Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy Week.....

I was so excited about having Wednesday-Sunday off this week. Then I realized our schedule for this week and I am going to have a stroke just thinking about it.

Wednesday I booked a appt at Portrait Innovations for the girls holiday/birthday pictures to finally get done! I decided on that brilliant idea today while sitting at work. That required me to go out shopping tonight with 2 cranky babies and my dear mother in law to find something cute for them to wear. Okay 2 cute things for them to wear (wait or is that technically 4 cute things for them to wear?)

Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving! We are going to my brother's for a big family dinner. Should be fun having the girls there at 1. Wonder at one point they are going to break down because they refuse to nap anywhere but home? I am guessing melt down just in time for dinner!

Thursday night Toysrus is starting their sales! We want to get the girls 2 of those pull out Disney princess couches for them to sleep/nap on. We have a step2 one now but that's being moved someplace else in the house and I am getting them 2 matching ones for upstairs!

Friday morning is Black Friday! Mom is spending the night so Gary and I can get up early without dragging the girls out! I want to go to Kohl's to get a nightlight for the girls room ( I know, I know but they are the Disney princess desk nightlights that are usually $25.00 on sale for $ could I pass that up?) and Target has sheets on sale for $13.99 that I want and Best Buy has a Canon Camera I am hoping to score. Oh and I found a kick ass grab bag gift for Christmas too!

Saturday morning the girls have their gym class and then we go to Gary's Aunts for the "Light the Town" thingy they do every year at night.

Sunday we are going to get our Christmas Tree and will decorate it and bust out all the fun Christmas stuff!

Ugh, I feel exhausted just thinking about it all!

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