Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strollers, Sleeping, Bottles, Schedules.......

Okay so I have tons of questions on my blog from other mom's expecting twins about what strollers I use etc so I thought I would do a informational post for all you lucky ladies out there that have twins on the way! I know I scoured the Internet looking for all the info I could!

Now mind you, this is just what I use and things I find work for us, that doesn't mean you have to agree with me! Hell think I am nuts for all I care! Lol! Most people already do!

Strollers: Both Gary and I have the Baby Trend Double snap and go, I honestly would be lost without it. It is light, folds very compact and is easy to fold and open. If I could use this forever I would!

Gary and I each also have a jogging stroller (no I don't jog, neither does he) he has a baby trend Expedition and I have a BoB Duallie, if you are the outdoorsy type and can afford it I recommend the Bob. We do tons of camping and spend most of the summer outdoors so we need a good all terrain stroller.

Sleeping arrangements: When we first came home the girls slept in a Graco Twin pack and play/bassinet thingy. It has two bassinets on top. If it didn't turn into a regular pack and play after I was done using it I would say it was a waste of money but since I use it as a pack and play for when the girls are outside on the deck I would say it was worth it. The pack and play is huge by the way. The girls originally shared a bassinet side, then we separated them into their own and by 7 weeks I had them sleeping in a crib together. At around 12 weeks we had to separate them into their own cribs, Finley is a mover and I would find her with her head in Gillians side all crooked and sideways in the crib. They sleep MUCH better separated now.

Feeding/Breastfeeding/diapering: I didn't have a very good birth experience. If you haven't read my birth story yet, it was in Decembers blog posts. My milk didn't come in for a long time, the girls got so used to the bottle that I ended up pumping every 2 hours for them. It was TORTURE, but one I was willing to endure so my girls got as much breast milk as I could produce. I worked with a Lactation Consultant in the hospital to try to get them to latch and to be honest with you, it was stressing me and them and just wasn't worth my sanity at that point. I pumped until I was 7 weeks and then switched over to all formula, I was going back to work and just couldn't handle pumping every 2 hours anymore. I am happy with my decision. Don't let anyone guilt you into doing something you don't want to do and honestly when you have two babies you need to do everything you can to stay sane!

Luckily my girls never had reflux issues and tolerated cheap formula. I have a membership to a local wholesale club (BJ's) and buy their formula. What a freaking godsend.....I pay $20.000 for a 51 oz can of formula (its huge) and it lasts me about 4 days. It is comparable to the expensive brands in ingredients and the girls are thriving on it. If you haven't priced out formula, be in for a shocker! I highly suggest you get a membership to a BJ's or Cosco if you have one near you.

Diapers are another thing I get at BJ's. We were using Pampers at first, they were around $40.00 at BJ's for a huge case. After diapering the girls for a couple months with them we decided to try LUV's which were only $30.00 a case at Bj's. I love them. I fought Gary tooth and nail about trying them but honestly I have never had a leak or a blow out in them and have had many with the pampers. So I am a LUV's girl. They are cheaper and in my opinion work better.

Bottles: Before the girls came I stocked up on 5oz bottles. What.a.freaking.mistake. I think we used them for a month before we needed the 9oz bottles. Don't bother with them, just go straight to the big bottles and save yourself tons of money!

Boppys: We have 2, we used to use them when the girls were smaller to feed them at the same time if we needed too, now we use them for tummy time. Eh, I could have lived without them personally. I actually use them more for a pillow on my couch than the girls do!

Bouncers: We have 5, enough said. We got them 2 kick and plays (it has a light bar and music when they kick the bouncer) they love them. They kick and play forever in them. We have 3 extras that we got from friends etc that I will bring to the camper this summer so we have them there.

Playmat: We have 1, I am getting a second for the camper. They use it daily

Bumbo's: They love their bumbo's. I have the trays that go on them too and put toys on them for them and they face each other and play with their toys.

Clothes: I got Preemie and NB clothes to start the girls on. I wish I kept the tags on the preemie stuff because they didn't fit it them. They started out in NB clothes and wore them for about a month.

Swaddlers: Can't have enough of them. Buy lots.

Schedules: People always ask me if they are on the same schedule. I don't understand how two different babies can be doing the same thing at the same times. My girls are very different in their sleeping needs and that throws everything off. Gillian will usually sleep a hour for her morning nap where Finn will sleep two. I will not wake a sleeping baby to keep them on the same schedule. Some will, sorry, I'm not one of them.

They usually eat at different times during the day too. I prefer it this way personally. I could put them both in boppies and feed them both but to be honest with you when you have two babies you cant pay as much attention to them as you would if you just had one baby so I enjoy feeding times. Its our alone time together. Now obviously if you have two screaming babies that are hungry at the same time screw your alone time. Then I feed them together.

Nighttime: Both of my girls sleep through the night for the most part. Some night Gillian will get up at 2 to eat, on occasion Finley will too. But usually they are sleeping through. We start our bedtime routine at around 6sh, I do baths, bottles and then a little play time (if they are not over tired and cranky)and its bed by 7-7:30 latest.

Feeding ourselves: When I was pregnant I decided I was going to start a freezer stash of meals that Gary and I could quickly throw in the oven while we were taking care of the girls. I made tons and tons of things and after the girls came it saved our lives! Literally. I don't think we would have ate the first month if it wasn't for those frozen meals. I still have some left as a matter of fact and use them in a pinch. And on occasion on the weekends when I am feeling motivated I will make a few things for the freezer. I wish I would have thought of it sooner instead of cooking like a maniac when I was 33 weeks pregnant!

Consignment Shops: Seriously, if you have one near you like Once Upon a Child go and check them out. I get tons of the girls clothes there, they still have the tags on alot of their things and they are cheap! It is also a nice place to look for things like mobiles, bouncers and exersaucers. If you told me to go to a consignment shop before I got pregnant I would have laughed at you....honestly I am that stuck up, but once you have to buy clothes for 2 kids that are growing like weeds you will think differently!

Thats all I can think of for now! Hope I answered a few of your questions! If you have more just let me know and good luck with your babies!!


Jen said...

Thanks for posting all the info! My mind is always spinning with questions!

Heather said...

Great post! As a mom of twins I can chime in that your advice is spot on!

On strollers, we have a snap and go and I love it! Still haven't got the non-infant carrier stroller.

When we first came home the boys we moved one of the cribs into our bedroom. They also slept in the same one for about 12 weeks as well.

I was able to breastfeed my singleton daughter for 7 months. I had no issues with supply with the boys, but they were 31 week premies and had a really hard time latching. It required lots of thought to make it work, which didn't work when we got home and I was sleep deprived, so nursing lasted 7 weeks. Formula and diapers provided by BJs. Clothes from Once Upon a Child.

On schedules, they are roughly on the same schedule. We don't stress about it, though. If one of them wakes early from a nap we'll get the one and leave the other to sleep. Never wake a sleeping baby! But the schedule thing didn't fall into place until they were 3-4 months. Until then, we let them wake, eat and sleep as they wanted. You can not expect a newborn to fall into a schedule and I don't like forcing a schedule. Both my daughter and the boys automatically fell into a schedule on their own around 3-4 months.

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