Monday, March 15, 2010

"Dont worry, I'll put that together later"

So Gary found high chairs today at Big Lots. They were only $50.00 each so he decided to just grab them without me seeing them. They are Safety 1st brand and not as cute as I was hoping for, I wanted pink ones, but I told him for $50.00 I would settle for whatever they looked like. So he called me after he got home with them and the conversation went something like this:

Gary: Hey, I got those highchairs.

Me: Oh yeah cool, do they have a washable material that wipes down easily or do you have to take the whole seat cover off and wash it? Cause that's a pain.....

Gary: Um, its kinda vinaly? You will have to look at it when you get home, if you don't like it I'll just return them tomorrow.

Me: Okay, well, I'm sure I will make you return them....

***mutual laugh***

Gary: Okay well I'm not gonna put it together in case you don't like them.

Me: That's okay, (insert sarcasm here) I'll just put them together when I get home.

Gary: Pft, yeah......okay! You would need to use a screwdriver and stuff.

***mutual laugh**

Me: What you don't think I can put together a high chair?

Gary: Well, your not really "chip girl Erin" anymore (for those that don't know me I was a potato chip vendor for a few years, I drove a truck and delivered chips to local Stop and Shops across the state, Gary loved this girl.....the chip girl, she could and would do anything, she was in great shape, but unfortunately, she's gone. I'm office girl now, apparently office girls can't put together things).

So, anyone who knows Gary knows he is "The handy man" around the house. He fixes everything and is great with home renovations, but something irked me the way he didn't think I could put together a high chair!!!!

So after I put the girls to bed tonight I decided I was going to show him! I would put together a high chair so I set off on my great "high chair" adventure.

I hate reading instructions. They always have funky pictures that make no sense and don't look anything like the actual pieces. So I had to read and reread everything a few times. At one point I put together part of it backwards but I managed to take it back apart fairly quickly and put it the right after about 40 minutes and a insane hunt for a pair of pliers, I managed to get it all put together. I stood back proudly and proceeded to bring it in the kitchen so Gary would see it as soon as he got home from work tonight.

Then I decided the only thing that would make me feel any better about shoving that high chair in his face would be if I could shove both high chairs in his face! So I put together the second one, which by the way took me half the time as the first one!

So I put that one right next to the other one so he can see it as soon as he walks in!


Here are some pics of the finished product!


Mandibula said...

Go office Erin!

StaCey said...

He must have been cracking up.

You still got some chip girl in you! I dont think its that you CAN'T do those things, but that you don't WANT to. At least, thats usually the case with me.
They're adorable!

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