Sunday, April 29, 2012

Early Summer?

Last week it was nearly 90 degree's outside. So we busted out the pool and bathing suits (or babysuits as the girls call them) and caught some rays. Can't wait for the nice weather to get here and stay for a while! Finley is embrassing the ponytail lately, and won't wear any bathing suit unless it has some type of tutu attached. She's a kid who knows what she wants......


Wow. I love this age. The girls personalities are really coming out and its amazing to watch!

Finley is VERY independent. I can't stress that word enough. She wants to do everything for herself. Don't even try to do it for her. You will get a melt down and a half from her. She wants to pour her own milk, put on her own sippy cup cap, pick out her own outfits, dress herself, get her own snack, do her own juicebox, help cook, feed the animals, close the doors, climb in her carseat, pick out her own movie AND put it in the DVD player, Oh and don't forget turning on the Tv and starting her movie.

Good luck if you forget and do something for her. I've literally had to pour milk back in its container just so she can help.

She loves to pick her own clothes. Which usually consist of a pair of pants, miss matched shirt and a random skirt thrown over her pants. She loves dresses and skirts.

She is talking up a storm this past month too. Its funny to hear her putting together sentences now. She just blabbers on and on and on these days. She isn't the least bit shy and will say "Hi" to anyone that looks at her.

In church today she came in with one hand in her pocket and the other waving to people she saw along the way saying "Hi,  Me Finley"

She is almost completely potty trained, with the exception of pooping in the potty. She has had 1 accident since she potty trained herself months ago. She means business. She wasn't going to have me telling her when she was going to be a big girl. She fought me when I tried to potty train her in January. She fought hard. Once I gave up she let me know who was in charge. It obviously wasn't me, she amazes me everyday with how stubborn she is.

Gillian could not be more opposite from Finley if she tried. She is shy, and it takes her a long time to warm up to people.

She could care less at this point about doing anything herself. She is perfectly happy having me (or Finley) do everything for her.

She LOVES to sing. When we are at church she "sings" along. LOUD. Its hysterical. I can't help but giggle at her, along with anyone else that watches her.

She is sweet and cuddly and loves to watch her movies. Her favorite this week is The brave little toaster. She recites the movies and sings along with them now and it cracks me up to watch her. Her favorite song to sing is Raffi's Down by the bay. She screams along with that one in the car.

We started potty training her a week ago and while it wasn't as easy as Finley, because honestly you couldn't get any easier than Finley, she didn't do to bad. She had a few accidents in her big her undies but after she realized she was ruining her princess undies she started telling me when she had to go. She's been a few days accident free now.

I can't believe they will be 2 1/2 next month. They are growing up so fast. I can't wait to see how their little personalities develop over the next year. I can tell I am going to have my hands full with Finley already. Just waiting for Gillian to jump on that independent bandwagon to make things more interesting around here. Like one stubborn child isn't enough!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Playhouse makeover

I'd been looking for one of those older Little Tikes playhouse's for a while to redo. I saw someone on Pinterest redid one with spray paint and fell in love with the idea immediately!

So I started looking high and low on craigslist and finally found one for $20.00! What a steal! I sent Gary to pick it up and he came back with money in his pocket. The lady he got it from also turned out to have twin girls and she told him to just take it. Being the good guy he is he fought with her until she at least took a 10!

I ran out to Lowe's and picked up spray paint (you need the kind that says its for plastic) and headed back home. Gary power washed the whole thing and took it all apart. Then he was awesome enough to take a whole entire day to spray paint the whole thing for me! He rocks. It was long and tedious and I never would have finished it that's for sure!

Here are some pics. Here is what it looked like before. This is not the actual playhouse or my picture, just one I found online of exactly what it looked like!

And here it is after Gary slaved away all day! If you do get brave enough to attempt this make sure you let everything dry for a few days before putting it together. If you do it too soon (I'm not going to tell you how I know this) you run the risk of the paint coming off in some spots (mainly the shutters when your kids try to open and close them when they aren't all the way dry)

The girls call it their princess house. Love my hubby! 

Don't forget Daddy

I have been trying to cut back on the girls milk intake lately. They were filling up on milk and not eating as much during the day.

If they ask me for milk I tell them "I'm sorry, we're all out, Daddy has to buy more" and then they usually say" Apple juice then" and I tell them again "Nope, sorry, we're all out Daddy has to buy more" and then I trick them into drinking water!

This has been going on everyday for weeks now. Today as Gary was leaving for work Finley ran up to him to give him a hug and a kiss goodbye and said to him "Bye Daddy, Bye, Don't forget to buy milk!"

She's such a cutie! I'm waiting for the day she realizes I'm a liar.......I know its coming!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today we all went out to Lowe's so I could pick out a ceiling fan. We got everything we needed and headed to the register. The checkout guy was in his 50's with a full white beard and long straggly blondish/gray hair. Gillian asked to be picked up and was looking at him for a while when she finally turned to me very confused and said "Mommy, what is Santa Claus doing?" I nearly died.

I laughed so hard people around me must have thought I was crazy. Then as we were leaving and Gary was explaining to her that even Santa has to work when its not Christmas time both the girls yelled "Bye Santa, Bye, see you soon."

Kids, they say the funniest things.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Renovations stink

Gary and I are all about projects. You know, finishing basements, adding on decks, painting the whole exterior of our house, gutting bathrooms, and redoing kitchens......just to name a few of the million things we've done to the house over the past 7 years.

The latest project is taking our breezeway and making it into a dining room. Gary had to basically tear the whole room down and rebuild it from the floor up. We had a 2 car garage but now its a 1 car garage because we needed the space to make the room bigger. I'm fine with that.  As long as I have a place to sit down with my family and eat I am one happy camper!

Its almost finished. My house is covered in an awesome white dust from him sanding the walls and I want it done for Easter!

He still needs to do one more coat of compound, sand again, finish the floor, do the rest of the trim work, primer and paint. In 5 days. Oh and don't forget his real job! Poor guy. I'm not sure he's going to make it.

Ironically we are already talking about whats next. Because that's just how we are I guess? Always need a project!
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