Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is why we need naps

Gary and I always joke about how we don't have those kids that just fall asleep anywhere. They have never just laid down and passed out in the livingroom or anywhere besides their cribs and the car for that matter. It was only a matter of time I guess?

Today we went to our My Gym class with the girls, they had a great time by the way, and on the ride home I was trying to keep the girls awake so they would sleep in their cribs when we got home and not take a 20 minute cat nap on the way home.

We got home and Gillian fell fast asleep and Finn refused to nap. So after about 40 minutes of her blabbering in her crib we broke down and took her out. Amazingly she was in a good mood despite the fact she was napless.

We sat down to do a late lunch/early dinner at about 3:00  because we were going to Thomaston for their town lighting and I turned around to cut up some sweet potatoes for 2 seconds and came back to this.....

She was so pooped. Poor Baby.

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