Sunday, March 21, 2010

Elmo in Grouchland

Confession: I let me kids watch TV already and they are only 4 months old. I was always that person that said " I am never going to let my kids watch TV"........well, after I realized it would keep them occupied for at least 20 minutes its become my new best friend!

If your thinking about hitting my "comment" button and lecturing me, please spare me the trouble of having to delete your comment now and just slowly back away from my blog!

So, Gary is putting in some new windows we got today, which leaves me with both the girls (which is fine, It not like I'm not used to it) however I needed desperately to take a shower. I tried to get them to take a nap for a while but Finley just wouldn't bite, and every time she would start to fall asleep Gary would drill or bang or hammer something and it would jolt her up. So out to the living room we went. My first stop was Nickelodeon, the girls L-O-V-E Sponge Bob. Unfortunately, he didn't come on for another hour. So I found Elmo in Grouch land that Cheryl (my sister in law) gave us for the girls and popped it in. Finley was instantly mesmerized. I quickly got into the shower.

20 minutes later I emerged expecting her to be passed out in her bouncer in front of the TV but instead I found her laughing like a maniac and kicking her legs like crazy at the TV. She's so cute. She cracks me up. So she's still watching it, I don't have the heart to turn it off on her.


Kelley Cutforth said...

Don't forget about "on demand" :) It's ready whenever you are!

Christina said...

TV has been around here since day one also. :)

StaCey said...

I wish I could have seen that!

Finley watching Elmo that is...not "elmo in grouchland" - I think I've already seen that. lol

Courtenay (cacton1211 on tww) said...

Don't feel bad, Logan isn't even 3 months and I put him in front of the Wiggles so I can have 17 minutes to shower and get ready :)

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