Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finn's first word!

I always wondered what the girls first "real" word was going to be. Mine was "shoe". Very fitting if you really know me! I love shoes. Love.

Anyway, yesterday around 7:30pm  (about 30 minutes past the girls normal bedtime) Finn came up to me, grabbed my hand and tugged me and said "nigh-nigh" (thats night-night for all you folks out there that don't talk baby talk). Then she proceeded to walk down the hall to her bedroom saying "nigh-nigh" over and over again.

Don't ask me how this word ended up her first? I only say it once a day to her as I am putting her in her crib at night? Guess the poor thing just really wanted to go to bed?

Wonder what Gillian's will be?

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