and pray everyone would fall asleep. Gillian did but Finn was still up. We were both dozing in and out of consciousness when it ended......we put it on for a 2nd round and passed back out. I don't know how long it took of Finn watching Elmo for the 2nd time to fall asleep, all I know is I got a hour of sleep there!

After the girls got back up for the day, we made breakfast got everyone fed and dressed and headed to the mall. I was going to go to the piercing pagoda but when I asked them before they wouldn't do both ears at the same time. So I stop at Icing (like a Claires) and they had 2 girls on working so they could do both at once. Thank goodness!

After some debating on which earrings to get (we ultimately decided on pink) we decided Gillian should go first because she was good with her shots last time and didn't cry. The girls were trying to mark her dot on her ears but she kept turning towards them smiling. So after about 20 minutes of them dotting her ears and us saying "no higher, lower, more forward, blah blah blah" we gave up and grabbed Finley. She let us dot her ears in no time and when she got them pierced she looked shocked and then started to cry but I had their stupid talking Elmo with me that I kept shaking and she was fine.

Back to Gillian....in the end she got them pierced. It was too the point that I could have cared less if she ended up with a pierced nose and eyebrow as long as it was done! She cried pretty good too (ironic since we didn't think she would).

Anyway, they both look very cute with their earrings. Hopefully they both heal well with no problems and I never have to worry about this craziness again!

I will take pics tomorrow!

Oh yeah and the girls turned 6 months old yesterday!!! HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY GIRLS!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sitting up!

So I realized today both the girls can sit up on their own now. I'm not sure why I didn't realize earlier but they can! Go girls!

Thank goodness for Michelle, I was over her house and we were talking about it and she showed me how to position them so it helped them stay up and sure enough....they did it! My big girls!

And if you have Gillian in a standing position she is actually taking steps! Its insane! When did the girls get so big and grow up so fast?

Coffee Break!

Gillian was obsessed with my Iced Coffee......she is definatly my daughter thats for sure!

I love Finn in the first pic too! She is pointing at Gillian and looks like she is telling on her! Such cuties!

Camping trip from HELL!!!

I was so excited for our looooong camping trip this past week.

I took off Wednesday-Monday and we headed up to the campground mid afternoon on Wednesday. It started off okay, unpack, organize the camper, get the girls situated.....blah, blah, blah. But at night EVERYTHING deteriorated!

Gillian decided to kindly cut a 2nd tooth. She was a bear! She was up crying every hour on the hour and no amount of Tylenol was working. I am sure it had to do with the fact she was teething AND she wasn't home but man kid, give me a break!

So the rest of the family got to the campground on Friday afternoon. I thought for sure everything would be okay by then and she would have calmed down but nope, no luck. Each night sucked more than the last!

A couple mornings Gary and I actually got up at 5ish with Gillian and just drove her around so she wouldn't wake up everyone else. Thank goodness there was a Dunkin Donuts about 15 minutes down the road.

Needless to say everyone in the camper was up way earlier than they anticipated (but thankfully were good sports about it) and Mommy and Daddy were exhausted most of the days!

Of course once she got home she slept like a Angel so I am not sure if she just didn't like her sleeping arrangements there or if she slept better because her tooth cut through but I am glad to have my good sleeping baby back that's for sure!

So besides Gillian acting like a maniac most of the time we had tons of family there! Mom Dad , and Sondra showed up on Friday. I think when I saw them drive up I actually yelled "thank freaking goodness!" It helps to have a extra set of hands (or two) when your babies are being mean! And Ben showed up on Saturday and Jon on Sunday!

Everyone had fun going out on the boat. I even got to go out on it twice! How exciting! Wish it was more, but I guess unless I learn to drive that dumb thing I will always be the one stuck behind watching the kids. Soooo, not fair!

On Sunday we had a picnic and Uncle Doug, Aunt Patty and Tom and Beth came and hung out with us for the day. It was fun, I drank Margarita's and had a good time hanging out!

So that was our week in a nut shell!

Did I mention I am pretty sure Gillian is cutting her 3rd tooth? Only time will tell I guess but I swear I see something under the gum! More sleepless nights to come!
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