Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Helmet Head

That will thankfully not be Finley's new name yet! We went to Children's today to see about her crazy crooked head and the doctor seems to think it will fix itself. I sure hope he's right! So we have to go back at 6 months and have it rechecked and if it hasn't fixed itself we will talk about getting her a helmet then. I am praying it corrects itself!

So besides that Mom and I went to Kohls today and got the cutest freaking outfit for the girls. It is a ladybug outfit. It has cute jeans with a top that says "cute as a bug" and a red jacket with lady bugs on it and lady bug antenna's on the hood of the jacket. Very adorable. Loved it, had to buy it! I think they will wear it tomorrow. Then we came home and I had Gary bring a couple totes of the girls old clothes downstairs and I cleaned out Finley's crib so she can start to sleep in it. I had it loaded to the brim with clothes of theirs! So, I put the clothes in totes and organized everything!

Now Finley can sleep in her own crib. I feel bad separating them though? Not sure why I feel bad but I do. I don't want them to feel lonely.....so we will see how that goes tonight!

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