Monday, March 8, 2010

Stupid Stupid Weight Watchers

UGH!!! I went to the doctors on Friday and was up to 166lbs. Now mind you I was wearing a jacket, and had my wallet and blackberry in my hands and my shoes on when I got on the scale (like my bag of excuses) but still..... A few weeks after having the girls I was down to 155lbs. My usual weight before I started my IVF cycle was in the 145 range. So now, I have to lose at least 20lbs.....I would love to be 135lbs, so maybe I should shoot for the 30 pound range? The thing is I am tall and don't look heavy by any means but it is still bugging me. I want my old body back. My nice, tight ass non sagging, non jiggling body!!! Where O' Where did it go? So, I joined Weight Watchers online again. I actually really love WW. I can eat whatever I want usually (in moderation) and never feel like I am on a diet, its just a pain to count my points and then I need to go for groceries so I can get everything in Low Fat or Fat Free....that's time consuming in itself. But now that its getting nice out I want to start walking everyday with the girls and hopefully can shed this baby weight before its bikini time.....because my goal is to be bikini ready by July 1st! That gives me 4 months. Which should be plenty of time...THEORETICALLY.

So wish me luck! I plan on kissing this saggy ass and love handles goodbye!


Mandibula said...

That's my goal too! I'm getting a tankini as a back up though! I'm using the wii, I love food too much to count and limit myself.


Erin said...

Thats my problem! I LOVE FOOD!! I need to stop! Lol. I was thinking of the tankini too as a back up but I refuse to think there is a alternative at this point! Lol. Bikini here I come!

Christina said...

You can do it! Don't be to hard on yourself just yet, you did just have 2 babies! :)

Heather said...

I love food too. I need to spend more time doing yoga and my Wii

StaCey said...

your nice, tight ass.

<3 u

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