Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mommy Confessionals

1. I fed the girls chicken nuggets for dinner last night and frozen pizza tonight. If it makes it any better I did throw in some peas and carrots for good measure!

2. When the girls wake in the middle of the night I nudge Gary to go get them bottles.

3. While we are on the subject of Gary, I make him change any poopy diapers the girls have if he's around!

4. If I am really exhausted I lay down and  barricade myself in front of the girls playroom door so they can't escape and close my eyes until they come over and jump on me and start pulling my hair.

5. Even after they jump on me I try playing never works.

6. I feel bad that Finn has to wear her helmet and some days I take it off more than I should........(shhhhhhhh)

7. I never watched a cartoon as a adult until I had kids, now I find myself watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny even when they aren't in the room. Not to mention I am now walking around humming ridiculous kid songs like "this is the song that doesn't end" and "the itsy bitsy spider" people at work think I've lost my mind.

8.The girls are only 11 months old and have already "lost" 3 toys. All rolling toys, a dolphin, a shopping cart and a Disney car. They kept fighting over them, I couldn't take it anymore so I ripped it from their screaming hands and chucked it in my bedroom. I trip over them every night......

9. I got the girls The Little Mermaid last week and popped it in. They didn't care about watching so Gary and I ended up watching (of course) . At the end when the evil witch lady was killed (by being stabbed in the chest with the bow of the boat) I realized my kids probably shouldn't watch this movie until they are a little older.

10. I try to sneak into the girls room to put away laundry while they are sleeping. This has ended up with them waking up, me falling to the ground in a feeble attempt to hide from them and them standing up in their cribs staring at me like I'm nuts. (Maybe I am)

11. When Gary is home I jump in the shower, sit down and let the water run over me for at least a hour. Its my "peace and quiet" time.

12. When Gary isn't home and I need to shower I bring the girls in the bathroom with me, leave the shower curtain half open and sing silly songs to them while I try to take the quickest shower in the history of showers.  They could care less about my songs and only want to pry every drawer and door open over and over and over again. Despite the fact they have child locks on them.....they don't give up, they are relentless!


carebear7951 said...

LOL @ #9. I see a lot of "kids" things that are beyond scary. Lion King is another one. I love your confessions...makes me feel like I am in good company. ;)

Cottongirl7 said...

I love this post! I think we moms do a lot of the same things. It's nice to know you are not alone. Playing dead never works at my house either. :)

Heather said...

Amen, sister! Done most of these too. BTW, our boys like Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. But they will only watch it for 5 minutes and then go back to wrecking havoc on the house.

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