Thursday, March 25, 2010

2-3-4 Sleep Schedule

Still trying to figure out this nap thing.....its been a tough one on me I must admit. Yesterday I worked from home and gave Gary a hands on "tutorial" of how to get the girls down for a nap. Its not getting them down that I have a issue with, they go right down for me (hopefully after I showed Gary what to do they go right down for him too) but the problem is they only sleep about a hour.

So the quick version of the 2-3-4 sleep schedule is to put them down for their first nap 2 hours after they wake for the morning, their second nap 3 hours after they get up from their first nap and bed time is 4 hours after they wake from their second nap. With this schedule the girls have been going to bed around 6-6:30sh which is working out good for them but they are only sleeping a hour for each nap. That's just insane to me. How can they not want to sleep more?

I was wondering if it was because they eat every 3 hours? So if they get put down 2 hours after they wake (and they have a bottle as soon as they wake) then they would be due a bottle a hour after they go down? I asked Gary to feed them before putting them down today so we will see what happens.

ahhh, this scheduling this is so confusing to me. I'm not a regimented person so trying to get my kids on a schedule is so hard for me!

Anyone have any pointers to get them to nap longer? We swaddle and use a white noise machine. Maybe we need black out curtains?

Anyway, we will be starting some cereal this weekend. Should be interesting. I will take lots of pics!


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

How old are your kiddos? We were very scheduled, and still are. I actually have notes on how much and when the babies slept at various ages. I'll be glad to share with you what worked for us. You're welcome to email me if you're interested:

mjemedi [at ] hotmail [dot] com

StaCey said...

I cant wait to see cereal pics! I cant wait to see them eat cereal, period!

The Buckleys said...

I am a schedule nazi! I have always been an excessively active person and would completely fall apart without my schedules lol. I find what works best for Evie is if she gets a nice full belly before bed. She gets a meal a bit of play time then she's practically begging me for her cup of milk and nearly climbing to crib to bed. lol

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