Monday, March 15, 2010

Starting Solids Soon!

Well, our Pedi said we can start solids at 4 months. I am excited! I went out this past weekend and got some rice cereal and stage 1 baby foods for the girls.

Now all we need is 2 high chairs and we will be good to go. Gary is out looking for some today. They are all so expensive! Why do I have to buy everything in 2's!?


Mandibula said...

We have a small house and definitely don't have room for two high chairs so we opted for seats that strap on to our dining room chairs. They are easy to attach, just buckles and are pretty sturdy. Plus they are dishwasher safe and fold up for travel with a carrying strap! That would be great to take for the camper....just saying!

jamey said...
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StaCey said...

I thought u weren't getting high chairs and were using those cute table chair things??

Erica Van said...

Hopefully this will help and not annoy:The AAP has issued a new position on what babies should eat when they begin solids. An article explaining their position can be found in Nov. 2009 issue of Pediatric News. I only just found out myself and I have a degree in Biochemistry with a nutritional science minor. The article is titled "Rice Cereal Can Wait, Let Them Eat Meat: AAP commitee has changes in mind" and it also addresses allergy concerns.
Good luck with feeding your babies.

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