Thursday, November 25, 2010


My mother is over.........watching the girls so we can go out and do some shopping for black Friday and her and Gary are nit picking me to death.

Apparently my grammar sucks. Has anyone else noticed this? I don't use "a" and "an" appropriately.

I'll be honest. School was not my strong point. Well, I'm sure it would have been if I went every once in a while but I didn't so I suck.

I never use "an". NEVER. I asked when I am supposed to use "an" and Gary informs me its when its followed by vowel I am supposed to use "an". Huh. Really. Never knew that. So now as I am rereading my past blogs I certainly sound like a asshole!

Then he asks me if I use "their, they're, there" properly and I am pretty sure the answer is "NO"........Hell, I didn't know how to spell definitely until last week.

So, now that I have been attacked for my grammar, I will try harder. I promise.

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Cottongirl7 said...

Try not to stress to much about it. Otherwise you will end up hating to blog. My area of horror is spelling. It's not that I want to spell everthing wrong, or don't look up the words to see how they're spelled, my memory just doesn't retain the information. I'm a teacher by trade so I spend all of my time with good old spellcheck. No one wants to read a teacher's letter and see 50 spelling errors. I don't juge blogs as long as they are readable. You never know if the person is one hand typing, just sucks at spelling (like me) or just needed to vent so bad they just didn't care about "an" and "a". :)

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