Friday, September 25, 2009

27 weeks!

When I found out I was pregnant with twins I was so paranoid I would never make it this far. Now I am this far and feeling great. How strange! I guess nothing worked out like I thought it would huh? Thank goodness!

I am so grateful I still feel great. I think 99% of it is mental at this point though. I refuse to let myself feel like crap! Sure I get dizzy and winded but hey, thats just part of pregnancy right? I am guessing I am experiencing it a bit sooner than a singleton pregnancy but I dont care. I'm pregnant and thats all I ever wanted and I will not complain about it! Well, except maybe for the heartburn part, but hey, it will be over before I know it I'm sure! And then I will go back to my heartburn free self! Can't wait!

So things are moving along. I have my next growth scan on Oct 2nd and I can't wait to see the girls again. Gary finished painting the trim in the hallway and babies room last night. Now I can finish up the nursery!

I did all the girls laundry the other day too and put it all away. Also, I just ordered 12 more Rocky Mountain Diapers from Kellyscloset today giving me a grand total of 34 diapers for the girls. I still want about 12 more though!

Gary has a wedding to go to tonight that I didn't feel like going to so I am going out to eat at Chili's with my girlfriend and then home to do some housework and maybe put the nursery in order!

We bought a boat and need to go drag it out of the water this weekend, its at the campground we are seasonals at. I am hoping to talk Gary into going up there one day instead of the whole weekend and maybe spending a day at maybe? I would like to make something to freeze for when the babies get here! Chili maybe? Some waffles? And maybe a casserole of some sort! That will give me a good start on some things to eat and then I will try to make a few more things the following week to freeze. Ooh the fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh how I love you Fanta Soda......

So let me start by saying heartburn sucks!!! I was up all night with one baby in my bladder and the other shoved in my ribs giving me the worst heartburn possible! I take Zantac everyday and this wasn't even touching what I was going through last night! I hate taking 2 Zantac a day but after popping 8 tums in 2 hours I decided it was time to take the plunge and take a second. At that point my heartburn was so horrible it took forever to kick in. Anyway, needless to say between getting up to pee 5 or 6 times last night and the horrible heartburn I had I didn't sleep too well!

Anyway, I have found for some odd reason when I drink Fanta Orange Soda my heartburn goes away instantly. I can't figure out why? I never drank Orange Soda in my life before getting pregnant.....never mind orange sode, I never drank any soda! But for some reason one day I was having horrible heartburn and started craving orange soda. Its like my body knew it would make it feel better! So today I screwed the Zantac and just drank a soda. I feel better already. Thank goodness for FANTA!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Only 20 days until my baby shower! How exciting! And that means only 20 more days to finish up the nursery.

I can't wait for camping season to be done and over with so I can get something accomplished for goodness sakes around my house. Its a wreck!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

99 Days to go!

Well, its actually less than that I am sure but its still pretty cool! I am hoping its more like 79 days! Lol.

So yesterday I got my country save detergent and got all my CD's washed, set on the smallest setting and stuffed with their inserts. Now all I need is two adorable babies to put in them! Gary seems slightly sceptical on the whole cloth diapering thing. He pissed me off so bad yesterday that I threw a handful of inserts at his face at point blank range. Man that felt good. Anyway, I don't remember what he said or did except he kept saying he thought the idea of poop getting on the diapers was gross......I told him to shut the hell up and get used to poop because I am positive its going to end up on more than just the diapers! What I think I will do is not even bother busting out the cloth diapers until I have to send him off for a case of diapers every couple of days and see how long until he freaks about how much money we are spending on the diapers! That should work.

So, besides that I went through my closet (at midnight) and put into storage bins all my spring and summer maternity clothes that either don't fit me anymore or its too cool out now to wear. So, now I just need a second rod for the closet so I have more room for the girls clothes and then I need to clean out the linen closet and then the spare room closet and I will be all set on the "closet situation".

Tonight I am going to go home and wash the girls new bedding and all their preemie, newborn and 0-3 month clothes they have so far. While they are washing I will work on the linen closet with Gary.

All thats left to do after that is find some curtains, a rug, and some things for the walls and the nursery will be all set. I just want it done so I can start cleaning the rest of the house!!! I think the nesting has begun!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Phew......almost 26 weeks.

Well I am almost 26 weeks. This pregnancy is flying by! I know I am going to blink my eyes and suddenly it will December and my babies will be here! I have so much to do! Our second crib finally came in yesterday so Gary needs to put that together and I stil have yet to find curtains or a rug for the room not to mention anything for the walls. I need to wash all my cloth diapers and the babies clothes and put everything away. Ooh boy, so much to do and so little time. I worry constantly that I am not going to be ready or that I am going to forget to get something! Its all driving me nuts! Just the other day I realized my girls were "sockless"! Poor things! I can't believe socks never crossed my mind! So of course I ran out and got some socks for them but now I am constantly wondering what else I am missing?

So besides what I need to get done, I am feeling pretty good! I switched bed's and started sleeping in our spare room (sorry Gary) and sleep so much better in there for some reason, so that's helping! My back is a little achy after sitting in a chair all day at work but I guess that is to be expected considering the way I slouch all day! My feet start to hurt if I am on them too long too, I think they are just giving out under my 26lbs I have gained so far! Lol. They are not used to all this extra weight at all.....I have to say neither am I!

So besides a few aches here and there I feel good. Hopefully I continue to feel good. I don't want to end up on bed rest. Its my biggest fear for some reason! I just want to be able to work up until I have the babies! I feel like the second I start to give up mentally my body is going to give up physically and I can't have that so I plan on working as long as I can and getting through this like a normal pregnancy (whatever that's like???)

Also, I wanted to start making and freezing meals for when the babies come, goodness knows I am going to have no time to cook in between feedings, changings and trying to get a few minutes of sleep myself but I just can't bring myself to get moving on it. Part of the problem is when I would do it-which would be weekends we are camping and secondly we have no drop in freezer yet to start storing everything I could make. I am getting anxious worrying about food! Lol. I guess I could just live off of cereal if necessary? But I would rather have a good home cooked meal for goodness sakes! So if anyone feels like making me anything be my guest!! Lol.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nursery Preview

Okay here is a sneak peak at the nursery color and one of the cribs. When its done I will post more pics.

Mama got some new shoes!

Well, thankfully my feet grew some now that I am pregnant so that warranted a new pair of sneakers! Yippee for me! I just love shoes. So, I found a cute pair of Nikes....after looking at a pair of L.A.Gears (yeah if you dont know L.A.Gears your just too young) and decided I should stay in this century and went with the Nikes. But seriously, the L.A.Gears were cool too!

25 weeks!

Well, here are my 25 week belly pics! I'm getting huge now!

25 week Appt!

Well, I had a Ob appt this morning. All went well, I am up 25lbs at 25 weeks and my uterus is measuring at 32 weeks.

My doctor is still a little quacky too! When she measured my uterus she seemed shocked by how big I was measuring and started telling me it could be "extra amniotic fluid" etc, etc.....then she pulled out her Doppler to listen to the heartbeats and after finding one said "well there's the baby" and I was like...."um, what about the other one"? And she got a look of confusion on her face and said "Oooohhh, your having Twins! No wonder you are measuring so big"!!! Sooo, again, she's Lost in the Sauce! As long as she remembers there are two of them when it comes time for delivery I really don't care!

So besides that we got everything put together except our second crib. We are still waiting for it to come in and once that's done we just need some curtains, a rug, and something for the walls and the nursery will be done. I started sorting the girls clothes last night. I came to realize they have nothing for when they come home but lots of cute summery outfits for when they are bigger! I better get buying them some long sleeve onsies and pants and socks for the winter or they may be cold!

Did I mention I can't wait for them to get here!!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

24 weeks.

Well I am 24 weeks today! I have made it to my first "mental milestone"! If the babies were to be born today they would have a 50/50 chance of survival! However I am confident my babies will make it full term and be just perfect!

So, I had a ultrasound this morning, the babies weight 1lb 7oz and 1lb 10oz and were flipping and moving all over the place. They were so cute. I can't wait to finally have them here in my arms though!

After the ultrasound Mom and I went to go get pedicures. Lucky for us I read a magazine yesterday and found out grey is the new "in color" for the fall. So, of course us being so damned gullible and desperate to be "cool" we picked out a grey! Lol. The look on the guys face when I handed him the color was priceless...I must admit though, I like it. Lol! It could just be hormones taking over my thought process though!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Who can resist a cute hat? Not me thats for sure!!! I went on today and found lots of cute beanie hats for babies. I found these two for 50% off and pd $8.50 each for them.

On a side note: I am getting my hair cut tonight. Nothing major, just a trim, but I haven't got my hair cut since January. I used to go every 2 months or so but with being pregnant and having morning sickness and being exhausted I have put it off! So tonight my hair will be revived!
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