Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Recap

Welp, Its Friday again! Yippee for Fridays!

So I thought I would give a quick recap of the week!

For starters, it was freaking BEAUTIFUL out! So nice. At least 65 each day. The past 3 days I think were more in the 70's. It is giving me horrible spring fever, which by the way starts in a few days!

So besides the awesome weather the week was pretty uneventful.

Monday was so long ago I cant remember what I did that day. My guess is played with babies and then went to bed.

Tuesday the girls and I went to Mom's for St. Patty's day dinner! She made Corned beef and cabbage, red potato's and carrots. The boys and Sondra were there. It was fun. And yummy of course!

Wednesday cousin Stacey came over for bath night. Only I was too lazy to do bath night so it was just "sit around and talk for a hour and half night". She got her cell fixed too so we can text again! Yippee!

Thursday I decided to get unlazy and gave the girls baths, that was the highlight of my night. Baths. Geez I'm exciting huh?

Friday (today) Gary got me some Zeppoles for St. Josephs day. You know, I have no idea who St. Joseph is or why we eat Zeppoles on this day, but hey if there is food involved I will celebrate! The girls wore red, and I ate. Good day! I went to mom and dad's too and we had Chinese food....see where this is going????

I KILLED MY DIET THIS WEEK!!! If I didn't gain 5 pounds this week I would be shocked. Eeeeks.

So that was my week in a nutshell. Fun Fun.

On other anyone else so excited to see this season of Dancing with the Stars? I am dying to see Kate Gosseling for some strange reason? Don't ask me why, I have been trying to figure it out myself. Anyway. Can't wait!

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