Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its Inevitable

Its Inevitable...................

As soon as I decide its time for bed and my head hits the pillow a baby wakes up.

Each and every time I say "my girls don't get sick often".....they get sick.

Every time I get them both dressed to go out, shoes and jackets on, one of them poops.

After I change the first one, the second one usually decides it's her turn to poop.

As soon as one girl shows interest in a toy the other one will automatically act like that was her favorite toy in the house. Despite the fact neither one of them have played with said toy for months.

If you let a baby run around naked you're bound to get pee'd on.

If I need the girls up early they sleep in late, If I want them to sleep in they get up early......

As soon as we get a good sleep schedule going something happens and it goes capooty.

Right when we think the biting phase is done and over with BAM! It starts all over again!

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