Monday, March 29, 2010

Day in the life of twins

So people often ask me what my day is like with two babies. Its hard to describe unless you have been at our house but I thought I would give everyone a pretty good run down of our life now with two 4 month old girls. So this was our Saturday......

6:30am Gillian cries to get up, I poke Gary in the side "Gary, go get Gillian and bring her to bed with us, maybe we can sleep longer". He brings her to me and she falls asleep next to me.

7:30 Finley is crying now in her crib, I poke Gary in his side "Gary go get Finley" (see a pattern here?) And he gets her and brings her to bed with us.

8:00am Babies don't wanna sleep anymore. Up and At Em! Diapers changed, bottles made and babies are fed! Daddy makes a big pot of coffee so we can survive the day!

8:30 Play time! Play time consists of playing on their play mat, in their bouncers kicking like maniacs or in their jumper toy thingy that is way too loud for 8:30 in the morning. We talk (okay well I talk and they make funny faces at me) and blabber to each other for a bit and then everyone gets bored.....

9:30 "HE LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA"........Yep, Sponge Bob Square Pants time. Finley thinks he is most amusing and laughs and giggles and kicks her feat during the whole episode. It is hysterical.

10:00 Nap time (or should I rename it "torture my mother time") Neither one of the girls felt like taking a nap in their cribs this weekend, so it was cry, put pacifier in the mouth, scream on top of lungs (theirs not mine) and then repeat.

10:30 Girls finally fell asleep! This is the frantic run around the house to clean up as much as you can before the girls get up, I did dishes, Gary did laundry, we both picked up the rest of the house and then sat down to drink another cup of coffee!

11:30 Gillian is up, feed her, change her get her dressed. Daddy plays with her in her room while I decide to pull out tubs and tubs of clothes in their closet to take out all the 3-6 month clothes she is in now, I took off all the tags, made a big pile of clothes and then Finley got up!

12:15 Feed Finley, change her and get her dressed. Play with babies some more!

1:30 To the mall for Easter dresses!

3:30 To Auntie Cheryl's and Memas for dinner! Feed Gillian, change and hand her off to someone else to play with for a while!

4:00 Finn wakes up, changed and fed her and handed her off.

5:00 Ate dinner, fell asleep on couch at Mema's for 45 minutes. Woke up dazed and confused, I am pretty sure that is my first nap in 4 months. Get dessert and coffee and relax some more!

6:30 Fun is over, back to reality. Get the girls ready to go, head to Kohl's to return the first Easter dresses I bought them.

7:00 Head back home, girls are crying and cranky and want BED!

7:45 Home, fed and changed both babies, Into Pj's and into BED for the night!

8:30 Picked up the house some more, sat comatose on my couch and went to bed at 9:30!!!

And that was our Fun Filled Saturday.


Jen said...

Thanks for writing about your day with the twins. It gives me an idea of what is coming to me soon.

I've got a couple questions for you:
1. What type of stroller do you have?
2. What was the sleeping arrangement when the twins first came home?
3. Do you have a pack-n-play? If so what kind? How do you use it?

StaCey said...

...that was sunday.

LoL <3 confusion... :D

Erin said...


We have a couple different strollers but you will definatly need a double snap and go! They are cheap, light weight and easy to use! If you have a consignment shop nearby (once upon a child) you can find them there for $20.00, I honestly couldn't live without mine. I also have a BOB duallie jogging stroller for camping and walking and doing things outside.

When we first came home I had them in that twin bassinette thing from Graco, after you are done using it as a bassinette the top comes of and you have a huge Pack and Play. At first they shared a side, then they moved to their own and then to their cribs. They shared a crib until about 3 months and then got seperated into their own.

Which leads me to pack and plays, I have one in my truck, one at my house and am buying a 3rd for our camper this week (they have them at kmart for $39.00 this week) I use mine outside if its nice for the girls to nap in and its nice to have when you go to someones house and the babies need a nap.

Also, I dont know if you got bottles yet or if you plan on Breastfeeding but dont waste your money on the small 5oz bottles. The girls only used them for a short time and I swear I spend at least 100 on bottles for them that were usueless to me! Go straight for the 9oz bottles, save yourself a ton of money!

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