Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Picture Day!

Well, we did it. We finally got the girls pictures taken! It only took us a year.

We got them done at Portrait Innovations and am so glad we did. I was worried they were going to have issues getting pics of both the girls but they did a great job. I don't however like their sales pitch afterwards and their attempts to sell me a $400.00 photo package. They seemed a little too pushy but in the end I came out spending $150.00.............which was $140.00 more than I planned on spending. But I wanted the CD and we ended up doing 2 different sitting's, one for Christmas and one for their 1st Birthday pics. So there were too many to chose from so I of course got too many. Hope everyone likes pictures of the girls for Christmas!

Here are a few from today!

1 comment:

carebear7951 said...

Was that a real glass of milk!!!!???? Those are some really cute pictures!!! Cutie girls!

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