Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A great start to a tired morning!

So this morning I had Finn on my lap and we were talking to each other and playing with each other and having a good happy morning! I put her face down on my chest and we were cuddling when I head a strange noise. It was kinda like a gurlgly noise, I had no idea what it was so I asked Finley what she was doing and went to lift to her up and was greeted with a huge smile from this face:

Now before you judge me for not immediately getting the spit up out of my babies eyes and off her face, I assure you she was cracking up and happy!

I couldn't stop laughing, Gary came to see what was so funny and I made him run for my camera.

I honestly still can't stop laughing.

What I find more amusing is who I have become, if I was spit up on like that a year ago I probably would have hurled myself. Now I just laugh hysterically. Did I mention I am still wearing my spit up on sweater? I keep smelling the milk on it and its making me smile. I may never wash it again.


The Alexanders said...

our boys have been sick the last week or so too and it is amaziong how they can just puke and then look up and give you the biggest smile! Gotta love them!

StaCey said...

Poor finley

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