Thursday, November 11, 2010

Go to bed.

Please Please go to bed. The girls are cutting their molars. Its reeking havoc on our whole sleep schedule.

Our beautiful beautiful schedule that was working so well and going so smoothly. The girls were taking 2 naps a day like clockwork. At least 2 hours each.

Now if we can get both of them to take even one nap for a hour we are lucky.

Gillian took ONE nap today. ONE from 8am-9am (yeah she was up at 6) and didn't go to bed until after 8:00 tonight. Amazingly, she was in a halfway decent mood too.

Anyway, I wish these dumb molars would just come in and stop torturing me and them!


Heather said...

I'll be honest. When I know serious teeth like molars or eyeteeth are cutting through and it's making them off, I will give them a dose of ibuprofen. It makes everyone much happier. It has to hurt them.

Mandy said...

Fair warning, today the Dr. told me that it can take a MONTH for molars to come in. They apparently take their sweet ass time coming to the surface. Thanks teeth.

Erin said...

Oh yeah definitely months! Gillian has a buldge under her gums and I got a good look today and its not even close to cutting through! WTH! I have a feeling there will be many more napless/sleepless days and nights!

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