Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Gillian

My little Fuss Pot. You are such a cutie pie when you wipe that puss of your face! You just started smiling a couple weeks ago. You sure did hold out a long time! Now I get them everyday. You have the most beautiful smile and the most beautiful blue eyes. I sure hope your eyes stay blue, if they do you can guarantee you will have all the boys chasing you.....and daddy chasing them!

You were sick this week, I thought I was going to lose my mind! You are one unhappy baby when you don't feel good! Don't worry, mommy understands. I actually enjoyed cuddling with you more!

You are getting so big! The last time we took you to the doctor you weighted almost 13 pounds. You look huge compared to your sissy and are about to go into 3-6 month clothes! Poor Finn is barely fitting into her 0-3's! Your chubby cheeks are so adorable. You also started wearing size 2 diapers yesterday!

Your starting to sleep good at night, you are sleeping about 10-12 hours and usually only get up once to eat. Mommy and Daddy usually fight over who is going to get up and feed you at 2:00 in the morning so if you could knock it off and start sleeping straight through the night like Finley it would be appreciated!

You are really starting to get your own little personality too, its called STUBBORN and INDEPENDENT. You want things your way or the high way. Kind of reminds me of myself. You don't want to sit back on anyone anymore. All you want to do is sit up in my lap. I think you like to feel like you are sitting up like a big girl. Your also starting to stand in my lap, I think your going to be the first to walk.

Keep on being my little firecracker! You keep us on our toes and things interesting around here! Love you!!!


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