Friday, November 12, 2010


I have been trying to teach the girls to do kisses. Its freaking adorable. Gillian comes up to me and I make kissy noises at her and she leans in and with her limp little lips "kisses" me. After she is done with her kisses and goes to move away she makes the kissy noise.

I was giving her so many kisses this morning and trying to make her kiss me over and over again that she eventually started pushing my face away from hers. Brat.

And I am convinced Gillian is a genius.....I have flowers that come on and off my shoes and she loves to pull them off. Yesterday I told her to put them back on and she spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out how to put them back on. She kept just dropping them on top of the shoe and picking it back up and trying again. She's a smarty pants. I can't believe how much she understands. It really blows me away.

I am sure Finley understands too but just doesn't want to listen! I am trying to teach the girls to share and asking them to "give me" their toys they are playing with. Gillian hands it over willingly, I yell "Thank you" and clap and give it back to her and say "Your Welcome" she will give it to me over and over.

I ask Finn to "give me" and she comes centimeters from putting it in my hand and then chucks it on the ground in front of me and laughs! What a bratty brat that little girls is!

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