Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cereal, shopping and sorting through clothes.

Yep, the title says it all....that was my weekend!

So we started the girls on cereal this weekend. I decided to go with oatmeal rather than rice since everyone told me the rice caused their babies to be constipated, and goodness knows with my fussy Gillian I don't need her constipated so oatmeal it was.

Gillian just didn't really know what to make of it, she just ate it without expression for the most part. Finley however made lots of "blauch" faces when she was eating hers.

Also I went out yesterday shopping for Easter dresses with my mom, I picked up the ones I thought I wanted and proceeded to lose my mind because all I could find was a white cardigan to go over one and a pink over the other, and this was not making me happy! I didn't want either one of the girls wearing a white cardigan...I wanted them in a flipping color, not white, so I went to a 2nd Kohl's looking for another pink cardigan but didn't have any luck. This caused me to second guess my whole entire outfit choice for them and head to the mall in search of something entirely different for them. Poor Gary. He's such a good sport, he just goes along with my craziness.

So I found matching cute dresses at Sears for the girls, and got them both cute shoes too to go with it, do you know Finley is still in NB size shoes? She has such bitty feet. I'm jealous.

Besides all the shopping fun I decided I needed to go through the totes in the girls closet and pull out all the 3-6 month stuff I got the girls, it was great. I got that same high I had shopping for the stuff as I was going back through it remembering what I got them. I just LOVE shopping. So I pulled it all out, pulled all the tags of it and its ready to be washed.

Which leads me to my next The girls have WAY too many clothes. I only have a dresser for them and 2 drawers under their changing table. We have a oak dresser in the garage that used to be mine growing up that we have decided to paint and put in the girls room. It is tricky because Finley is still wearing size 0-3 and Gillian is wearing 3-6 so I am going to use one dresser for Gillian's clothes and the other for Finn's. Why O'Why couldn't they just be the same size??

So that about sums up my weekend I think. It was filled with shopping and clothes and fun!

I have some pics of the girls I will post later!

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