Friday, April 2, 2010

Bye Bye Elmo

Finley loves Elmo! Gary went to Kmart the other day and saw a Elmo stuffed animal with a teether attached to his hand and told me about it. He thought Finn would love it so I went to Kmart last night and got the last Elmo for her and a Cookie monster for Gillian.

Well today Gary called Mema to come over and help with the babies and they decided to go for a walk......someone forgot we have insane dogs that think all toys are theirs and left Elmo out. Poor, Poor Elmo.

On their way back from their walk Mema saw Tessy on the deck with Elmo. Bye, Bye Elmo. He never stood a chance poor thing!

So I went on Ebay since I know Kmart was out of them and got Finley another one....hopefully the dog doesn't get this one too.

Here is a farewell picture of Elmo


StaCey said...

I think this picture made me more angry than is necessary lol.
#1. cuz its Finleys poor toy..ruined!
and 2.cuz its ELMO.
so sad

Valerie said...

Our pug loves the baby's toys. She has tried to steal every single one. Let me know if you ever get this figured out...

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