Monday, May 24, 2010

Tooth # 2!

Well I thought Finley would have popped a tooth by now but nope.....Gillian is getting her 2nd one now! It is just under the surface (which I am sure means a sleepless night coming up for me any night now) and I can see the white line just under the skin!

So exciting! AND Gillian rolled from her belly to her back the other day. Just once. I was proud of her non the less though! After she did it I got up and clapped and did the "yeaaaaaaa" and she laughed so hard and was so proud of herself! She's a cutie pie. That was it though. Hasn't done it since. Oh well!

Both the girls are eating solids like MANIACS now! Tonight they had a whole container of mixed veggies and then a whole container of green beans. They love food. Who could blame them though? I've tasted their formula, can't blame them for wanting green beans!

On a side note: We are taking our first LOOOOONNNNGGGGG camping trip with the girls for memorial day weekend. We are going up on Thursday morning and staying until Monday night. That is 5 fun days of camping. Hopefully the girls do well and dont freak out! I am losing my mind thinking about packing enough clothes for them for those 5 days. I am packing a tote for them (thanks mom for the great idea) and hopefully they will have enough clothes!

We also got the stuff for the deck at the camper and the boat in the water! Ben and Sondra came up and helped. Sondra even watched the babies for a hour while Gary and Ben took me out on the boat! It was so much fun to go out just for a little while. Talk about a much needed break! Sondra did say when I came back though something along the lines of "I'll just have one baby at a time thank you very much" Lol!! Yep, twins are no joke thats for sure!

Can't wait to go camping this weekend! I love having the boys and Sondra there! Its always so much fun. Hopefully the weather holds out. Maybe I will get to wear my new "mom suit"!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The photoshoot from hell!

I got my new camera battery in today and decided to try to get some cute pictures of the girls. Well I dont know about cute but amusing is a good word for how it went!

The "Mom Suit"

Well, I took the plunge and I went to Target and got a bathing suit today. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be "the one". The perfect "Mom suit"! It is black (slimming) and has a tankini top (long enough to cover my belly) with a gold ring thingy on the bra part (young and fashionable of course) with a skirt bottom (hide my cellulite ass)!

I got home and tried it on and the initial shock was frightening. I actually screamed. Kind of a "NOOOOOOOOOOO......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Scream. Lol. I don't look at myself half naked anymore and it was just too much for me to handle. White, pale, pasty, fat, cellulite, stretch marked.....bad! Those were all the adjectives that initially flew through my head to describe what I saw. Gary walked in and said "Ahh, sexy".

Yeah real sexy. I know its not as bad as I think. I am just used to my rock hard abs and awesome body. What I see in the mirror is far from what I had that's for sure. I have to keep telling myself its okay because I grew my babies with this body. It will bounce back......I hope!

More motivation to lose some weight, or tone up, or maybe just get a tummy tuck!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Carrot Catastrope

This is why we no longer use bibs in the house or let them wear clothes while they are eating!

Messy Messy Girls!

Friday, May 14, 2010

No pictures

Anyone wonder why I haven't posted pics of the girls in 2 weeks? I lost my camera battery! I took it to the camper (not in my camera because it was charging) and I haven't been able to find it since. We are going back up to the camper where I hope to find it right away or I am buying a new one! And even if I do find it I think I am buying a back-up! I feel so lost without my camera, and my girls need some pics taken for their 5 months shot!

So, hopefully pics to come soon! You can see Gillian's toothy smile!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finley did What? Why I hate being a working MOM!!!

So last night in my delirious state I was talking to Gary at 1:00 in the morning about the girls (of course) he said something like "blah, blah, blah, blah When Finn rolled over yesterday, blah blah" . Huh? What do you mean Finn rolled over yesterday? No one told me she rolled over yesterday? "Oh really? I thought I told you"....UM NO!!! So basically my kid has been rolling over for 2 days and I didn't know about it!

He did get it on tape for me though. I have yet to see her do it despite my best efforts to get her to do it tonight for me. So I watched the tape......guess that's about as good as it gets?

I told him not to worry when she says her first word for me I would be sure to tell him a week later!

And this why I hate working. I feel like I am missing so much of the girls lives. Ugh. I just can't stand it!!

The $400.00 freaking "Ooops"

Well.....being so busy with twins and all we forgot to check our oil tank and see how much oil we had. This is even easier to forget when its been nice outside and we haven't been using our heat!

So, yesterday Gary called to tell me we ran out of oil! Yikes, we have had this house for 5 years and this is the first time we ran out so we had no idea what to expect. All I know is we had no hot water, but luckily we have a pellet stove for heat!

So I called and ordered oil......and Gary headed to the gas station to grab some diesel hoping it would do the trick and the furnace would kick back on.

Well that didn't happen. So we had to call the oil people and have them send repair man out this morning. A hour and fifteen minutes and $400.00 later our furnace is working again. See if we EVER let our furnace run out of oil again! You better bet your life I am going to be down there daily checking to make sure we don't run out!

Lesson learned......the hard way. Eeeek.

**Waving goodbye to my money**

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I hate it now. I used to love to cook, now it is something I do out of pure necessity. Its crazy around the house, when Gary goes to work when I am getting out so its a pain to cook for one person. I have been living off of junk usually when I get home. Which I am sure is not helping me lose these 10lbs!

But yesterday I came across a inspiring blog and now all I want to do is cook! She has the most amazing recipes and pictures!

So yesterday I made a huge pot of Pasta Fagioli (my recipe not hers) and I kept a little out for dinner today and am freezing the rest and today I am going to find something delicious from her blog to make! Can't wait!

Dear Finley

Or "Finn Finn" as we have affectionately dubbed you! You are getting so big. At your last doctors appt you were about 13lbs. Somehow sissy got ahead of you by a whole pound! You are also very tall for your age. You are in the 95th percentile for your height, but only 25th for your weight. I think your going to be tall and skinny like I was!

You are trying so hard to roll over, you keep on looking at Gillian when she grabs her feet and rolls over. Then you grab yours and roll to the side but don't seem to know what to do from there. You'll get it though!

I think you are teething too. You seem to be pretty cranky lately. Not your usual happy self that's for sure! You don't like to take naps for daddy anymore. And you fight going to sleep at night too. Your really being a little cranky pants. I hope if it is teething your tooth comes in soon and if its not teething well I hope "Happy Finn" comes back soon, we sure do miss her!

You have been eating baby food now too and LOVE it! You go "mmmmmmmm" after every bite of food and reach for the spoon and open your mouth wide to eat. Your pretty funny to watch. Your favorite food is banana's so far. You would scream if we didn't get the next spoonful into your mouth fast enough.

You still love watching Elmo. I ordered a few Elmo video's for you this week too so I hope you like them as much as Elmo in Grouchland because if I have to watch that movie one more time I may lose my mind! You sit there watching it smiling and screeching and kicking your legs in your bouncer like a maniac! Grammie and I watched you for a hour yesterday while you watched it. It seems like you know what they are saying? Very strange. Maybe you do?

The weather is getting nicer out. I bought tons and tons of clothes for you and sissy for this spring and summer. Daddy had to get out a spare dresser for me and paint it and put it in your room because your other one isn't cutting it anymore.

You guys are going to be the cutest babies on the block that's for sure!

Well that's all I can think of today. Cheer up kiddo! Mommy loves you so much!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Gillian

My little Bean Bean (that is what Mommy and Daddy call you) or Gilly Mean if your having a particularly bad day! You are getting so big! At your last doctors appointment you were almost 16lbs. A few weeks ago you started grabbing your feet nonstop and a a few days ago you started rolling over. I finally saw you do it today for the first time though and you looked so proud of yourself! I was proud of you too!

You also got your first tooth a couple days ago, You were really cranky for a couple days and wouldn't sleep the night before our big camping trip and now I know why.

You have been going to bed so good at night, as soon as I put you in your crib you take your blankie and your pacifier and go right to bed. Your still not sleeping through the night though. You get up around 3 every morning to eat, I can't wait for that to stop!

We started you on babyfood a few weeks ago and you love it. So far I think your favorites are banana's and green beans. You make such a a mess while you eat I have to take your clothes off and feed you in only your diaper. You love to grab at the spoon and try to feed yourself.

Speaking of feeding do! You can hold your bottle all by yourself (as long as your not tired) and get very upset if anyone tries to hold you and feed you. Daddy and I need to feed you in your bouncer so you dont have a melt down!

You can fit into 6-9 month clothes now too. Every where we go people ask how old you guys are and dont believe us when we say you are only 5 months old. You are wearing size 3 diapers already too.

You and Finley love to watch Elmo in Grouchland too. It is the only thing that will keep you quiet for a little while. Thank goodness for Elmo!

You have actually been less of a grouch since your tooth came in, you smile at everyone now and seem to be overall a much happier baby!

I can't wait to see what the next month is going to bring. You are growing up so fast, I packed away your newborn shoes today and wanted to cry. You are getting so big so fast. It seems like yesterday having a baby was just a dream to me and now I have you and Finley. I am so blessed.

Mommy loves you!


"I am a very unhappy customer"

This is the call I got today at work (I run a billing department and get tons of crazy calls but this takes the cake today)

Mr. Crazy Pants: this the billing manager?

Me: Yes it is Sir, how can I help you?

Mr. Crazy Pants: This is Mr. Crazy Pants, A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!

Me. Okay me Crazy Pants, Why are you A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER?

Mr. Crazy Pants: I got 2 bills, well not 2 bills but my bill had 2 pages and it was mailed in 2 separate envelopes.....why?

Me: Let me get this straight Mr. Crazy are a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER because we mailed you your bill in 2 envelopes rather than 1?

Mr. Crazy Pants: Yes, why did this happen??!!!!

Me: Well, we have a new girl that was helping our billing department this month. I have a feeling she didn't realize your bill had 2 pages to it and separated it by accident. I am very sorry this caused you to be a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER, however everyone makes mistakes and I am sure hers wasn't intentional........

Mr. Crazy Pants......*silence*.......well, I still don't like it, but okay.

Me: Okay Mr. Crazy Pants I hope the rest of your day goes better! Have a good one!

Seriously? What is wrong with this man? He is 90 years would think he had something better to do with his time than call me complaining about ridiculous things? I felt like telling him to go live his last 10 years more positively instead of calling me bitching about nothing!!! To think he wasted 5 minutes of his life on me.......hmph.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures........

Starving to death I decided to make Mozzarella sticks for dinner. Yes you heard me right, Mozzarella sticks. I buy them in bulk from BJ's! So I plopped some on the pan and threw them in the oven and went to go look for some marinara sauce but found none. Which lead me to contemplate using tomato paste, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, ketchup or tomato soup. I went with the soup on a whim. You know what....its strange but oddly good. Hm.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Houston we have a Tooth!

Wow Gillian stuck my finger in her mouth yesterday and I instantly noticed a different feel in there! She cut her first tooth! It is her left middle one (if that makes sense)! That may explain why she didn't feel like sleeping all of Friday night!

Also the girls are 5 months old today! They are getting so big and playing with each other so much its amazing! This morning they are laying next to each other with toys in between them playing tug of war over them.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Modge-Podge Post

I have so many thoughts in my head it is hard organize them all. This weekend was a blur. Where to start.....

Friday night-HELL. That about sums that up! I was SO excited about taking the girls camping this weekend! I packed everything of theirs and mine and loaded it all in to my truck so we would be ready to go for the following morning. I kept telling the girls how much fun we were going to have and (this may be where I went wrong) if they slept all night like good little girls it would come quicker and be tons of fun! I cleaned the house, packed, loaded everything and went to bed right before Gary got home at around 1sh.......2:00 hits and Gillian is up (as usual) only this time she didn't want to eat and go back to bed, she decided to stay up and play and scream every time I tried to put her down to go back to bed. So I was up with her ALL NIGHT LONG. At 6:30 am I stormed into our bedroom (sorry Gary, I was bitchy, I'll admit) and yelled to Gary "Get up, Get packed, WE ARE LEAVING"! I threw (not literally, although I would have loved to) Gillian in her car seat and headed to McDonald's for breakfast and Huge coffee's while Gary got packed.

Gillian fell asleep after driving for about 20 minutes so when I got back I took her out and put her in room car seat and all and let her sleep, Gary and I passed out too for a hour. Then she was right back up and we got everyone (dogs and all) in the car and left for the campground!

Saturday-Camping was fun, the girls were a little unsure of their sleeping arrangements but they adjusted. All in all camping was fun, We are going back in 2 weeks!

Gillian has been trying to roll over for weeks now (from her back to her belly). She keeps grabbing her feet, rolling to her side, stretching out her back and screaming as she tries to throw herself over. No luck. Today she smartened up. Gary called to tell me she is now grabbing onto Finley and pulling herself over! That's my good lazy girl!

I started the girls on Stage 2 foods this weekend too, they love them. They had Apple cinnamon oats and some mac and cheese and this morning they had pears blueberry's and oats. They loved it all.

Gary and I finally decided after thinking about some different car options that a minivan is the only way to go for camping with the dogs and kids and stuff so we are getting a minivan. Ben knew someone getting rid of hers and she is giving us a killer deal on it. Gary is going to drive it since he has the 4 door sedan right now and I have the SUV.

What a strange thing to see the man that I fell in love with because he looked so hot jumping out of his jeep wrangler transform into this minivan driving dad right before my eyes. Geesh, I feel like we are getting so old all of a sudden. Kids will do that to you I guess? Gary is excited about his new minivan though and I guess thats all that matters?

Well thats all the thoughts I can think of right now. I didn't take one lousy picture of the girls camping trip. I am a horrible mother!

Oh yeah and for the record I used 2 outfits the whole camping trip and 2 pairs of PJ's. It was so damn hot out that I had them in just diapers half the time and just in a onsie the other half.......I guess I will know better next time?

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